The Problems With Modern “Games Journalism”

Now I was going to stay far the hell away from anything opinionated when it comes to games journalism or in this case what passes for it anyway but I decided to scrap that idea after watching a YouTube video from “ReviewTechUSA” where he covers an article that was brought to light by another YouTuber that was defending Polygon due to the god awful Doom footage and at first glance one might say “well that doesn’t sound too bad” but it kinda is when you read the thing.

The article in question is from a website called Paste Magazine and just so you know I have NEVER heard of this particular site before now but anyway the writer begins to blame gamers for calling out Polygon over the footage and begins to label them as harrassers, stuck up and well the usual.

So the article begins painting gamers in a rather negative light by simply stating that the gamers in question are attacking Polygon simply because they are being assholes rather than having legitimate criticism regarding the quality of their content in this case being the gameplay that they put out.


Doom is a rather simple game, it was simple back in the day and it’s still simple now so please tell me how a professional games reviewer was that terrible at it considering you literally kill everything that moves and get a shotgun 3 minutes into the game

The writer then goes into a rather tiresome tirade about how “it’s not important that the person playing Doom isn’t a good gamer” because there is a problem with gamers and their mentality…..yeah apparently there is a problem with US not them and we shouldn’t criticize them because they are somehow immune to critique and that our “Git Gud mentality” is what is making it difficult for people to enjoy games which I personally think is a just pile of bullshit.

He continues to pull out all the stops saying that the idea of being becoming good at games needs to die, hell he even godamn references GamerGate in his article when this has absolutely nothing to do with that group what so ever but who needs facts right when you have an easy target that is pretty much the gaming journalism’s equivalent of the Boogieman and a agenda.

Now I am not saying that reviewers have to be MLG level good or anything but they should ATLEAST at the bare minimum be competent at the game they are playing, I guarantee if I gave my little brother an Xbox One and a copy of Doom he will be rip and tearing through it and he is half my age so you would expect decent skills from someone who is being PAID to play and review games but nah.


Playing a game badly is one thing but when IGN gives CoD Ghosts a 8.8 while giving Doom an 7.1 you have to question if they were smoking something funny beforehand

Yeah I laughed hard at the above image because Ghosts is considered the worst instalment of the Call of Duty franchise but SOMEHOW it’s still better than the revamped and improved Doom but anyway the point I am trying to make here is that if you are getting paid to cover a media form like video games atleast give it your all, I do this shit for free and yet the quality of my work is way better minus the editing problems so what’s their excuse.

These people show us and play certain games before anyone else plays them, they get access to some of the biggest events in the industry like E3, Eurogamer, Pax, GDC and yet these people can’t even be bothered to put more effort into what they do and even then it is about something completely pointless and has little to do with the actual product so not only are they bad at their jobs but they use products as a base to inject nonsensical political opinions and viewpoints.

Just the other day I was reading something about Uncharted 4 and cultural appropriation in the SAME article and that was one of the most stupid things I have ever read but no we consumers are labelled bad when we call the professionals out on it and that’s another thing I cannot stand about the people who pass off as games journalists in this day and age, they label, demonize and slander their audience and developers.

This is how it should be, you should focus on building trust and respect with you audience and connections like The Gaming Ground rather than attacking them like Polygon and Destructoid

This is how it should be, you should focus on building trust and respect with you audience and connections like The Gaming Ground rather than attacking them like Polygon and Destructoid

If you don’t believe me, 10 minutes ago I read an article from Destructoid that blatantly lies about Notch simply because of his Twitter feed meanwhile smaller publications like the Gaming Ground (shown in the image above) and blogs like mine for example know the value of an audience, the value of honestly and the importance of having respect and trust in your following, believe me if you keep these concepts in mind then you will go incredibly far and stick around a lot longer than those that haven’t learned this.

I know it seems like I am preaching to the masses with some holy than thou I am better than the professionals attitude but I’m not, like them I make mistakes and screw up sometimes but unlike them I at least admit my short comings and is open to criticism both negative and constructive, I am open to debate and critique but with the professionals they have this idea that they are immune from it and they go out of their way to defend each other from said criticism regardless if it is from consumers or developers.

To the honest I really think classic games journalism as in sites like Polygon, Kotaku, Destructoid and the various others need a reform if they want to become relevant again which is in fact a lot easier than it sounds if you put in enough effort but it basically amounts to not injecting a political and or personal bias into what you write, not attacking your audience and developers over a difference of opinion and actually caring about the medium.

The sad thing about the current state of games journalism is that the people writing the articles are more concerned about whether or not Bayonetta 2 is sexist rather than it being a great game for example

The sad thing about the current state of games journalism is that the people writing the articles are more concerned about whether or not Bayonetta 2 is sexist rather than it being a great game for example along with half a dozen other issues

One writer from Kotaku I believe had the audacity to openly state that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t good at games as long as you are a good writer but here’s the thing, I could write about cars but here is the catch….I can’t drive because of my disability so answer me this, would my information be accurate considering I didn’t get test drive the car….it wouldn’t and that is why it’s important to actually about the thing you are writing about.

You have to be good at what you do regardless of what career you choose and while most might not consider games journalism a legitimate and worthwhile field, the people who become game journalists have an obligation to provide accurate information and honest reviews and honestly if I ran things ran a team of viewers I would have a meeting and I would be like “OK people we need to put out reviews for Doom and a few other games so who here is good at shooters and can write a solid in depth review” and give the person who answers that particular job….find the person best suited because then the others who aren’t good at shooters can cover other things.

But then again I am only a dude with a 40 person strong fan base so what would I know about making things easier and less tedious for people, huh maybe I should team up with other bloggers, I am so writing that idea down for later but anyway the point I am trying to make here is that modern gaming journalism has half a dozen problems that need addressing and need fixing, they won’t take years to fix and the sooner that we deal with them the better, the lack of respect between the writer and audience needs to be fixed, the political bias needs to be stripped away and people just need to remember at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the game itself.

I know this post was more along the lines of a rant/call to action regarding the current state of gaming journalism but there isn’t much I can do considering I don’t have the backing there to make a massive difference by myself but I can at least put my opinion out there and hope someone shares the same sentiment I do, this has been something on my mind for quite a while and well the Polygon’s Doom thing set me off but anyway I should have new reviews up soon torn between Titanfall or Resident Evil Revelations for games and maybe Food Wars or Nanatsu No Taizai for anime unless I cover a more recent show so with that I am done with this post…..if you liked it then please like, comment down below and share around with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so other people can read it and I will see you guys soon


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    • I am glad you enjoyed it, this post was just something I wrote free hand and just said what I felt really….it might seem a bit preachy when read out loud but I honestly believe that current gaming journalism needs a major reform and a clean slate but anyway thanks for reading my post and following me….it really means a lot 🙂

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