Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars)

Now I was going to upload my review for Nanatsu No Taizai instead but after some contemplation I thought I would post my review for Shokugeki No Soma or Food Wars and post my Nanatsu No Taizai review another week for you guys since I was really looking forward to writing this one and wanted to put it out there as soon as possible.

So Shokugeki No Soma or Food Wars in English is the 24 episode anime adaption of the 19 volume manga of the same name written by Yūto Tsukuda and illustrated by Shun Saeki that ran from November 26th, 2012 to present that tells the story of Sōma Yukihira, a young boy whose dream is to become a full-time chef in his father’s neighbourhood restaurant and surpass his father’s cooking skills, I know this might seem a weird premise for a anime but hey there’s a show about four questionably straight guys who like to swim a lot so it’s not all the weird and yes I just made a Free! joke but moving on.

Sōma wants to surpass his father Jōichirō who just happens to be a world class chief but his father gets a new job that requires him to travel around the world and he closes his shop and all seems lost until Sōma’s fighting spirit is reborn like a phoenix the ashes by a challenge from his father and the challenge is to survive Totsuki Academy, an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students manage to graduate and disputes are where disputes are settled by Shokugeki or Food War, a intense cook off where the loser is expelled from the school….yeah Hell’s Kitchen and Gordon Ramsey has nothing on this place.

The trailer for Shokugeki No Soma is above but please note the proper one didn’t have the subtitles but thankfully the uploader took the translation from Animenewsnetwork and put this together so you won’t be needing Google translate to figure out what they are saying.

If you cannot tell from the above footage Food Wars is one over the top anime and it had me going “what the hell am I watching” about ten minutes in thanks to Soma and a failed experiment dish (fried shrimp coated in peanut butter) which a female friend of his tries and the result is a hallucination involving her being dangled in the air by a giant squid like some poor teenage girl in some hentai but don’t worry nothing happens but anyway let’s move on….Food Wars has some pretty interesting and rather quirky characters and I will start explaining that with the show’s lead Soma then I will go on to my other favourites.

Food Wars has a large and diverse cast each likeable with their own unique personalities and goals, my personal favourite characters are Soma who is in the centre, Megumi who is the blue haired girl on the left of Soma and Ikumi who is the blonde with the knife strapped to her leg.

In plain and simple terms, Soma is a badass…he is experienced and talented but he tends to screw up when it comes to develop his own unique recipes in a attempt to out cook his father often leading to some rather weird dishes like the aforementioned fried shrimp coated in peanut butter.

However you will know when shit gets real because like Ash Catchum from Pokémon and his hat, when that white bit of fabric is torn off of Soma’s arm and goes around his head Soma becomes a culinary genius whose cooking skill is so amazing he can reduce grown men to tears of joy and make grown women and girls orgasm….yes I just said that and no I am not joking.

His motivation is simple, he loves cooking, loves serving customers and he wants to take the number one spot at Totsuki Academy and make his dad proud which is a pretty admirable goal and everyone he comes across learns something from him.


My next favourite character is Megumi who is the blue haired girl in the above image and well she is completely normal, well normal when compared to the numerous other students at Totsuki Academy and I totally ship her with Soma…..yes I did just say that and I know I am filthy shipper trash so sue me.

If I had to describe Megumi in one word it would probably adorable, she is a somewhat clumsy, rather timid 15 year old who is a capable chef but doesn’t do very well with pressure because she has stage fright, she makes simple mistakes when she is cooking and she is quick to panic when things go wrong leading to most of the student body at Totsuki Academy to see her as a weak student and by default not worthy to be there.

In the beginning she relies heavily on Sōma’s cooking skills to survive tough assignments but she soon stands on her own two feet and excels in her own way and honestly she is the best female character in show because she is just like Sōma in a way, she isn’t some spoilt rich kid whose parents are some of the cooking elite, she is just a rather ordinary girl who likes to cook and make people feel good with her dishes much like Sōma does.

Ikumi is one anime character I am scared of and this GIF is why I am but she like many others who cross paths with Soma becomes a much better person and chef afterwards

Ikumi is one anime character I am scared of and this GIF is why I am but she like many others who cross paths with Soma becomes a much better person and chef afterwards

My final favourite is Ikumi, a intimidating young woman whose family is famed for their influence in the meat industry and as such is a expert at cooking meat and meat based dishes, she has a fiery and rather combative personality and has great pride in her skills as a meat expert but she is also rather bold and is not above using intimidation to get her way.

She is rather ruthless and is second in command to Erina Nakiri who is pretty much the main antagonist but I won’t go into her because well it would take quite a while to cover every character hence why I am covering my three favourites but moving on Ikumi is one cool character and while her outfits are not really the safest choices in a kitchen (said outfits being mostly bikini bras and booty shorts so small they make Revy from Black Lagoon jealous) she makes up for it with how awesome she is.

Food Wars has a tonne of other great characters like the suave Takumi Aldini who is Soma’s self proclaimed rival and Satoshi Isshiki who is a member of Pole Star, a dormitory where Soma and Megumi stay and that guy pretty much wears only an apron….yeah Saeko style people so female Food Wars fan you will get to see that often.

