10 Games I Am Looking Forward To In 2016

So 2016 is here and I spent a bit of time wondering if I should of posted this closer to Christmas but I thought what the hell and turned it into a ultra late new year post instead since I took a day off on Christmas like everybody else but moving on from my holiday plans and beyond I thought a post about the games that I personally looking forward to this year and it sounded like it would be a welcome addition and most of the games I think you guys and girls are looking forward to as well.

Now this list is in no particular order at all and these are the games that I personally am looking forward to so some games might differ from your wants and desires but you can always tell me what titles you are looking forward to come the new year on the comments section below.

Number 10 – For Honour

Ubisoft’s For Honour is at my number 10 spot, I am really looking forward to this games release because learning about warriors from a time long gone is a hobby of mine, my numerous swords and my unhealthy addiction to the show Deadliest Warrior should be testament to that along with owning Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam.

I love games like this because there are not many and the ones that are around are not done well enough with the exception of Chivalry but moving on this game is for the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One and what sets it apart from Chivalry is it’s third person perspective much like Smite and I personally think the perspective change is a great thing because you get to see your preferred class cutting through hordes of other players and there are just some things that look better from a 3rd person view.

While the official release date has yet to be announced this is one game I am looking forward to come 2016 and hopefully I will have a PS4 and or a Xbox One to play it on by then but moving on to number 9.

Number 9 – Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

At the number 9 spot is Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, which is coming out this year for the PS4 and Vita and it is the third game based on the Novel/Anime franchise and honestly I am quite excited for it because I am a huge fan of the show and plan on getting the previous games when I get around to buying a ps4 sometime and don’t ask me when because I still have to work on getting a new TV and a gaming rig but moving on.

Hollow Realization seems like a blend of Hollow Fragment and Lost Song which I have watched play throughs of and it looks great and while I was hoping for a GunGale arc inspired titled this has got my SAO fanboy pretty excited and yes I am a bit addicted to the show, there is a long story about why but I am not going to tell you that.

There isn’t much to go on about this game right now and honestly I would rather not know everything but I do hope it is as good as it’s predecessors since anime tie in games have a habit of being bad in general with the exception of the Dragon Ball Z games on the Ps2 and a few of the Naruto games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but let’s move on to number 8.

Number 8 – Deus Ex : Mankind Divided

Deus Ex : Mankind Divided is at the number 8 spot and I am really really looking forward to this game since I have played all the current Deus Ex games like the original PC and PS2 title from 1999 along with Human Revolution and much to my dismay Deus Ex : Invisible War which is considered the worse title in the franchise to this day apart from the mobile version.

I am a huge fan of this series, I absolutely love the universe, the characters and of course the ultra interesting tech that fills it so I am really interested to see what happened since the previous title since the whole bright future everybody wanted has apparently turned into a nightmare filled with violence, fear and oppression and Adam Jensen who was the man who stated “He never asked for this” is the only hope there is for people like him.

The thought of Jensen returning by itself has got me pretty excited since he has got an upgrade since his previous outing and all of his new abilities look interesting but I won’t need many because I usually go the silent and stealthy route in those games anyway, so with that out the way I think we should move on to number 7.

Number 7 – Dishonoured 2

Dishonoured was a pretty great title since there hasn’t been many pure stealth motivated games apart from Thief which came out quite a while later and it was a surprisingly good title that I found really enjoyable and unique for a number of reasons, I enjoyed the fact that the ending was tied to how you played, the less you kill the better the ending and for someone like me who likes being stealthy it took quite a while to finish the game without screwing up and being forced to send a swarm of ravenous diseased rats to consume guards and such.

Corvo was interesting and with little Emily taking the reins with new abilities I am really interested to see what happened and why Emily is following in her guardian’s footsteps since you don’t just wake up with supernatural powers like being able to zip line across building with magical rope.

But moving on from that I am really looking forward to this, since I loved the first game, it had an interesting Steampunk Victorian dystopian setting which I personally have never seen in a video game, books and movies yeah but for games it is a rare occurrence and needs to happen more but anyway I am looking forward to this new setting, story and well I want to see how little Emily who isn’t little anymore lives up to Corvo’s name but now onto number 6 and why I am exciting about that entry.

Number 6 – Overwatch

Overwatch is kind of a weird title for me to look forward to because usually multiplayer games just aren’t my cup of tea but Overwatch looks like a game I can get into, honestly the game looks as if  Team Fortress 2 and Big Hero 6 had a baby and since I absolutely love Big Hero 6 this game seems like a good time and pretty easy to learn which is good.

This game has my attention for quite a few reasons with one being the art style, everything looks great from the maps to the half a dozen unique looking and playable characters (with my personal favourite being Tracer because I might have a small crush on Gogo from Big Hero 6), the whole thing just looks fun and honestly Team Fortress 2 needs some friendly competition in the bright and colourful multiplayer FPS department if you ask me.

