Fan Gives Aliens: Colonial Marines A Major Overhaul

So boys and girls let’s all flashback to E3 2011 where we first got a good 11 minute long glimpse of the Aliens: Colonial Marines demo and thought holy shit this is the Aliens title we needed and wanted, a canon successor to the iconic film given life in game form but the games release year 2013 came all our hopes and dreams about this game came crashing down due to how awful it was, not only as an actual film to game sequel but as a game in general.

I can honestly remember being blown away by the trailer shown back then and I really had high hopes for what was shown in that footage but alas it was not to be and the product we was promised by Gearbox did not exist, what we got was a poorly programed, poorly designed mess of a game that was just painful to play.

But never fear one devoted modder has took it up himself or themselves to correct the disaster of a game that was colonial marines and it is absolutely awesome because it fixes most of the issues that Gearbox and you know the half a dozen other out sourced dev teams overlooked or just plain didn’t bother to fix but anyway I am going to stick the E3 demo that was shown, then what we actually got and then the mod that fixes most of that at the end along with the list of fixes.

Now the 2011 E3 demo trailer showed us a promising title that was dark and atmospheric where every xenomorph encounter was dangerous and dealing with more than one was just plain suicidal, they could crawl up walls, move extremely fast and they could take a hell of a beating before going down and I personally was looking forward to going head to head with the xenomorphs again since I have played every Aliens vs Predator game and beat all three campaigns to completion so if anyone was more let down by this it was me and you know Angry Joe.

The footage promised us xenomorphs that when killed would damage the floor and us with their acidic blood and would remain on the ground and you know NOT dissolve into thin air but alas we never got those things, hell one of the coolest sections in the shown demo aka the corridor with the turrets and the xeno swarm was NOT in the game.

Factor in the buggy marine AI and the even worse xenomorph AI, god awful textures, poor lighting effects and half a dozen other issues Aliens: Colonial Marines was a giant slap in the face to fans of the franchise and loads of people had things to say about the game thus it having a place on many worst game lists.


Believe it or not this actually happened to me a couple times….the only scary about Colonial Marines was the fact it was buggy as hell and how good it was for GIF material

Fast forward to 2016 and Aliens: Colonial Marines is nothing more than a bad memory, traded in copies line preowned game isles waiting for some unsuspecting buyer to take them while others are simply collecting dust on our game shelves however if you are a PC gamer there is hope for this fallen title and it comes in the shape of a mod called TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul, created by well TemplarGFX that fixes some of Colonial Marines’ issues and has brought some interest back to the game.

TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul changes and tweaks Colonial Marines in small to significant ways such as improving the game’s graphics, lighting, fog system and a few other things and it is a complete godsend when you compare the overhaul to the “vanilla” game and the best part is that it’s a work in progress with features and various changes in every update, not only to the single player but multiplayer as well.

However my personal favourite change thanks to the mod is the Alien AI because it completely updates the coding and turns the nightmarish creatures from sluggish moving and rather lobotomized enemies to what they were meant to be originally meaning fast and quick thinking and it makes the game tougher, which is good because you know something is wrong when you can out run a killer alien species through nearly every level with a exception of a fe

Now the above video is 15 minutes of version 3 of the overhaul mod and when compared to the unmodded version you can see a major upgrade in quality, however there are a few things the mod cannot do like making O’neil smart so he doesn’t block doorways or turn him into a competent soldier and you know turning this into a “legit”Aliens game and not Call of Duty: Weyland-Yutani edition feat the Xenomorphs but regardless it does improve the overall quality of the game and bring to closer to what Gearbox promised us.

I personally feel like buying Aliens: Colonial marines on Steam to check out this mod for myself because while I can say it improves the things I listed I have to see and experience for myself and with the mod being updated every so often with improvements to it I feel like it would be a good purchase…now if only I could download it and patch the 360 version somehow because that was a disaster and downright painful to go through.

Modding struggles aside, TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul has received a tonne of endorsement and mentions from sites like Games Radar and the official Geforce website along with half a dozen other places that praise the modder’s hard work at doing what Gearbox failed to do and I am really looking forward to playing the game when the final version of TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhaul is out, I can barely mod Skyrim without screwing up so yeah I am going to wait on this one.

Anyway if you have Aliens: Colonial Marines on PC this mod is well worth checking out and its easy to find because I linked it into this post, the links will take you to mod’s page on where you can download the mod and check out the change list for the full list of changes and updates to the mod and I guess that’s all she wrote for this post really because I can’t really say much about it other than what I have but I will say this…..I will be looking forward to seeing this mod in it’s full glory along with anything else TemplarGFX does so if you liked this post than like, comment down below and share around with the hashtag #Slay3rNation so other people can read it and I will see you next time.


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