Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Recently I managed to pick up Wolfenstein: The New Order preowned on Xbox One and I thought the game would be a excellent addition to the review section while I work on my other posts, those posts being my Overwatch review, a few anime reviews and a free hand post so this is more of a “tide you over post” while I finish those but let’s get to it because I absolutely ADORE  Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Developed by Machine Games for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One Wolfenstein: The New Order is the seventh main entry in the iconic Wolfenstein series and it takes place in a alternate reality 1960s Europe where the Nazis won the Second World War but all hope is not lost because you play as Wolfenstein’s iconic war veteran William “B.J.” Blazkowicz and fight to stop the Nazis from ruling over the world.

Wolfenstein: The New Order’s plot starts on the dawn of July 16th 1946 where U.S. special forces operative Captain William “B.J.” Blazkowicz along with pilot Fergus Reid and Private Probst Wyatt III take part in a Allied air raid against a fortress and weapons laboratory run by his nemesis, General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse and they seem to have things in the bag but the three are captured and brought to a laboratory which the General uses for human experimentation.

That’s right he is pretty much the Nazi version of Victor Frankenstein and I just saying it now that “Deathshead” is one messed up bastard because Deathshead forces Blazkowicz to choose who he will gruesomely kill, Fergus or Wyatt before leaving Blazkowicz and the survivor to die in the incinerator.

However the duo escape the lab by busting open a vent and jumping into the dark waters below but Blazkowicz suffers a critical head injury during the escape, he is brought to a psychiatric asylum in Poland, where he remains in a vegetative state for 14 years, he soon comes under the care of the asylum’s head nurse Anya and her parents who run the facility under the Nazi regime and 14 long years pass as Blazkowicz watches as Anya’s parents are regularly forced to hand patients over to Nazi authorities until the Nazis order that the asylum is to be shut down.


The coma sequence is one of my favourites because it not only introduces Anya who is BJ’s love interest it also shows the passing of time as the seasons change, as the building ages, as patients are taken and never return and the family’s grief when that happens.

The Nazi’s kill all the patients and execute Anya’s family when they resist but it is in this moment that Blazkowicz awakens from his vegetative state a few seconds away from being executed, he manages to kill the extermination squad and escape the asylum with Anya and soon come up with a plan to stick it to the Führer and that’s all I will go into it plot wise.

I really enjoyed Wolfenstein: The New Order’s story because it showed a dark, grim world that it is rife with fear, oppression and uncertainty and it honestly made me care about these people which is rather great considering it’s a game involving big guns and Nazis, Blazkowicz’ voiceovers and thoughts throughout the game gave him character and it helps flesh him out as a person with actual problems and insights which is amazing to me personally but now lets move on to the good stuff and that boy and girls is the gameplay.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a very clean game, unlike most games that bombard you with half a dozen things on the screen Wolfenstein actually has a rather minimalist HUD with only your health/armour meters in the center and your ammo count or counts if you dual wield in either side of the screen

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a very clean game, unlike most games that bombard you with half a dozen things on the screen Wolfenstein actually has a rather minimalist HUD with only your health/armour meters in the centre and your ammo count or counts if you dual wield in either side of the screen

Wolfenstein: The New Order takes us back to the basics, in this game you actually have to look for health and armour like the good old days before regenerating health and “follow this one path to your objective” style linear gameplay dumbed down the modern FPS meaning while you can go all in guns a blazing you still should keep note of health packs and armour.

Since this game is a throwback to a more let’s say violent era of gaming aka the early 90s, Blazkowicz has a wide arsenal of death dealing weapons fight the good fight against the forces of the Nazi war machine, there are assault rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, shotguns, high calibre rifles, grenades, knives and course lasers and the majority of those weapons can be dual wielded and believe me you have not experienced true joy until you use two obscenely large shotguns that are able to turn mortal men into paint.

However if “loud and proud” aren’t your style you can easily play Wolfenstein: The New Order quite stealthily with the use of silenced pistols and knives which I love in The New Order because the melee stealth kills are awesome and it is even more fun when you unlock the throwing knives perk which like it says on the tin allows you to throw knives killing enemies instantly and of course silently.

