Ten Horror Games You Should Play On Halloween

Now I rarely do these sort of posts but when I do it’s when I get a sudden burst of inspiration and well since it’s my birthday coming up on the 30th and also Halloween being the day after I thought I would do a special Halloween flavored post and it is about horror games or more specifically ten horror games everybody should play on old hallow’s eve.

It took a little while to come up with a great list and I had to ask a few of my friends for some recommendations which they were happy to give and please note I personally haven’t played some of these but have heard great things about them and have watched Let’s Plays on Youtube but now I am digressing….anyhow this list is in no particular order because I just couldn’t find it in my heart to rate them when they are all great titles but now onto number 10.

Number 10 – The Fatal Frame Series

The Fatal Frame series takes the number ten spot and well they deserve to be on this list, so anyway there are five Fatal Frame games with the first Fatal Frame being released on the PS2 in 2001 in Japan and 2002 in North America and Europe, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly was released in 2003 in Japan and North America and 2004 in Europe.

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented was released for the PS2 in 2005 for Japan and North America, and 2006 in Europe, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse released in Japan for the Wii in 2008 but has not been released overseas and finally the fifth title, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was released for the Wii U in 2014 in Japan and 2015 in North America and Europe.

While some people might call these games dated, it doesn’t take away from the creepiness from any of the Fatal Frame titles so the entire plot of the first game revolves around protagonist Miku Hinasaki as she searches for her brother Mafuyu (who went missing while looking for someone else) in a haunted mansion and well her only means of defense is the Camera Obscura, an antique camera that can photograph and expel spirits and during the game, Miku must explore the entire mansion and its grounds and must obtain certain objects and solve puzzles in order to progress through sections of the game to find her missing brother and escape the mansion.

This game is old but it is a great series to play on Halloween and there is a reason why the Fatal Frame series is held in high regard as some of the best horror titles out there and with Fatal Frame : Maiden Of Black Water on the WiiU there is nothing stopping you from playing it and if you don’t have a WiiU there are PS2 emulators so download one of them, find the originals in ROM format and the scare the crap out of yourself but now onto number 9.

Number 9 – The Dead Space Series

At the number 9 spot on my Halloween horror list is the Dead Space Series, well Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 mainly because those two are more horror based than the less liked third instalment of the franchise and any fan of Dead Space would be able to tell you why this game is on here as well as many other definitive horror games lists but for those of you who haven’t played any of the series before please check out the above trailer while I go over the plot of the three games.

The first game’s story is set in the year 2508 and you assume the role of Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer who is despatched along with the crew of the USG Kellion to investigate a distress signal from the USG Ishimura, a behemoth of a mining star ship that is designed to extract ore in large masses of billions of tons earning it the nickname of a “planet cracker” but when you board the vessel things quickly take a turn for the worst when you discover that the crew has been slaughtered and their corpses have been reanimated into creatures known as “Necromorphs”, horrific abominations that are insanely hard to kill and are extremely dangerous.

So you and two others are the only survivors aboard and its up to you to survive while attempting to find a way off of the nightmarish ship while finding out what the hell went wrong and why and take it from me that this is one of the best games on Xbox horror games 360, the story, tense and lonely atmosphere and more all work perfectly to create one hell of a scary experience for a first time player like I was so long ago before I figured everything put along with some tips, now I pretty much speed run the thing since I got all 1000 Gamerscore on it but lets move on.

Number 8 – The Silent Hill Series

At the number 8 spot are the Silent Hill games or more specifically Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 2 and finally Silent Hill 3 because what Halloween scarefest game list would this be without the most popular and iconhic entries of the Silent Hill franchise, I haven’t personally played these games but I do know that a lot of people have and love this series before it went belly up with its sequels and got pissed about the cancellation of Silent Hills.

As horror games go, the early Silent Hill games are a gem of the genre, the first instalment in the series follows Harry Mason as he searches for his missing adopted daughter in the mysterious town of Silent Hill, a eerie American town where he stumbles upon a cult conducting a ritual to revive a deity it worships, various nightmarish creatures as he tries to find his daughter and by doing so he discovers his daughter’s true origin

The second game follows a man named James Sunderland searching for his deceased wife in Silent Hill after having received a letter from her informing him that she is waiting for him there and the third game follows Heather Mason, who is the daughter of Henry from the first game.

