Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Lumin: Land of Light (alpha)

Disclosure – I was approached by the developer of this title via Facebook thanks to a mutual friend and was asked to cover a early build of his game, I have spoken to the creator about the game on Facebook but it was purely professional and to learn more about the title and to ask the creator for permission to use promotional images and video in this review, I was not given anything in return to write about Lumin : Land of Light except the demo to review, a like on my Facebook page and later a friend request so with that out the way….on to the review.

So this is kind of a weird one because unlike my other game reviews this one is for a game that is currently in development and honestly it’s kind of a big deal for me but I shall try my hardest to contain my excitement to tell you guys and girls about Lumin : Land of Light.

Lumin : Land of Light is a indie RPG being developed by a small team if you will lead by a guy named Brandon Jones and he is the lead writer, animator, and voice one of the main characters, Lumin : Land of Light is his first video game title but he has made board games, card games, and table top RPGs before which are more things I just happen to adore but moving on.

Now I only got to experience a very small portion of Lumin in the demo I was sent so I don’t have much I can really go on since I could only go and explore what the demo allowed me too but I can tell you guys and girls that this game has a tonne of potential and I cannot wait for the full thing.

Lumin : Land of Light's demo poster and I absolutely love the artwork...it's very unique and it stands out same as the character designs in Lumin

Lumin : Land of Light’s demo poster and I absolutely love the artwork and

Lumin starts off with a narration cut scene where your character washes up on a beach and is then saved by a somewhat unusual individual named The Host who owns a inn and then the game pretty much leaves you to your own devices to discover where you are and what the hell is going on which is pretty much every RPG game ever but hey if it’s not broke then it doesn’t need fixing.

I can’t tell you much about the story of Lumin since I have only played a tiny portion of the full product and since most of the game’s lore is told in books and found through talking to NPCs in the game world which in my honest opinion is amazing because it encourages exploration and discovery.

Reading also plays a huge part in Lumin since it is one of the ways that a player can learn new skills like magic and various spells, potion making and other things so I suggest dusting off your reading glasses because you are going to need them quite often but moving on from that, the developer told about all the unique and inventive stuff Lumin has to offer that will be in the full release but I will leave that till much later.

Combat in Lumin : Land of Light is pretty much your typical RPG especially if you have played the early Final Fantasy game like Final Fantasy 7 for example, you select a character, select the ability or attack and select a target but there is quite alot of depth to the combat and it does take a fair bit of strategy which I am usually good with but it this case I got my british behind handed to me by a pack of birds and no I am not joking….birds breathe fire in this game.

So you can probably tell from the image below that Lumin is a RPG Maker title but don’t let that put you you off because I have played some really great games made with this software and Lumin is another example of not needing a insane amount of crowd funding, flashy graphics or a million dollar engine to make a great game and that is more than welcome.

Now I can’t really say much about the art style of Lumin considering I haven’t seen all the game has to offer since the alpha has only a small amount of content but the character designs when you interact with the various NPCs in the world are really cool looking with my personal favorite character being The Host himself and the voice acting is also pretty good considering it is the developer’s first title.

The character designs stand out pretty well and they give Lumin : Land of Light it's own sense of identity, the mysterious Host as seen here is my favorite because of reminds me Sebastian from Black Butler

The character designs stand out pretty well and they give Lumin : Land of Light it’s own sense of identity, the mysterious Host as seen here is my favorite because of reminds me Sebastian from Black Butler except in a blue suit.

As for replay value there isn’t all that much here currently due to it being a very early build but there is just enough to get a feel for the game, there is a small forest area that you have access to from the start, a huge underground labyrinth area that you gain access to by talking to the bartender in the inn which is filled to the brim with monsters like ghosts and so on.

There is a canyon area which you can access by talking to one of the female NPCS in armor and last but not least there is a arena where you have to fight three waves of enemies, two normal and a boss wave which is a absolute hell and a half if you don’t have a absurd amount of health potions on you.

So that’s about all I can tell you about what is here in the Lumin : Land of Light alpha build and from what I have played and watched on the developer’s YouTube channel I cannot wait for the full title and it’s sequels and yes I did just say sequels, you see boys and girls Lumin is a trilogy of titles.

The full game will have way more features than this so I look forward to reviewing that for you guys but here is what we can expect to be in the full release of Lumin : Land of Light and this is one thing that the developer told me, once the game is done, you’ll actually be able to walk around the continent and travel to different areas.

The developer called this mechanic “homing stones”, items that you can make if you read how or buy that allows you to teleport as long as you have a stone set where you want to go and you activate the one you have, this alone is a pretty interesting mechanic that I haven’t seen in many games yet alone RPG Maker games so that is quite refreshing to see.

Other than that I have no idea what to expect in the full release of Lumin : Land of Light and that is what I am excited about the most when it comes to this game and it’s sequels so with that out the way I have nothing more to add except please check out the developer’s website which is linked here and give the demo a shot if you are into old school RPGs like I am and if you do, tell them Dragonslay3r94 sent ya and with that I am out.

If you liked this post then please leave a like, comment down below in the comments section and share around so other people can read about Lumin : Land of Light because it is a promising title that proves you don’t need a Patreon and or Kickstarter account to make a great product….only the imagination and drive to create.


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