About Me

Well my name is Brandon and I am guy from the good old UK,  I go by the name of Dragonslay3r94 online and for those of you wondering how old I am, I am 20 but that isn’t really important.

I am a gamer/writer/wannabe game designer (although I am  more of a writer currently than a game designer) and that’s about it really, I write about my interests so expect alot of gaming and anime related content with a couple rants here, there and everywhere in between.

I am not a professional writer by any means, writing is more of my hobby and I have a learning disability so I do apologize for any errors you might come across with my posts but I try to stamp out all of them before I press publish and sometimes I miss a few by accident.

I also have a somewhat official page on Facebook called the The Real Dragonslay3r94 so if you don’t see any new posts here you can click the link and it will take you to my page where I post gaming stuff, anime stuff and a tonne of other interesting things like cosplay and alot of funny pictures so please follow the link and like my page on Facebook and find me on Twitter by following @Dragonslay3r94

So that’s it from me guys, see all of you awesome people later


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