Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Overlord

Before I get to the actual review I would like to apologise for my absence this March, I have been helping my mother redecorate and declutter the house so I haven’t been able to write much but that stops with this review and it’s one that has been on my back list for quite a while and when I mean my backlist I literally mean the Wordpad on my desktop titled “Animes to watch and review” with half a dozen shows on it so I decided to start with a review for Overlord.

Now I don’t really have a epic story how I found out about this show because I heard about it from friends so I put it on the list and never really found the time to actually watch the thing till now…..yeah I am slipping in my otaku-ness but moving on.

Overlord began as a light novel series (and later manga series) written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin and it began serialization online in 2010, before being acquired by Enterbrain and nine volumes have been published since July 30, 2012 and a manga counterpart began running from November 26, 2014.

The plot of Overlord is set around a “Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game” and if that sounds familiar then look no further than another show that has the same setting, Sword Art Online but unlike the virtual death trap that is Aincrad this show is set in a game called YGGDRASIL a popular DMMO that is about to go offline after 12 years of running.

So Momonga, a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to spend his last few moments in the game as the servers begin to shut down but to his surprise, he is still fully conscious as his character even though the clock struck midnight and all the NPCs have developed personalities of their own so while Overlord’s MMO setting is the same as a few other shows this one is quite different.

Overlord is a good show that has some really cool and rather unique characters with my personal favourite being Albedo, who is Momonga’s right hand man or in this case succubus, she is extremely loyal and is extremely in love with Mononga due to a change in her console commands before the timer ran out and is often shown having obsessive tendencies when it comes to his affairs so basically she is a rather sexy yandere succubus.


Momonga (right) and Albedo (left) after finding out he is stuck in the online game he decides to embrace being a immensely powerful being in this virtual world turned real one so he can  find out what on earth is going on along with finding other players.

I could go through all the characters individually but I thought I would pick my favourite because she is rather awesome but moving on there are half a dozen great characters in Overlord with my second favourites being a set of twins seen in the suits in the cover image of this review but now I am moving on to other things.

This show has got some really good fights in it unlike other shows where he is the “hero” of the place he is seen as the enemy by people but then again how friendly can people be when you are a powerful undead skeletal creature with a sometimes crazy succubus for a second in command and that is one thing that Overlord has going for it along with some other stuff.

Overlord has a great art style in my opinion and the character designs are really good with my favourites being Momonga himself and Albedo because how many anime protagonists are giant cloak wearing skeletons and busty succubae and don’t say Highschool DxD because they are demons which is totally different even though a certain woman in Issei’s harem could easily be one *cough* Akeno *cough.


This is one scene that is rather funny and I would explain but that would spoil it but it’s amazing and it just made me like Albedo more than ever

Overlord is English subbed and the voice acting is well done but then again I don’t speak then langrage so it’s hard for me to tell and since there isn’t a dubbed version of Overlord to watch and comment on that’s all I can really say about the voice work.

So where does Overlord fall short, well the show is quite well short with only 13 episodes but there is a good reason for this, there are in total nine novels with the first three being turned into the Overlord anime so maybe we will see the other arcs in anime form eventually just we don’t have a date.

But anyway I think I should end the review here and yes I know it’s short but unlike other shows on my backlist this one just didn’t really have enough to pull me in and its really sad because when I get into something I REALLY get into something, hell I am what some would consider a Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail fan boy due to being somewhat over top but it works for me and I really wanted the same thing with this show but alas some things cannot be.

Overlord is a interesting spin on the ever popular trapped in a game plot and it works in it’s own way but it falls short with it’s length and being somewhat slow to actually drag you in and it hurts itself because of it, my advice is just watch it once since it just doesn’t have much to offer right now with only 3 books released, if they make more Overlord seasons then give it a watch or two but I am going to move onto other shows…..so with that I am done, if you liked this review then please like, comment down below and share with the hashtag #Slay3rNation on Twitter and so on so people can read it.


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