Perk screen

This is Wolfenstein The New Order’s Perk Screen and while most modern shooters use some form of perk system, Wolfenstein’s system is a bit of an oddity because unlike some modern shooters, Wolfenstein’s Perk system is basically sets of minor upgrades that enhances Blazkowicz’s effectiveness by increasing things his maximum health, ammo count, and so on.

As you can see from the above image, there are four skill trees and they are as follows; Stealth, Tactical, Assault and Demolition, each tree has unlockable skills that give BJ an extra edge against the Nazis, for example the first perk in the Stealth tree is called “Scout 1” and it adds points of interest to the current map every time you stealth kill a commander and guess how this perk is unlocked….by stealth killing a Nazi commander which is so easy to do early on its laughable.

Most of these perks are relatively simple and rather straight forward to unlock, there are requirements mind you but they are relatively easy tasks like performing 5 stealth kills to unlock the ability to throw knives that one shot most normal enemies or gaining the ability to reload faster after performing 100 assault rifle kills, 50 handgun kills and 25 Marksman kills.

This gif sums up Wolfenstein: The New Order perfectly

This gif sums up Wolfenstein: The New Order perfectly

Most if not all the perks can be unlocked during the prologue due to a rather useful loophole, perk progress will not reset if an earlier checkpoint is loaded, thus allowing patient players to slowly grind towards their desired target with minimal effort and believe me, grinding out for most of the perks early especially the good ones is well worth it plus most of the achievements are tied to the perk system so you can get quite a bit of Gamerscore early on thanks to the loophole but let’s move on to things like graphics and sound.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a rather good game graphic and aesthetic wise even though it is a lot of grey and a lot of crimson red because you know of all the Nazi banners hanging literally everywhere, the game has this oppressive colour tone to it well in my opinion anyway and it works because this game isn’t sunshine and rainbows.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has great sound design with brilliant voice acting and just so you know, the Nazis in fact do speak German but there are subtitles so you wont be left scratching your head or having to use Google Translate to understand, the cast do a great job of voicing their respective characters and the music isn’t too bad either which is a good thing but know lets move on to the important things like replay value.


Character models are also good and the animation for them and the cut scenes are also well done and just so you know BJ and Anya end up having sex a few times throughout the game but don’t worry its nothing graphic in the slightest

Now Wolfenstein: The New Order does not have any form of multiplayer mode which might be a deal breaker for some but those who don’t mind a single player Nazi killing adventure will be pleased to know there is quite a bit of replay value here in the form of two timelines and numerous collectibles.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has a total of 132 collectibles that can be found within the story, breaking down into the following 3 categories: Enigma Codes, Nazi Gold and Letters, most of them are quite easy to find while others require some good old exploration but anyway there are 72 Enigma Codes, 50 gold items and 10 letters and if you find all of them you can earn 200 Gamerscore so its worth trying to find them all and there are numerous guides online to help with that endeavour and you can replay chapters at any point to pick up any collectibles you may have missed so there is no big loss there.

The code screen where you input the enigma code pieces you find throughout the game

The code screen where you input the enigma code pieces you find throughout the game to unlock the various secret modes, its a bit confusing but there are guides for this and there are achievement points to be earned once completed.

There are also five difficulty modes in Wolfenstein: The New Order, they are “Can I Play, Daddy?” which is very easy, “Don’t Hurt Me” which is easy, “Bring Em On” which is medium, “I Am Death Incarnate” is hard and finally there is “Uber” which is very hard and each difficulty increases the enemy health, makes them more accurate and they deal more damage so I suggest playing on Medium because this game shames you for playing on easy plus there are secret difficulties that can be unlocked after solving the Enigma Codes in the special code menu.

Wolfenstein has more then enough replay value for your money, with a great engaging story, solid and fun gameplay it is well worth playing and it is well worth your money and it just shows that a return to basics can be a great thing, I just hope more FPS games follow in The New Order’s footsteps once in a while because I personally had a tonne of fun playing it.

I would absolutely love to see a sequel because there is no way in hell BJ’s fight is over yet and if I had to make a request I would like to see everyone’s favourite Nazi killer settle down after sticking it to the Reich but that’s more of my own head canon more than anything and now I am rambling so I guess it’s time to end this review so with that in mind please like, comment down below in the comments section and share with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so other people can read it and I will se you in the next post.


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