Dead or Alive And The Price Of “Progress”

Now before I start going into this topic I would like to apologise for my absence these two months but I just recently got a new laptop since my old one got damaged due to water (it got inside the keyboard and well I couldn’t do anything on it since most if not all my keys wouldn’t work) but moving on I thought I would break in my shiny new HP laptop with a new post and it’s about my favourite topics….hypocrites.

Recently I found out that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 would not be released in the US and Europe and the reason why is honestly a rather good one but it incredibly stupid at the same time, here below is the response from Koei Techmo after a customer asked why the latest installment of the volleyball franchise was not coming over.

Now the above quote might sound vague and cryptic but I believe Play Asia said it best in less words….”Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be coming to the US due to SJW nonsense” and honestly I couldn’t of said it any better myself and I will get into why.

“Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.”

Why would Koei Techmo risk releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 over in the US and here in Europe when it the product has a great chance of being attacked because of what it is about…it’s happened to other games and the Dead or Alive franchise has always been in the crosshairs of people but now everything is much worse.

So with that in mind people I would like for you to imagine yourself creating something that you want to put out into the world, it could be anything from a game to a award winning novel that holds the top spot on the NY Times best sellers list….now with that done imagine some people who don’t like your product for no other reason than for the sake of hating it….now imagine them with the power and influence to ruin your career if you go against them.

It’s not very fun or safe is it, in 2015 everyone is looking to be offended and butt hurt for no reason and for a chance to pick up their virtual pitch forks and riot so let’s say if Koei Techmo did release DOA Xtreme 3, there would either be mass outrage because I don’t know….sexy women with big breasts in swimwear playing sports or something like that and maybe a 100,000 strong twitter army of upset individuals declaring that the game be censored or in changed in someway or else, I honestly can’t blame Koei for this at all.

If an angry mob was waiting for me I wouldn’t even bother putting it out there and that is how damage is done, not only to the businesses that create products like that but it also hurts the consumers but I will explain in greater detail now.

You see boys and girls, Japan has always had a “I really don’t give a shit” philosophy when it came to their games and culture in general so for Koei Techmo to go “nope it’s not worth the theoretical hassle” the situation must be bad….if more developers follow their example and do this than it will cause a fair bit of damage to the game development business as a whole.


The Dead or Alive franchise has always been in the crosshairs of numerous people, which is really stupid because despite the abundance of boobs and behinds the DOA games are really great fighters and sports games

And this brings me to the chain reaction from gaming media in regards to Play Asia’s brutal but honest comment, throwing a tantrum because of hurt feelings and saying you are going to “renegotiate and review” your contracts with the company isn’t going to solve the issue in the slightest but now I would like to address the professionals, the people would are raving and ranting about Play Asia’s comment.

Do you really think cutting ties with them is going to help, if anything their decision is a poor one and it is like punching yourself in the face because here is why…..if you cut ties with them their are others that will jump in to your space and gain and in business having contacts is everything so tell me, who gains what from your tantrum….because it sure as hell is NOT you considering Play Asia got a absolute tonne of support and gained 10k or more followers on their social media accounts along with loads of import orders.

Plus due to your outburst you have given an ideal opportunity for new sites that are young and lack the contacts needed to be successful so in a way Play Asia’s “loss” over you is nothing more than a gain that will help more than hinder but I think that’s quite enough about that because there might be might be a some hope for it to be released in over in the US and EU due to other developers and publishers like HuniePot who are the developers of HuniePop, a game I reviewed a while back and Instacodes offering money for the publishing rights to the game so its good to see people try and help.

I personally find it a shame that a sports game won't be coming over all because of sparing thin skinned people's seriously those people who would complain won't purchase the title anyway

I personally find it a shame that a sports game won’t be coming over all because of sparing thin skinned people’s feelings…like seriously those people who would complain won’t purchase the title anyway

This is worrying me because lets say more developers follow Koei, what would happen then, if one developer is already feeling like there is no point then there are sure as hell other ones and that is not healthy for the business, I know I am just one guy with a WordPress but if I have more common sense than the people who legitimately work in the gaming industry than it needs some major work.

But I really sincerely hope that there won’t be but who know, we unfortunately have given these people an inch and now they are slowly taking miles but the question is will. more developers give into pressure in fear of potential backlash or will they take a stand and say enough is enough….I personally prefer the latter instead of the former as would most of you I assume but anyway I think that should be enough for now….until the next time.

Anyway I think that does it from me for now and like I said earlier I am sorry for my absence but I couldn’t do anything with a dead laptop but now I am back for good this time and really to make new content for you guys which hopefully means videos too with my new laptop but now I am digressing….if you liked this post then please like, comment down below in the comments section and share it around with the hashtag #Slay3rNation.


7 responses to “Dead or Alive And The Price Of “Progress”

  1. I heard about this and I sorta understand the situation. Over here in the West, we are quite sensitive about things like this and Japan is more relax. It’s good to have you back 🙂

  2. It’s sad that companies are being bullied, with the potential threat of bad PR, into censoring their western releases or in some cases making them not localize the game at all. The DOA games have a fan base over here so it’s sad that they will be deprived because people who don’t play these titles like to complain. It makes no sense when you consider that the other Volleyball games have come out over here.

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