Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Sekirei

So after deciding to run a poll on Twitter letting you boys and girls decide what the next anime review would be I am honestly surprised at what you guys picked….I personally was expecting something like Dagashi Kashi, Kimi no Todoke, that really interesting anime film Kimi no Na wa but no you guys pick Sekirei and honestly I don’t know if I should be extremely proud or extremely disappointed in you lot….bunch of no good perverts but let’s move on.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this series, Sekirei is the two season anime adaption of the 18 volume manga of the same name that ran from December 3, 2004  to August 21, 2015 written by Sakurako Gokurakuin and well this show is weird but it is one of my personal favourite shows and is one of the most well known shows of the Ecchi/Harem anime genre.

In the year 2020, 19-year-old Minato Sahashi fails his college entrance exam twice even though he is really intelligent because he is unable to perform under pressure and on his way home he meets a girl named Musubi, a busty superhuman beauty who literally falls from the sky and almost kills him due to landing on him and also suffocation because giant boobs and stuff.

He soon learns that she is a “Sekirei”, a super powered being that is super strong, fast and have special powers and she chooses him as her “Ashikabi”, one of the mysterious set of humans that have the genetic trait who can make a contract by “winging” them and no that was not a sex joke…..basically they have to be kissed by their chosen partner and that’s how the contract is formed.

So after Minato “wings” Musubi they are entered into something called the Sekirei Plan also known to the show’s antagonist and others as the “Game” and it is a competition in which the Sekirei and their chosen partners must fight for survival until one pair remains and keep in mind that there are 108 Sekirei in total so in a sense it’s like Pokémon and Highlander crossed with Freezing or Ikki Tousen so that’s the plot.

So here is Minato's harem and his Sekirei's; from the left is Tsukiumi who is the blonde (front left), Musubi (center front), Kusano (second center left), Matsu (front right), Homura (back left) and Kazehana (back right)

So here is Minato’s harem and his Sekirei’s; from the left is Tsukiumi who is the blonde (front left), Musubi (center front), Kusano (second center front), Matsu (front right), Homura (back left) and Kazehana (back right) and I will cover them separately in a minute because they are all amazing.

Sekirei has some great characters that are likable, lovable and unique which compared to other shows is a great thing because variety is the spice of life and you will grow to like all of them for reasons I will get into now so let’s begin with Minato, he is the show’s main male protagonist and well he is rather ordinary at a glance but he plays huge part in the grand scheme of things once you understand what is going on and who is pulling the various strings behind the scenes.

He is known as Ashikabi of the North to other Ashhikabi and Sekirei and in the beginning Minato possesses a passive and somewhat cowardly personality but as time passes, he becomes more confident and “manly” due to the kindness and love of his Sekirei and his desire to protect them, he puts himself in harms way often to protect his girls and spare them from unneeded violence so in general he is the usual good guy.

Musubi or Sekirei #88 is the main heroine of the series along with being the first in Minato’s harem after literally falling out of the sky and almost crushing him while running from two enemy Sekirei, she specializes in hand-to-hand combat due to her immense strength and metal gloves but while she is more than capable of turning the most dangerous of foes into mush, Musubi is quite naïve and somewhat childlike which often leaves her saying things she doesn’t understand but at the same time she is polite, competitive and at certain times rather insightful.

Tsukiumi just being well Tsukiumi aka a badass

Tsukiumi just being well herself really aka a badass beauty who has total control over water and is completely awesome for reasons I will get into now.

Next up and my personal favourite of Minato’s super powered harem is Tsukiumi who is Sekirei #9 and well long story short she is a total badass, how much of a badass you might say well at first she had a desire to be the strongest without the need to be winged by an Ashikabi and was doing rather well until she met him, leading to her hating his guts due to a complete misunderstanding, she believed that “winging” meant having sex with an Ashikabi but that was dealt with after he explained the whole concept to her.

Tsukiumi is a complete tsundere and the most aggressive of Minato’s Sekirei, she has a short fuse and she rarely smiles but she is extremely honourable and is a strong believer in the fundamental rule that Sekirei combat is one-on-one leading to fair fights and she has complete mastery over water (just think Avatar’s water bending on steroids for a good idea) and she considers herself to be Minato’s legitimate wife but the thing that makes me like her is the fact that she speaks in Shakespearian English in the English dub and its very funny.