The roster is diverse both in looks and playstyle and that’s a great thing since variety is the spice of life is it not and seriously how many games give you the chance to play as a ultra intelligent armoured gorilla, a loli girl with a killer mech suit or a badass looking cyber ninja armed with a sword and throwing stars…..none what so ever so props to Blizzard for being inventive, this game has a tonne of potential and I cannot wait for this, I do not know if I am going to pick this up on PC or the Xbox One (when I get one) but I am looking forward to it so now onto number 5.

Number 5 – Horizon: Zero Dawn

At number 5 is Horizon Zero Dawn and let me just say this, Horizon: Zero Dawn completely took me by surprise and by surprise I mean literally blew my mind, now I have played apocalypse centric titles like the Fallout and Metro series but Horizon just screams unique and the closest thing to it in my opinion is Enslaved: Odyssey to the West which is a game that came out in 2010 but moving on.

So Horizon: Zero Dawn is set in a future 1000 years from now and human civilization has long abandoned Earth due to the world being dominated by robotic creatures (for some unknown reason) which have since become the strongest creatures in the world and you play as Aloy, a hunter and archer, as she progresses through the post-apocalyptic world and from what I have seen it looks and plays great with gameplay I find similar to the Tomb Raider reboot games so I am instantly a fan of that.

The game is being developed by Guerrilla Games and if that name sounds familiar, they are responsible for the Killzone games and Horizon is their first attempt at making a interesting open world title and honestly if the full release is as good as the gameplay videos and trailers make us believe than I will have no problem picking this game up.

Number 4 – Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 takes the number well 4 spot and believe me I thought the Gears of War series was done and dusted after the damn epic finale to Gears of War 3 but as it turns out I was wrong and I am honestly curious on what is going to happen in this new game because the COG are still around but the Locust and Lambent hordes aren’t….like seriously what else does Sera have to throw at them ?

When I say I know nothing about this game I mean it, there is nothing on Wikipedia and barely any information on the official website except for a vague Fall 2016 release window and well a wallpaper of the two shown leads, who look somewhat similar to Sam Byrne and Damon Baird so maybe they finally got round to having that house with two kids and a dog before Sam finally got fed up of him and poisoned his food.

And I would add more here but with very little to go on I really do not want to mislead you guys with false hopes and information, that’s seriously not how I do things on here so now on to number 3.

Number 3 – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division is number 3 and I am quite interested in this game, with an online, open-world set in a diseased ravaged New York this game has potential and while most people are whining on YouTube and Twitter about how the graphics will be downgraded I don’t really mind all that much because gameplay matters more than a pretty looking setting.

Where this game is an online open world there is co op but for those of us who like to walk the lonely road down the broken boulevards of New York this game can be played solo and yes I did just make a Green Day reference but moving on this is one title I am looking forward to and while I haven’t played the beta I have watched Youtubers who have.

Number 2 – Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is at the number 2 spot and while we have only seen the short teaser linked above, a few images and vague comments from Bioware I am pretty excited for this game and totally scared of it at the same time, I am still mourning Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew and just so you know, I never actually finished Mass Effect 3 because one of my friends spoilt the endings so I turned to good old fan fiction to find my own perfect ending but moving on.

Andromeda is looking to refresh the Mass Effect formula with a brand new but unknown protagonist and a new unexplored galaxy so while Shepard’s tale is over there is a tonne of potential with Andromeda for a new amazing story and characters and as long as they have great personalities and are romanceable it will be great.

Mass Effect Andromeda is coming this year apparently and with Bioware teasing us that the game is currently in a playable state I am more than looking forward to exploring the new galaxy when the full game is released and please for the love of god BioWare….do not give us some annoying multiple choice ending where EVERY option is terrible in this one.

Number 1 – Doom

Finally at the number 1 spot is Doom and I absolutely cannot wait for this since the grand daddy of the FPS genre is back and it is brutal, bloody and beautiful, it’s a mix of next gen upgrades with old school design choices that we really do not see when it comes to modern FPS titles with the exception of Wolfenstein The New Order which I still have to get round to playing.

Doom is one of my favourite games, period so to see it given a major upgrade makes me extremely happy and honestly we need a back to basic shooter and who could do the job better than the original FPS game which was infamous for it’s “appalling” nature during the early 90s by the always offended.

Faster paced and more brutal than the Brutal Doom mod this game has me jumping up and down in my seat for spring and the best part is there is multiplayer so I am hoping for some good old deathmatch and other game modes, along with a updated campaign and maybe leader boards because bragging rights, some of my much older friends mentioning crowding around one PC during school that had the installed and they would race eachother to see who could get the furthest before the teachers came in so while that age has long gone some form of bragging material would be cool.

So with that my list of games I am personally looking forward to this year is done, if you liked this post then please like it, comment down below to tell me what titles you are looking forward to and share it around so other people can read it and that’s it folks…lets make 2016 a great year.


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  1. Omg~ I love the SAO game, It’s so awesome to play and i love the gameplay of it! I nominate you for the Infinity Dreams Award! Hope you appreciate it and let’s be friends :D! Follow my blog~

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