Silent Hill is one series worth playing on Halloween because its dark, messed up and quite frankly I am happy I haven’t played any of this series because the movies where enough for me but try and pick them up if you haven’t played them, they are really good horror games and they should be really cheap if you are lucky so onto number 7.

Number 7 – Alien Isolation

Next up on my list of Halloween worthy games is Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation because nothing is scarier than being stalked by one of the scariest sci fi aliens in history while you are aboard a failing space port while trying to find a black box to find out what the hell happened to your mother 15 years ago while also trying to avoid other people who are aboard fighting amongst each other and creepy budget killer androids but for more details I will put a more detailed plot section now for you guys.

Alien Isolation is set in the year 2137 which is 15 years after the events of Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien film and the player assumes the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley and follows her efforts to investigate the disappearance of her mother and starts with her getting a place on a Weyland-Yutani team sent to retrieve a black box from the Nostromo from a space station named Sevastopol so she can finally have some closure regarding the disappearance of her mother however after taking a peril filled space walk and becoming separated from her team she attempts to find help but is confronted by Axel, a survivor who explains that Sevastopol is out of control due to a “monster” loose aboard the station

Alien Isolation is built solely with stealth being the main focus because while providing the player with weapons the ammo is limited and hard to come by so you focus more on evasion and avoidance and while that works with the human and android enemies it doesn’t always work with the Xenomorph and if you think you can put a couple of revolver rounds into it’s skull to win the game you will be disappointed because it cannot be defeated, requiring the player to use stealth tactics in order to survive and don’t think that its all scripted, the alien has the ability to actively investigate disturbances and hunt the player by sight or sound and the only thing keeping you alive is your wits and a motion tracker.

It’s tense, dark and a great survival horror title to play in the dark with your headset on during Halloween and if the sound of a beeping motion tracker gets the blood pumping and gets you saying “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” while trying to hide then pick this game up, its a great title that is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and its really cheap now too so pick it up but now let’s move on to number 6.

Number 6 – The Evil Within

At the number 6 spot is The Evil Within and this is on the list because of the Silent Hill like vibes it gave me but then again I should of realized it was gonna be a tad messed up because this is a incredibly twisted brain child of Shinji Mikami who is the creator of the much loved survival horror series Resident Evil so that fact alone gives it one reason why it should be played but now on to the actual facts and why you should play it on Halloween.

The plot of The Evil Within is quite weird to be honest and I am still trying to wrap my head around what the hell went down even now, long story short you play as a hard ass cigarette smoking veteran police detective Sebastian Castellanos who is sent to investigate a mass murder at a mental hospital with two colleagues but Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious and he wakes up in a deranged world separated from his co workers with Krimson City (yeah like that’s not ominous at all) undergoing massive earthquakes, unreal shifts in terrain and hideous creatures called the Haunted wandering about and he is sent into various horrifying areas that seem to be tied to memories yeah so its really weird.

What makes this scary at least to me is that it is just plain strange much like Silent Hill, you are stuck in a nightmarish mirror world where zombie like creatures are stalking around amongst even nastier enemies like a chainsaw wielding mountain of muscle you escape from after being taken and you have to use stealth to avoid him then run like hell to get to safety and don’t even get me started on Laura.

In order to survive you have to play smart because while you encounter weapons along the way ammo for said weapons is in short supply so you have to make every shot count and when that fails you have to be stealthy and eliminate the twisted enemies one by one via stealth kills and use various traps that are littered around the levels to out smart them which would be wise because to be honest for a cop Sabastian cant run for shit but you discover that early on but anyway The Evil Within is on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One so onto number 5.

Number 5 – The Resident Evil Series

The Resident Evil series takes the number 5 post on my Halloween horror games list because you cant have a Halloween games list without zombies and while the newer Resident Evil titles might of been more action than good good old scare factor with the exception of the originals and the Revelations titles you cant deny that the series is a gaming icon.

