Infinity Dreams Award Nominated by Otaku Highschool Life

I would like to give huge thanks to Otaku Highschool Life for nominating me for this award, I honestly have no idea how I keep getting awards due to my rather spontaneous posting schedule and I really do apologise for that, I plan on creating a schedule so I don’t go AWOL for weeks on end this week so let’s hope I do that because I have let you guys down a bit too much in my opinion but anyway this award is different from other blog awards because this award talks about your dreams or in this case MINE so in short I’m sharing about stuff about my dreams.

The rules for this award are simple

First list seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)

Then nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them…..yeah the rules for this one are rather simple.

So with the rules out the way here are my seven dreams and I have mentioned one or two before in some of my posts but the good thing is I can finally go in depth about them….well not too in depth.

Number 1 – Become a Game Developer

Now this is one dream I have mentioned and/or eluded to in the past and this dream of mine is rather special, long story short it all started when I first played Unreal Tournament when I was younger….yeah you know that FPS legend from the 90s and early 2000s.

I was amazed, my mind was blown and it might of been a stupid decision at the time but I decided that game development was what I wanted to do, you see ladies and gents, I have always been a creative person.

I can’t draw to save my life but I have a pretty damn good imagination…’s a tad twisted at times but its pretty great but other than that I wanted to give people that same feeling of joy and wonder I experienced when I was younger and that’s about it really.

Number 2 – Travel The Globe

This is my second dream, I want to see everything and do everything, I want to see and experience the world and considering I am 22 this year I would LOVE to do this but I have a absolutely dreadful memory and poor sense of direction so it probably wouldn’t go too well if I went alone.

I have quite a few places I want to visit, Japan being one of them since I love the culture and rich history of the country along with the goal of crafting my own samurai sword which is an almost dying art with very few people making them the old fashioned way so that would be amazing if I could experience that.

Other places include Italy, Brazil and I want to do a trip of EVERY comic and game convention, its a bit of a crazy idea but all the good ones are never normal are they….just ask the guys who invented the plane, their crazy idea turned out well.

Number 3 – Have A Blog With Actual Income

Now hear me out here people, as much as I love writing, I would love to start earning money with my blog because it would help me out make better content and it would allow me to maybe open a online store to maybe sell a t shirt or two like some YouTubers which would be really cool.

Number 4 – Become An Author

I love to read and write, writing is my hobby and it is my escape, I am addicted to reading stories and fan fiction, I spend so much time on it’s borderline unhealthy and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I like writing stories as well and it actually helps but don expect me to post them on here.

This dream is a relatively new one compared to the others on this list, if you are wondering what started it, it was Nathan Fillion’s character Richard Castle that originally gave me this one but anyway I have always like to create stories since I was little and my writing has gotten far better as I have gotten older so I thought why shouldn’t I try to at least attempt it since there are sites like Fictionpress and Wattpad available for me to use that are free so I thought I would give it a go.

Number 5 – Get Married & Have A Family

Number 5 is getting married and having kids, I might not seem like the type to settle down and do the whole family thing but family means everything to me and I want to have a family of my own one day… the only things stopping me are my crippling social anxiety issues and the struggle of finding a woman who is just if not more crazy than I am.

For some bizarre reason I have a thing for dark haired creepy girls, personally I blame Eva Greene and Liz Gillies for that and also nerdy girls who cosplay and well if I ended up marrying a cosplayer, it would be the greatest wedding of all time…..everyone would have to wear a costume because that would make the wedding album really memorable.

As for the kids, I am the oldest out of four being 22 this year and most of my friends on social media and offline have kids of their own so I would love to have my own kids one day.

That and I really really want to name my kids after Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD and Sabastian from Black Butler…..told ya I was a bit weird because you know who on earth names their kids after two fictional demons….badass fictional demons but demons none the less.

Number 6 – Become a Millionaire and or Billionaire

Becoming a millionaire or billionaire is number 6 on my list after all who doesn’t want to be successful in their pursuits, I am certainly one of those people and I am not ashamed to admit it.

The road to fortune might be long but it will be worth it in the long run, after all a cosplay wedding would be not be exactly cheap and I do want a mansion or two along with some nice cars and clothes, then when I have children they won’t have to worry about an education or anything of that nature but now on to number 7.

Number 7 – Open Up My Own Game Company

My seventh and final dream ties in with game developer and millionaire dreams, I have always found the idea of being my own boss appealing for a few reasons with the major one being that I don’t really like being ordered around by others and also the fact that I want to be like my childhood idol Seto Kaiba.

Long story short he built an business that thrived and evolved with no one telling him he couldn’t do something, he built his own god damn theme park and had his own custom jet in the shape of a dragon so if that doesn’t scream “positive role model for a impressionable child” then I don’t know what does.

That and I want to help other developers, I know a few of them that have really great ideas but can’t get the help or the support there to turn idea into action and that is really unfortunate in my honest opinion so if I could open a company and help them then it will be worth all the hard work.

So that’s my 7 dreams, believe it or not I had quite a bit of difficulty coming up with some special and well thought about dreams… are my nominations.

Blogger 1 – Daily Anime Art

Blogger 2 – Anime Reviewer Girl

Blogger 3 – Comicnewbies

Blogger 4 – Aniwhat? Aniwho? Anime

Blogger 5 – Ultimate Games Culture

Blogger 6 – The Button Smashers

Blogger 7 – Just Another Video Game Blog


3 responses to “Infinity Dreams Award Nominated by Otaku Highschool Life

  1. Congratulations on the award! On number 5, I hope you do find someone to be your wife and you get kids. There is someone out there foe someone. On the other wishes like the last one, I hope it comes true. I would like to see a game made by you.

    • Thanks Matt, I know a lot of devs that get turned down by companies or not supported because of their products and it is really sad so if I can help then I will.

      As for the wife and kids thing….so do I man, so do I lol

      • I can’t wait to see what you have in stores for games. I am sure you will surprise everyone. I bet it be something new and different.
        On the family dream, I bet there is a girl out there that would definitely want you. You can be a family guy XD

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