Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Smite (PC)

Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes Of The Storm, the MOBA side of gaming is a growing presence and after a while and some very convincing arguments from friends and followers I decided to try and learn one and well it didn’t go so well in the above three titles but that’s ok because why be a legend or a hero when you can be a GOD.

Smite is a third person MOBA developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for PC and Xbox One and like the above titles the game is completely free although it has the usual skins and micro transaction stuff going on but thats ok now onto the actual meat of the review and I put the absolutely amazing cinematic trailer below because the actual game play version is out of date by about three years but don’t worry it’s a great game and I will post actual footage later on in the review that I recorded testing the game out.

Gameplay wise Smite is the same as every other MOBA title with the usual three lanes, AI enemy minion waves, towers and player controlled opponents in Conquest and a so on meaning if you have already been playing League of Legends you won’t be clueless like I was in the beginning but I will go into more of that later.

One of my favorite things about this game is it’s roster and it makes Smite stand out from the MOBA crowd by swapping fantasy characters out and replacing them with actual gods and deities from various religions and mythologies, that’s right instead of Teemo you get Thor the Norse god of thunder and so on with their own play styles, lore and look.

There are a total of 69 playable gods in Smite from various cultures ranging from Egyptian, Mayan, Norse, Greek, Roman, Chinese and finally Hindu and believe me all of them are great but my personal favorites are Sun Wukong from the Chinese Pantheon, Nieth from the Egyptian Pantheon and finally Kali who is the Hindu goddess of destruction from the Hindu Pantheon who is pictured below.

Kali is one of my favorite gods in Smite, each god has a role to play in the following categories; Assassin, Hunter, Mage, Guardian and Warrior and just so you know Kali is a assassin type character

Kali is one of my favorite gods in Smite, each god has a role to play in the following categories; Assassin, Hunter, Mage, Guardian and Warrior and just so you know Kali is a Assassin type character along with a few others.

Smite offers a few game modes, there is Conquest which is the main game mode, featuring a regular 3 lane map with a Greek theme and if you know the usual three lane formula you can pretty much work it out yourselves, there is Joust where there is only one lane with one tower and a phoenix on each side and you are grouped up with 2 allies against 3 other players but beyond that, this mode plays in a very similar way to Conquest and there is also a League version where players fight one on one.

Assault is another game mode where each player is assigned a random god (however, the user may choose to “re-roll” their god for a small price of in-game currency or premium currency) and they are all taking charge in one lane with the inability to recall back to base, meaning the only way to buy items from the shop, is to die and the objective is similar to that of Conquest: Destroy the enemy team’s 2 towers, Phoenix and their Titan.

Siege is a Mayan-themed game mode somewhat similar to Conquest but with two lanes, two towers and a Phoenix per lane and a Titan plus a jungle in between the lanes however unlike Conquest, there is less emphasis in gathering gold/experience to become stronger and more in taking down enemy objectives as soon as possible and last but not least is my personal favorite game mode is Arena and it’s 5 versus 5 with minions and side-objectives including buff camps but rather than having lanes, the map mainly consists of an open area.

Minions of both sides spawn and attempt to enter the portal located on the front of the enemy base. Rather than a single end objective, in Arena each team begins with 500 points, with the goal being to reduce your enemy’s score to 0 by killing their players and minions, or escorting your own side’s minions and periodically spawning siege towers to the enemy portal.

Smite has a tonne of replay value due to there being 69 gods to use and unlock meaning unless you bought the ultimate god pack you will be spending quite a bit of time unlocking them which is what I am currently doing after some thought but moving on, Smite has a huge player base since it is on PC and the Xbox One so there is no shortage of finding people to play with although I cannot say a thing about the matchmaking because I have no friends that play Smite on the PC and I don’t have an Xbox One yet where I have friends that do so you guys are going to have to test that for yourselves.

Long story short, Smite is a great free to play game MOBA and it is worth checking out at least once, the change in camera angle is what brought me into the fold…that along with the Lore videos on the official Smite Youtube channel but now I am digressing a whole lot, I say try the game and tell me what you think….it’s free so you aren’t shelling out any money unless you use the micro transactions but what F2P game doesn’t have those nowadays and that is about all I can say about Smite, it’s a great game and you should try it so with that I am done.

If you liked this review then please like, comment down below in the comments section and share so other people can read it and just so you know, the Smite game play in this review is from my own channel which is brand new so expect some content on there every time I cover a PC game since I need a gaming rig and a new TV so my Elgato HD60 can work.


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