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So it’s time for another anime review and this time it’s Claymore since that got the majority of votes on my Twitter poll that I put out to decide on what to cover next and honestly I am surprised because Claymore absolutely crushed Nanatsu No Taizai, Shokugeki no Soma aka Food Wars and Nisekoi even though it is a show from 2007, so with that in mind I am going to give the people what they want so let’s get to it.

Claymore is a 26 episode adaption of the 27 volume same name dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi by Madhouse and if that name sounds familiar then you will be pleased to know that they adapted anime shows like Black Lagoon, Devil May Cry, One Punch Man, Overlord, Trigun and so many others and out of all of their works Claymore is one of my personal favourites.

Anyway the most accurate way I can describe Claymore is the female equivalent to Berserk and that anime is freaking awesome so let’s get down to the gritty details of Claymore and what make it awesome starting with the plot so Claymore is about specially created female warriors that hunt down demonic shape shifting creatures called Yoma that feed on humans for a fee.

Claymore focuses on one such warrior in particular named Clare (center in the image) who is the show’s lead and my favourite character and she is ranked 47th out of her generation of Claymore, if you want a more detailed explanation, the world where Claymore is set is divided into 47 districts and one warrior assigned to each different district but the ranking goes a bit further than who covers what territory.

Claymores are ranked on their baseline Yoki (demonic energy) strength, agility, intelligence, sensing and leadership and a warrior’s rank rises and falls according to the warrior’s strength in relation to other warriors of said generation, they are incredibly strong able to level entire cities if they so choose, fast enough to literally disappear from plain sight and a few other things and Clare is by their standards the weakest.

Claymore has some great characters in it with my personal favourite being Clare (the lead) because she and her backstory is both interesting and incredibly tragic but I am not going to spoil anything here because then what would be the point of me demanding you watch it but moving on.

These female warriors The normal humans named them Claymores because of their giant swords, other term is "silver eyed witches" because of their eyes in the center of this image is Clare, the main protagonist with various other Claymores

The life of a Claymore is a dark and lonely one, constantly fighting, not only Yoma, but the two sides of themselves, they are all haunted by traumatic pasts and each of them is forever at risk of turning into what they fight.

Early in the beginning Clare saves a young boy named Raki from a Yoma after his entire family is butchered by the creature and with no family left alive and practically no home to call his own, he begins to follow and support his mysterious silver eyed saviour as she wanders looking for the whereabouts of a infamous former Claymore turned Yoma to avenge another Claymore who saved Clare as a young girl.

That’s right ladies and gents, this a tale of vengeance and it is awesome but that’s all I can really say about the plot because I don’t want to give away everything so this will probably be a really short review because you have to watch it to fully experience this show and not read, unless its the manga.

Claymore is a dark, gritty and combat heavy anime that has a lot going for it in various ways and I am going to cover the fighting and animation first because most if not all the episodes have some really intense and equally awesome fight scenes and while there are clips on YouTube I could post in this review I am not going because they are like 10 minutes long and beyond however I did find a small clip that can show you guys what you can expect.

Yeah that’s Teresa of The Faint Smile and she is just one of the many great characters in this show, all the various Claymores are unique in their own ways, some are more likable than others and they all look different although it can be a pain to figure out who is who when they are all together because there isn’t much variation when it comes to the Claymore warriors appearance wise.

You can see from the above clip, the animation in Claymore is smooth and has great quality to it and the same can be said for the art style, the character designs are clean and high quality and I personally prefer quality over quantity any day of the week Claymore has a great art style with a great focus on muted tones such as grey and other colour like red for good reason because there is a tonne of blood in this show and the colour scheme pulls this all together into something I would consider a underrated masterpiece.

Claymore has a subbed and dubbed version and both are done amazingly, I myself prefer the dubbed version because it’s what I watched first with a friend so it’s rather special to me because of that but moving on Claymore has some amazing music throughout the various characters like Clare, Teresa and the other Claymores have their own theme and they are all unique and brilliantly composed with the Ending theme being my favourite which is above.

So is Claymore a perfect anime, no it isn’t and the problem is it’s finale episode, the show moves it’s plot fluidly, managing to cover a lot of content from the manga in a small period without feeling demanding while at the same time giving the viewer the epic demon slaying action they so desperately want in a action series but it leaves so much unanswered.

After it’s finale, the viewer is left with a mountain of unanswered questions and there are unfinished plot points due to Claymore somewhat abandoning it’s manga and it hurts the adaption more than it helps because can’t even go to the manga to find all that you want to know but then again I guess that’s the downside to only giving this show one season with 24 episodes, the many plot points (including the main one) and arcs in Claymore could have been fully explored if the show simply had another season or two but alas this show never got one when it godamn should of.

Clare vs another Claymore

Clare vs another Claymore who is sent to hunt her down, this is one of the best fights in the show at least to me anyway and it really shows how brutal this show actually is.

Seeking to squish everything in a single season with the final episode, the show quickly got rid of the manga plot right at the end and turned it into a high octane, full of graphic violence, monster filled cliff hanger of a finale and left everything else unanswered like what happens afterwards which is Claymore’s biggest flaw to be honest and it is rather sad because this is one of the best anime shows I have personally watched and it is well worth checking out.

If you can bear through said issues, you will begin to genuinely like Claymore, it’s the kind of series you don’t regret watching even with the ending, Claymore has an amazing amount to offer fans of graphic action anime like Berserk and Freezing, in terms of characters, development and violence and I truly believe that IF Claymore got another season it could turn into something glorious.

Then again they could do a Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and completely reboot the series and follow the manga in it’s entirety because in later arcs Claymore is pretty godlike and if adapted correctly with no cuts this would be a truly great anime so I really hope that happens because this show is a rough gem that has a tonne of potential to be expanded and improved on so with that I am done with this review and I do apologise because of it’s length but I couldn’t really go all out without spoiling most of the show and we all hate spoilers.

So with that I am done with this review, I highly recommend you watch Claymore or read the manga because you won’t disappointed with what you find, it’s a bit rough around the edges but its a great show with a great lead protagonist and side characters, brutal action filled fights that sometimes last 20 minutes and a solid plot despite it’s rather rushed cliff hanger of and ending so with that out the way if you liked this post then please like, comment down below in the comment’s section and share with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so other people can read it.


4 responses to “Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Claymore

  1. I loved this show. Definitely a one of those anime that leaves you wishing that they had animated another season. Yeah, the finale could have been better. Guess they felt pressured to make up an ending that differs from the manga because they were not going to make another series.

  2. I really loved watching Claymore but the ending just kind of left a really sour taste in my mouth. Everytime I consider watching it again, I just remember how much I hated that ending. Still, the characters are fantastic and the story, up until that time, is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Same here, cutting it off like that was a extremely poor choice considering the manga just got better.

      As for the characters yeah they are but godamn Raki got on my nerves quickly because he is somewhat of a damsel but even little Raki turns into a major Clare level badass in the manga and redeems himself…which once again will we not see.

      But anyway thanks for following my blog and liking this post and also commenting, it means a lot so thanks man 🙂

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