Blog updates, Additions and Apologies

Hey guys and girls, long time no WordPress, I am sorry about the complete and utter lack of posts for a month but I burnt myself out with the constant writing and rewriting and a good friend of mine told me to take a break hence the lack of activity around here but don’t worry people because I am back and feeling better than ever and with that comes a few things.

I am proud to say I have opened up my own Youtube channel and I do plan on uploading some content on there but it won’t be the greatest thing ever right now due to me needing better equipment like a high end gaming rig and mics etc

Once content is uploaded, I will put a new section in the black task bar titled Youtube Channel and I will also put links to my official Facebook page *cough* since no one clicks on the widget *cough* and another for my Twitter and speaking of my somewhat small following on twitter, every new post will have the hashtag #Slay3rNation attached so let’s spread that round like a plague and it would help me out big time if you did

But expect new game reviews starting with the following titles.


Batman Arkham Origins

Saint’s Row 4


Shadow Warrior

And more


Expect new anime reviews starting with the following titles in between other posts

Monster Musume


Black Lagoon


Gonna be the Twin-Tail!


Nanatsu No Taizai


And more


That’s about it really and once again I am incredibly sorry for not being a decent blogger by putting out content on the regular, I just burnt myself out so let’s make this thing huge okay boys and girls….I put out content and you lot share the living hell out of it, send me suggestions on what you think I should cover, write about and play and just enjoy my content in general….I may not be the best when it comes to writing but I enjoy reading comments, getting into debates and reading feedback because all of it makes me want to be a better writer and well any decent artist needs a muse right so that’s it and I will see you with a new post soon.


9 responses to “Blog updates, Additions and Apologies

    • My laptop is borderline useless but I will attempt to record some stuff, I have been trying to save up for a gaming rig but I think I would have to sell my kidneys to get a great one lol

      • Same problem here, I’ve had my laptop for over 6 years now, it can run most programs, but when it comes go games it does get limited by the newer much intensive games. Although I can play many steam games like tf2, Garry’s mode. As well as good old favourite League of Legends.

      • Trust me, this thing can barely run League of Legends but then again it is only a single core laptop so there isn’t many things in my Steam account that can run >_>

      • That’s what I plan to do, my friend made a video on how to make a great gaming rig for about £500 or £600 so I am waiting to buy the pieces…..just not all at once lol

      • I feel you on that one man,god I wish I could ask some companies to sponsor me, that would help out big time but they don’t really do that unless you have a massive following :/

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