Food Wars is funny as hell and it had me laughing past the point of tears and that’s quite rare for me when watching a show, the numerous ways characters interact with eachother and their various expressions while doing so are downright hilarious at times like the above clip with Megumi and there are plenty of other funny scenes throughout the 24 episode first season that will hopefully have you laughing out loud.

Food Wars is a bit perverted mainly due to the over the top and occasionally erotic reactions to the foods the characters cook throughout the show so if you do plan on watching this please have a pair of headphones nearby to avoid some really awkward family conversations, if you don’t believe me my sister was playing Black Ops 3 on my Xbox One yesterday and well she thought I was watching porn so if you don’t want to be falsely accused like me watch this with headphones.

Aside from the incredibly funny albeit somewhat perverted humour Food Wars has quite a lot going for it, the art style is clean with bright colours and crisp lines and it works really well because it’s vibrant and quite cheerful really which is a good thing considering the whole show is about cooking and you know how it is with great looking food.

The voice acting is also well done and the voice actors do a really good job of bringing their characters to life and that’s one thing I love about this show, every single moment is brought to life brilliantly, the funny moments where you can’t help but laugh at the character’s antics, the numerous tense moments during the cooking moments and the emotional moments like the clip below which is a clip that is both funny and emotional.

As of right now Food Wars is subbed only but Sentai Filmworks will release a dubbed version has yet to announce a release date for it so if you aren’t a fan of subs you might be waiting awhile but take it from me, the subs are well worth watching because this series is amazing and who says you can’t watch it dubbed again in English…that’s what I plan to do when the time comes anyway so you wont be missing out.

Another thing I love about Food Wars is the soundtrack,  my Ipod alone is a testament to that considering it has nearly every song from Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Highschool DxD and a few other soundtracks on it and Food Wars’ soundtrack is slowing becoming one of my favourites because it is amazing, every piece of music is wonderfully done and adds to the enjoyment of the show.

My personal favourite song from Food Wars is above and it is called “Spice”, it is the first ending theme and its quite cheerful and it always puts a smile on my face especially when they are sitting at the table in the song having a fun time, the whole soundtrack is beautiful really.

From the downright gorgeous orchestral work of “Study Both Sweet and Sour!” that makes you feel like you can take on the world to the happy guitar and flute vibes of “Chatter Chatter Chatter” that will make you want to grab a dancing partner and let loose Food Wars has one of the best soundtracks in a anime I have seen in heard in a while and you can bet your asses I will be adding it to my Ipod….well once I fix the damn thing but moving on.

So does Shokugeki no Soma aka Food Wars have some short comings, well as far as I can tell the only thing somewhat wrong with Food Wars is that it is a bit extreme at points like the various semi erotic foodgasm scenes other than that Food Wars is a pretty solid show

You thought I was kidding about Soma's cooking making grown men cry and reducing women into quivering messes well I wasn't.....not even the awesomeness that is Ikumi was safe when Soma put that headband on but don't worry he gets a taste of his own medicine when he comes across other skilled chefs later so if you can handle seeing rather weird and racy things like this then give Food Wars a shot

You thought I was kidding about Soma’s cooking making grown men cry and reducing women into quivering messes well I wasn’t…..not even the awesomeness that is Ikumi was safe when Soma put that headband on but don’t worry he gets a taste of his own medicine when he comes across other skilled chefs later so if you can handle seeing rather weird and racy things like this then give Food Wars a shot

With a great premise, interesting plot, likeable characters, great music, it has a decent length that is not so long it becomes a chore to watch or too short that leaves you hungry for more and yes I used a pun Shokugeki no Soma aka Food Wars is well worth watching, I myself missed out on watching Food Wars when it first came out because people were like “Yeah this is a bit too over the top and weird” so I followed the masses and missed out on a great series.

Once I took the plunge however and got pass the first episode I was invested in the series, I wanted to see each and every character succeed and do well, hell I even like Erina Nakiri who is kinda like the main antagonist you could say with her high and mighty attitude and somewhat bitchy demeanour, I loved every single part of this series, the tense moments when though my favourite characters were going to fail, the heartfelt Megumi moments that made me get tears in my eyes at points and the incredibly funny moments when everything was light hearted and had me laughing until I almost peed myself.

Oh yeah Soma has a awesome knife spinning bit in the intro....like he couldn't of been a bigger badass

Oh yeah Soma has a awesome knife spinning bit in the intro….like he couldn’t of been a bigger badass

With it’s 24 episodes with each episode running approximately 24 minutes each you can pretty much watch the whole series over a weekend if you start in the morning and binge watch like I did and the best thing is after you finish watching Food Wars you can instantly get a second helping of cooking greatness with the appropriately named Shokugeki no Soma: The Second Plate which takes place about two weeks from season one’s finale.

Long story short Shokugeki no Soma aka Food Wars is a great series and while it might be somewhat disliked due to its over the top nature it is a great show and one I recommend you check out, with a great underdog style story, amazing and diverse characters, stomach hurting humour and just general greatness this is one show that you should see at least once so I think that is all I can really say about Food Wars…it’s more of something you have to experience rather than hear about so I think I am gonna end the review here, I do plan on covering another anime soon although I am not sure what that will be yet, maybe I will do a poll on Twitter to decide or something.

So with that I am done with my review for Shokugeki no Soma, if you liked this review then please like this post, comment down below in the comments section and share it around with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so other people can read it and I will see you guys with a new post in a few days.


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