Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Spider-Man: Edge of Time

So it’s time for another game review and this time it is Spider-man: Edge Of Time which was developed by Beenox and came out in 2011 for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo DS and 3DS and yes I know this game is rather ancient now but I have a review for their previous title Shattered Dimensions saved under my drafts and while the game might not be new I thought it would be a welcomed addition to the game reviews section anyway.

Now I  am quite the Spiderman fan, I have seen every TV series, every movie including the Amazing Spiderman films (Andrew Garfield was a great Peter Parker and Spiderman) and played quite a few games where you play as the webbed avenger including Shatter Dimensions.

The plot of Edge Of Time is pretty straight forward if you know about things like time travel and alternative universes, long story short the game begins with Peter Parker/Spider-Man battling Anti-Venom, who kills him due to his ability to “cure” things.

Meanwhile back to the start of the event, in the year 2099 Miguel O’Hara  aka Spider-Man 2099 investigates an Alchemax scientist named Walker Sloan who creates a time machine in a effort to create Alchemax in the past and in his own image but fails to stop him which turns New York city into a twisted dystopia due to Sloan’s meddling with the timeline and it’s up to both Spidermen to set things right and restore the timeline.

Gameplay wise Spiderman: Edge of Time is very similar to the previous title Shattered Dimensions with the exception of the two Spidermen having their own unique powers and abilities; for example Spider-Man (Peter Parker) has a “hyper-sense” mode which allows him to move quickly which lets him take out enemies one at a time or run through elaborate laser systems without getting hurt (fun fact Spiderman can actually run 60mph or faster but tends to usually swing) while his futuristic counterpart can create a simulation to distract enemies.

spiderman_edge_of_time_spiderman fighting anti venom

Spiderman facing off against Anti – Venom who is just as dangerous if not more than his black suited counter part due to his curing abilities

Both Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 have upgrades, everything from health to new moves  are bought with XP which can be earned by completing mini-challenges like in Shattered Dimensions by doing the challenge tied to it as well as collecting the numerous glowing orbs floating around the levels and the collectables which I will get into later and that’s about it for gameplay since there aren’t many changes or additions from Shattered Dimensions so if you have played that game then you will take to this one rather fast.

Moving on from gameplay Edge of Time’s art and voice work is actually really good, Josh Keaton who voices the spandex clad hero in Marvel vs Capcom 3 along with a few other titles returns to voice the Amazing Spiderman in this game while Christopher Daniel Barnes (the voice of Spiderman Noir in Shattered Dimensions) voices Spiderman 2099 and they both do a great job voicing their respective characters and oh yeah before I forget Sloan is voiced by Val Kilmer….that’s right one of the main bad guys was Batman but moving on.

Spiderman Edge of Time_Alt Suits

Spiderman facing off against Anti – Venom who is just as dangerous if not more than his black suited counter part due to his curing abilities

Now Spiderman Edge of Time is a bit lacking in replay value in my opinion but anyway the game has 47 achievements with a total of 1000 Gamerscore and most of them can be earned over the course of the game, there are three difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard which just so you know isn’t that hard with some practice.

There is also the Web of Challenges which as I stated earlier is pretty much the same from Shattered Dimensions….some are quite easy to do while others take a few more tries to actually get right and you need to do them if you want vital things like health upgrades for both respective web swingers and more combat moves to lay the hurt on the bad guys.

Challenges also serve as a means of unlocking various suits throughout the game although a small selection can be unlocked from the start by having a save from Shattered Dimensions on your hard drive, there are quite a few cool suits like Spiderman’s Future Foundation suit and the Iron Spider suit from the Civil War storyline….most require a certain amount of challenges to be completed for you to get them via keys and well it’s worth it because some of them are awesome like the ninja looking Hydra suit, other than outfits for the spandex clad heroes there are collectible newspapers that you unlock after changing a important event in the game and the infamous golden spiders are once again crawling about for you to find.


Spiderman facing off against Anti – Venom who is just as dangerous if not more than his black suited counter part due to his curing abilities

Edge Of Time is rather short which is one of the main problems I had with the game, it took me about two days to beat the game on normal along with about a quarter of the challenges do you would roughly need about two play throughs (if you play on hard) to get all the achievements which I still have to do and there isn’t much to do after you have finished the game except start it again on a higher difficulty setting and try to find the collectables and complete the web of challenges, some achievements however will take a few tries to get but that doesn’t make up for it’s short length.

Other than that I enjoyed Spiderman: Edge of Time but not as much as I did Shattered Dimensions regardless it was still pretty good in my book since I got to play as Spiderman 2099 again who was my second favourite web slinger next to the Sam Fisher eque Noir in the previous game but it wasn’t enough to knock my socks off.

Edge of Time is a pretty good Spiderman game and since it is about 4 years old it is dirt cheap so you can easily pick up Shattered Dimensions and Edge Of Time at the same time and get an easy 2000 Gamerscore if you want a double dose of the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman efore I end this review I would like to recommend another Spiderman game and that one is Web of Shadows which is one of my favourite Spiderman related games ever but anyway I think I should end the review here so if you liked this review then please like, comment down below in the comments section and share with the hashtag #Slay3rNation, it would help me out bigtime and mean a lot so with that….bye guys and girls.


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