I myself have never played the first 3 titles I did however play Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6 and Revelations and I do plan on picking up the HD remasters of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil since both are available on Xbox One eventually but anyway I stuck the Resident Evil series here as a whole because you can never go wrong with zombies well sometimes.

Resident Evil 4 is one of my personal favourites and the one that scared me the most thanks to the Regenerators and the Iron Maidens like honestly its like they took a wrong turn on there way to Silent Hill but decided to stay and make Leon’s poor life hell, I almost wet myself when I saw those things for the first time and was cursing like a damn sailor when I ran out of ammo trying to kill them only to realise I had to get the thermal scope from a locker in one of the rooms with them in.

Everything else was no problem for me, the chainsaw dudes ended up eating shotgun rounds and my knife, the normal zombies met the sharp end of my knife, hell even the cockroach guard thing ended up taking a RPG to the damn face but the Regenerators and Iron Maidens….no thank you, no way, nyet, nein, never so let’s move onto number 4.

Number 4 – Outlast

Red Barrels Outlast takes the number 4 spot on my list because there is just something inherently horrifying about abandoned mental asylums that can send chills down your spine, now keep in mind I personally haven’t played this one but I have watched some of my favourite YouTubers tackle this thing and well even watching it being played was enough for me.

So the plot of Outlast revolves around a free lance journalist named Miles Upshur who decides to investigate a remote psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado after receiving a anonymous tip that the facility is involved with disturbing and inhumane experiments and things suddenly go down hill fast when he discovers discover that’s its halls are ransacked and littered with the mutilated corpses of the staff and he soon finds out from a dying cop that Mount Massive’s deranged patients, known as “Variants”, have escaped and are freely roaming the grounds butchering the remaining employees.

Now let that sink in first, the dude gets a anonymous tip from a stranger saying all sorts of twisted things are going on there, he decides to travel to that place with no crew and decides that instead of you know waiting till it’s daytime to explore the creepy as shit asylum, he enters, finds a bunch of messed up crap going down and can’t go back the way he came and here is the best part, the dumbass is armed with only a notebook and a camcorder so in my humble opinion the guy is a moron with a capital on the MORON part.

Outlast’s style is inspired by the found footage genre of horror films like Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project which is pretty interesting from a style perspective but it doesn’t really add anything gameplay wise because much like Alien Isolation it involves running like your ass was on fire, vaulting over low obstacles, crawling, and sliding through narrow gaps and in some cases hiding inside staff lockers or under beds to avoid enemies, it’s messed up, tense and with its highly anticipated sequel coming in early 2017 or so now would be a good time to play Outlast and Outlast:Whistleblower so onto number 3.

Number 3 – The Corpse Party Series

Corpse Party takes the number 3 spot and for good reason because this game is just plain disturbing but for those of you who haven’t heard of this game before now I think a bit of a history lesson is in order, Corpse Party originally an independent RPG Maker adventure title in 1996, you know that sprite based game development software that is in EVERY Steam summer and winter sale.

When first released in 2008, this title sparked a Corpse Party boom in Japan with remakes, sequels, spin-offs, fan games, a manga and anime series and a live-action drama series was born from this one game and ended up inspiring other horror games created by other indie developers in the same style with most of them being rather popular but now let’s get back to Corpse Party and what makes it creepy despite it’s 16 bit visage starting with the plot and honestly for a game made in 1996 it is pretty dark subject and theme wise.

So Corpse Party’s plot revolves around a student at Kisaragi Academy named Mayu Suzumoto who is transferring to a new high school, leaving behind her friends and numerous memories but not all is lost because to help her cope with this move, her best friend Ayumi has a seemingly innocent plan: the whole group will come together to perform a charm she found on the internet (yeah because that always ends well) called “Sachiko Ever After,” which is supposed to bind all of its participants together as friends to the end but since this is a horror game things do not go to plan.