Matsu being well…Matsu

Next up is Matsu who is Sekirei #03 and she is another member of Minato’s harem, she is extremely intelligent and is a master hacker due to having the power to access and analyse any electronic device on a telepathic level, she is also Minato’s unofficial strategist by using her vast network of information to aid him and the other Sekirei but she has one major flaw or upside considering your viewpoint and that is she is a massive pervert.

Yep the highly intelligent shut in (due to stealing something from the bad guys) is a huge pervert and one that could contend with Master Roshi on the pervert scale, in incredibly sharp contrast to her incredible intellect Matsu often uses her resources to peep on people and often tries to “experiment” with Minato and by that I actually mean is try to have sex with him almost every time they are alone much to his dismay…..I personally find her scarier Minato’s other girls and you would see why if you watch the series.

This meme sums up Kazehana in one image

This meme sums up Kazehana in one image

Another one of Minato’s Sekirei is Kazehana or Sekirei #03 and she is a incredibly busty Sekirei that has the ability to control and manipulate wind, she is the sixth Sekirei that joins Minato’s group after a while and she initially keeps her distance from Minato despite experiencing physical reactions to him like his other Sekirei but she hoped that Minato would display some “manliness” and after witnessing how much Minato really cares about his Sekirei she joins up with him and the others.

She is the most laid back of Minato’s Sekirei preferring to spend most of her time relaxing and drinking, hell even her first in encounter with Minato was when she passed out from drinking and waking up next to him along with another tenant of the building where Minato lives but don’t let her laid back personality fool you, when its time to fight she becomes dead serious and by default extremely dangerous.

Kusano and Musubi dancing in costumes

Kusano and Musubi dancing in costumes

Then there is Kusano or Sekirei #‎108 who the smallest and youngest Sekirei in Minato’s group and she has control over plants which is awesome but anyway Kusano refers to Minato as Onii-chan (big brother) and is the most attached to him because he found and saved her from being forcefully winged by a evil Ashikabi

She does not like fighting or small arguments between the other Sekirei and she can be seen stopping them when they start, she is also very impressionable and copies Musubi, Tsukiumi and Kazehana at times which is funny as hell and she is extremely determined to be Minato’s wife when she grows up and is very possessive of him at times even going to the lengths of biting her fellow Sekirei when they start to get too close to him.

Homura as the self-titled and ninja like "Sekirei Guardian" who protects unwinged Sekirei during the first two stages

Homura as the self-titled and ninja like “Sekirei Guardian” who protects unwinged Sekirei during the first two stages

And last of Minato’s Sekirei is Homura or Sekirei #06 and well Homura is a bit of an odd one because Homura is male….yeah let that sink in, Homura is a male Sekirei and no this is not a mistake in the slightest because long story short his gender and powers are unstable and that caused Homura a great deal of stress over his potential Ashikabi being Minato who is a guy.

But after being attacked by multiple Sekireis attempting to capture him (due to him being the last unwinged Sekirei) Homura attempted to commit suicide through setting fire to himself but he is saved and winged by Minato who refused to let Homura sacrifice himself thus saving his life and afterwards, Minato received the power to determine Homura’s gender and mentality but he chooses to let Homura remain who he is for now but he does become more womanly physically later on.

Homura has the ability to control and manipulate fire hence his/her name sake literally meaning “flame” and has a habit of smoking when anxious and was perhaps the strongest Sekirei prior to being winged and is most normal out of Minato’s group well as normal as a gender changing fire starter could be and that’s his group.

Miya laying down the law at Azimo House

Miya laying down the law at Maizon Izumo House

There are a tonne of other great characters in Sekirei like Miya who is the strict, mysterious but incredibly badass landlady of the Maison Izumo, a boarding house where Minato lives with his rag tag team of Sekirei, Seo who is another Ashikabi and his twin Sekireis Hikari and Hibiki and quite a few others….hell even some of the bad guys like the the Discipline Squad are likeable in their own way.

