Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Deadpool

Now I got this game for Christmas from my mother, yes I did just say my mother, no joke and since I have played and beaten this game I thought I would write a review about it and I know my last review was a superhero game but I really wanted to write this one because it’s 2016 and I am hyped for the release of the Deadpool movie because my favourite anti hero’s first screen appearance was just bad and well I am glad to see him true to form meaning  foul mouthed and violent.

So Deadpool is an action beat em up that was developed by High Moon Studios who are the developers of Transformers : War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron which are pretty good titles and they did a really good job with Deadpool.

Released on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One this title really shows us the motor mouthed anti hero at his craziest and it is awesome and while it is kinda short it is quite fun but moving on here is the trailer below.

Former Deadpool comic writer Daniel Way created the game’s plot and it is everything the Merc with the Mouth is known for, it’s crazy and it begins with Deadpool threatening the employees of High Moon Studios and forcing them to make “the most awesome game ever”and before you ask, he breaks the forth wall so much in this game it might as well NOT exist.

Deadpool receives the finished game script in the mail and sees the story of the game is set with him on a mission to assassinate a corrupt media mogul named Chance White so Deadpool storms White’s media headquarters, slaughtering the guards before tackling himself and White out of the latter’s penthouse window and into the sewers (apparently blowing the game’s budget by repeating the events for kicks) and encounters Mister Sinister and his minions, you know the really creepy with the red eyes…yeah him.


Deadpool is quite a bloody game and our favourite mercenary (well my favourite anyway) is armed to the teeth and he uses everything in his bottomless pockets in his quest for vengeance.

So Sinister kills Chance and upsets Deadpool in the process for costing him his contract and Deadpool tries to kill Mr Sinister but Sinister takes out Deadpool before he gets the chance and flees to his evil villain lair on Genosha….so basically the whole game is about revenge and then you throw in Cable who somehow always brings a dire warning from the future and tells the red suited wonder that he has to stop Sinister from killing the human race.

Pretty straight forward plot wise but hey it’s a Deadpool title, the guy literally killed someone because they thought the Star Wars prequels were better than the original films so asking for a complex and elaborate story filled with suspense and mystery is a bit much but it’s pretty fun and this tale has a good supporting cast, iconic X Men such as Rogue, Domino and everyone’s favorite metal boned mutant Wolverine makes an appearance.


Deadpool’s bottomless pockets everybody aka the upgrade screen; throughout the game as you go along killing enemies and picking up floating tokens you earn DP points which you use to buy weapons and upgrades.

Gameplay wise Deadpool plays like pretty much like every other superhero hack and slash title out there but it has a Deadpool spin on it, the motor mouth mercenary has half a dozen things to kill enemies with ranging from grenades, flash bangs, trip mines, bear traps, sub machine guns, swords, sai, giant hammers and laser rifles….yes Deadpool somehow has laser guns.

Moving on from gameplay Deadpool a damn funny game if you are a fan of the mutate (yes mutate, Deadpool does NOT count as a mutant) the game is filled with innapropriate humor, there are jokes about Deadpool sticking his “you know what” into certain things to having a mental debate over which X girl has bigger breasts….that sort of thing and this game has a tonne of it and more…..check out the example below.

Gameplay and humour aside this game is like every other super hero game and that has a few problems by default starting with the game’s length, Deadpool has eight levels with one of them being Deadpool’s apartment and that is a bad thing because there are no collectables what so ever, there are three difficulty modes and a challenge mode but that’s it.

Deadpool doesn’t really give you no incentive to play the game multiple times other than to get the achievements, has 50 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore and you will earn most of them as you make your way through the game but there are plenty of special achievements that you can earn, like completing the final level only using your swords and pistols or getting a absolutely insane 300 hit combo.

There is a challenge mode but it is basically playing a small section of a level and beating enemy waves until you unlock the next difficulty level, after you beat all three difficulty levels you will unlock “infinity mode” which is non stop survival where you have to keep fighting until you die and that’s it really.

During this mode Deadpool wears special outfits like his X force uniform or his infamous Japanese maid outfit complete with feather duster weapons but they are only in this mode and not during the main game which is really sad because he does have some cool outfits….they could of easily done a thing similar to Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and make each outfit a reward with a specific requirement but no not a thing.

Slap incoming in....3,2,1

Slap incoming in….3,2,1

Anyway, long story short Deadpool is a ok game but it could have been ALOT better than it is, the game suffers because of its length and that isn’t a good thing, I beat Deadpool in about 2 days on hard and while I did enjoy the game I just wish the game had more content to it because the regenerating degenerate is a really badass character even if he is annoying, the game is ok but not super amazing or mind blowing, if you are looking to boost your Gamerscore or a fan of everything Deadpool then pick this up or not then that’s ok so with that I am done with this review.

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3 responses to “Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Deadpool

  1. I like this review and it was just in time for the Deadpool film. I haven’t played this game yet but I have to agree with you. This game looks fun but there were so many things that could have been improved. In a weird way, it would be funny if the game had a “sandbox” or GTA mode where you just play as Deadpool and wreck havoc in the Marvel universe lol.

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