The group of friends find themselves separated and trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary, another learning institution that once stood on the site of their own school but was torn down long ago due to it being the site of brutal murders and its here in the warped reality of Heavenly Host Elementary, where the vengeful spirits of the slain children threaten the group’s lives and their very sanity and the only hope of escape and survival is to discover the chilling details surrounding the murders of those trapped before them before either going mad or dying in numerous horrific ways.

Now I haven’t play this title but I have watched Pewdiepie and many other Youtubers play this and despite the 16 bit style it is a tense and chilling experience which is worse when you watch it at night like I did and honestly if this was made into a VR game with the graphic level of Until Dawn or P.T then I would probably wet myself in fear because this game makes an excellent use of atmosphere, supernatural theme and unsettling subject matter to make a truly memorable game and if you aren’t sold on Corpse Party just google the anime series because that thing is scary as hell so now on to number 2.

Number 2 – Splatterhouse

At the number 2 spot is Splatterhouse, one of my favourite games ever and it is a somewhat underrated gem because it has a few issues and while it might not be scary it is one of the goriest games ever made and while it might be a hack and slash gore fest unlike the other games on this list sometimes you just want to go around killing everything in sight….in this case its a psycho scientist who abducts your fine ass girlfriend and his numerous failed experiments.

So the story follows a woman named Jennifer Willis and her boyfriend Rick Taylor and basically she as a interview with a rather odd doctor who is a expert in the field of “Necrobiology” at his mansion and well things take a turn for the worse when Jennifer is abducted by the unusual professor after being proposed to by her boyfriend leaving him mere minutes from dying but all is not lost because while deathly wounded Rick knocks over a sarcophagus revealing a mask and well it makes a deal with Rick which he takes to save his girlfriend and he is transformed into what is pretty much the Hulk equivalent of Jason Voorhees and he has to smash, slash rip through the mansion of monsters to save her all while some great heavy metal plays in the background.

I honestly had trouble deciding what game to put at the number 2 spot, I could of picked Soma, Slender, Eternal Darkness and quite a few more but I thought some good old ultra violence would be a decent change of pace and here is a small fact for you guys and girls, the original Splatterhouse came out in 1988 but this is a updated and rebooted version so the original three games are available as unlocks….its incredibly gory with the numerous ways to dismember your foes like blades, two by fours and even your bare hands so while the game might be a straight forward blood bath it is rather enjoyable especially if you are stressed from the trials of life so now onto the number one spot.

Number 1 – The Amnesia Series

The Amnesia series is at the number 1 spot and it took me ages to decide what on earth to put in this spot, much like earlier I had a great amount of difficulty deciding what to put here and while I haven’t played this game personally quite a few of my YouTuber friends have, it’s not like I don’t want to it’s just that I don’t handle jump scares too well but luckily my much more horror loving friends did walkthroughs and let’s plays so not all is lost.

There are two Amnesia games, The Dark Decent and a Machine for Pigs with the later not being a sequel but it is set in a alternative version of the Amnesia world and well this game is weird because the plot revolves around a guy named Daniel who wakes up in a huge castle with almost no memory about himself or his past so like the other it’s a case of being trapped with no idea how you got there and how you will survive and well the only thing you can do in this horror title is run so it’s a mix of running, hiding and solving puzzles but it has a lot of tense moments and to be honest the monster that stalks you is kinda disturbing because unlike the cool looking monsters from the Silent Hill franchise that have a awesome design and tragic backstories, the monster in Amnesia is just strange looking and I think that’s why people find it scary, that and the never ending loneliness while you try and escape a sprawling castle before your very mind snaps out of fear.

But as I said I haven’t personally played this but from what my friends tell me and I don’t know the thousands of YouTube playthroughs from people like Pewdiepie, Markiplier and about half a dozen other people is that it must be rather enjoyable to have such a following but I think that does it from me with this  list but don’t be afraid to try out Soma, Slender, Eternal Darkness and you know the 10 games mentioned here because all of them are really good in their own ways and that’s should do it but before I go I just want to say that some new content will be out soon with November just a day away so expect some new anime and game reviews, so if you like this post then please like, comment down below and share with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so other people can read it and I will see you in the next post


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