Who are the Discipline Squad you might say well they are an elite group of Sekirei in charge of preventing any Sekirei or Ashikabi from withdrawing from the Sekirei Plan so yeah they are the bad guys but they are awesome however I think that about does it for the characters so lets move on to what makes this series good.

Now the entire plot of Sekirei is a last one standing fighting fest and Sekirei has some really great fights throughout the show with one of my personal favourites being the very first one in the show and it is what some fans of Sekirei call “the naked ass whooping” and yeah you heard me right.

Basically Musubi fights a rival Sekirei who is after Kusano that is armed with a giant scythe and ends up winning the fight after most of her outfit is destroyed leaving her only in her panties with one arm around her chest to in her own words mind you “to protect her modesty” and while I couldn’t find a clip of said fight I found one with Kazehana fighting two members of the Discipline Squad that is both a awesome fight and funny.

A running gag in the story is how Musubi’s clothing always ends up in tatters which is rather weird, I mean come on the damn show is set in 2020 so shouldn’t clothes be made out of some super fiber or something that won’t end up shredded after a fight but I am guessing that completely slipped the main bad guy’s mind while plotting or something and overlooked that.

Aside from great fights Sekirei is incredibly funny and there are half a dozen moments throughout the show that had me laughing and they range from Minato almost being jumped in the bath by a over eager Matsu and Miya stepping in to stop her pervert antics to the what I call to the bath cleaning scene where Minato, Musubi, Tsukiumi and Kusano are cleaning the baths and the girls are in swimwear.

He decides to have a small peek at Musubi for some reason because its not like he’s seen her in all her naked glory or anything before and yeah that’s sarcasm but anyway Tsukiumi notices and then demands to know why he is peeking and well just watch the clip above but personally I think Tsukiumi looks the best….lets move on.

So what else is good about Sekirei, well for one is the art and animation and since this is a show about super powered women beating the crap out of each other the animation is pretty good and the characters are bought to life perfectly with the show being bright and rather crisp considering this show came out ages ago and the voice acting is also good with Sekirei being both Japanese and dubbed in English and both are done really well but I prefer the English dub because of Tsukiumi’s old English.

The music in Sekirei is well done especially the opening and ending songs and fun fact both songs are done by the cast or more specifically, Saori Hayami (Musubi), Marina Inoue (Tsukiumi), Kana Hanazawa (Kusano) and Aya Endo (Matsu) and I love their singing even though it’s in Japanese and they also sing both themes of season 2 which is called “Pure Engagement”.

So does Sekirei have some bad points, well yeah since you obviously can’t make a show or manga perfect and one problem Sekirei has is no third season when it really needs one but much like the much wanted second season of Highschool of the Dead it remains wishful thinking and that’s one bad point.

Another is the fact that it is counted as a ecchi show so some people might be put off from that fact alone and not even bother to watch the show and miss out on a good series because there is some nudity at points which is stupid considering well its the internet and if you were expecting more than the girls being naked at points due to kicking the crap out of eachother and bathing then you are clearly looking for something else.

Does it make me a pervert if I totally wish that I had two gorgeous women fighting eachother to be my wife ?

Does it make me a pervert if I totally wish that I had two gorgeous women fighting each other to be my wife like Minato does ?

Sekirei is 12 episodes long and has a second season that is titled “Pure Engagement” which is another 12 episodes so it covers about 51 chapters of the manga but doing some research I found out that Season 2 did somewhat go off the rails and only a few of the episodes in the second season are canon.

So if you are into following the canon completely  you’re better off continuing from where Season 1 left off in the manga which would be Chapter 49 but it wouldn’t be too big of a deal if you finished both seasons first then read the rest from Chapter 49 but all in all Sekirei is a good anime series.

Much like Freezing which is one of my favourite shows Sekirei is well worth watching due to a good blend of action, comedy and fan service that works well it’s great characters, interesting plotline and to be honest it’s well worth spending a weekend or two watching at least once so you would have at least seen it and that’s all I can really say about it really and that is of course my cue to end this review so if you liked this post then please like, comment down below in the comments and share with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so others can read it and I will see you guys and girls in the next post.


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  1. Eye candy and action is a combination that I approve of. This show is easier to watch than Freezing, as it is more lighthearted. Wish they would animate more episodes because season two’s finale left me wanting more.

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