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Now I know I am a bit late to the party on this one but you know what they say about “better late than never” so this is a really late review for One Punch Man so I hope you guys don’t mind too much about that, my backlist of “anime shows I need to watch” is still huge so this was one of the shorter animes on said list and it is well worth a review on here but moving on.

One Punch Man started as a web comic in 2009 and was created by an author using the online name “One”, this practice has been seen before with Highschool DxD’s artist Miyama Zero so the mystery of the author is awesome but anyway with 7.9 million hits in June 2012 the series exploded in popularity and soon there was a digital manga remake of the series, illustrated by Yusuke Murata which began publication on Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics website in 2012 and then in 2015 this anime adaption created by a company called Madhouse aired in Japan from October to December 2015.

So the plot is pretty straight forward, Saitama who is the main protagonist is a super hero but he has a major problem, he only needs one punch to defeat villains and he is not very happy about that so he constantly looks for strong adversaries to defeat and along the way he makes a few friends, some enemies and you know the usual superhero stuff.

One Punch Man is a anime that doesn’t take itself seriously and it works, there are some great fights throughout and they call back to the glory days of Dragon Ball Z with it’s over the top nature, Saitama is one overpowered motherf**ker to the point that you literally yell at the bad guys to run like hell, then again don’t do that because I did and my sister was staring at me weird for about 20 minutes so yeah don’t do that but moving on.

The character designs are awesome and are exactly like the manga with no changes with my favourite looking character being Genos who is Saitama’s apprentice because he is a cyborg and is really badass in his own right and that’s about all I can say about the look of the show, the designs are great, the colouring is done well and there is a tonne of blood so that’s a bonus.

Putting the fights in One Punch Man aside, this show is ridiculously funny and has hilarious moments throughout the show, for example while Saitama was watering his plants a mosquito decides to bug him (no pun intended) so he plans to crush the pesky insect but it keeps escaping somehow, his response every time that happens is beyond funny to me considering the villain in that particular episode.


Well that’s him not having kids any time soon, keep in mind that Saitama can literally punch a hole through a Godzilla sized bad guy…..Johnny Cage’s Nutbuster move has nothing on Saitama.

Moving on from the comedic elements this show was one of the best ones of 2015 but it does have one problem which is the shows length, One Punch Man has 10 episodes with a 11th OVA episode and two specials which you can easily watch over one weekend and that’s about the only thing I have a problem with….everything is pretty damn good.

One Punch Man is a really great anime with a great amount of action and comedy, this show completely took me by surprise with how good it was and it is well worth a watch and that’s about all I can say really without giving away the entire show….now if the show was longer, had multiple arcs and things of that nature I really wouldn’t mind going into detail but alas I can’t so that’s why this review is the shortest one I have done yet and I really do apologise about that.

Anyway check out One Punch Man, its a great series if you like action and comedy, it’s long enough to binge watch over a weekend (which is what I did) and it a decent length so it won’t be a utter chore unlike watching a 700+ episode anime series if you want a quick but awesome fix of Japanese goodness so with that I am out…..if you like this review then please like this post, comment down below in the comments section and share this post with the hashtag #Slay3rNation because it will help me out bigtime.


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