5 Anime Shows That Would Make Great Games

Anime is one thing other than gaming that is quite close to my heart, it has been that way ever since I watched the dubbed version of Yugioh religiously when I was quite young and well many anime episodes and years later I am now a hardcore anime addict and also a writer but you guys probably know that already.

So why am I writing this, well I am a member of half a dozen gaming groups on Facebook and one member posted a link to an article by Game Informer titled “10 Modern Anime That Could Become Fantastic Games” and I decided I would do my own list of possible anime shows that I think would make great games since I have a major thing for game development and etc.

I would of added more than five shows but I was kinda stuck for ideas so I might do another piece like this or something similar in the future but anyway here is my list of 5 anime shows that would make great games.

Number 5 - Aldnoah Zero

Number 5 – Aldnoah Zero, this was on Game Informer’s list and to be honest I would have to agree with them on this one because I have been watching Aldnoah.Zero for quite a while and I absolutely adore it and I plan to write a review once I have finished watching season 2 but moving on

Now there are half a dozen mech combat games on the market, Titanfall, the Armored Core franchise, the half a dozen Gundam games are just a few on a big list and they are all great games so why would we need another mech game yet alone one based on a anime, well for starters it has quite a bit potential in quite a few areas and I will get into those now.

Aldnoah.Zero is a mech show so that alone gives it about 2 or 3 options for gameplay but I will put the easiest example which is an RPG, now this style has alot of potential for example the player could assume the role of either one of the two main protagonists Inaho or Slaine, explore and interact with the environment and characters from the anime, pilot either characters’ signature mech in a 3rd person view and so on on.

Combat would be awesome since the show has it’s fair share of space combat and on earth fighting, you could face off with the orbital knights and the human forces and with in space fighting and it would be cool if you could hop between lunar debris and fight the Vers Empire while seeing Earth below you.

You can easily have a campaign on either side of the Terran/Vers conflict with Inaho fighting on behalf of the human race and Slaine fighting on behalf of the Vers empire, you could also have animated cut scenes to add depth to the story in between missions to keep you engaged with the game…..quite a few things can be done with the IP.

Number 4 - Freezing, nowthis is a anime I plan on reviewing for you guys and it is about genetically modified girls called Pandoras that fight extra dimensional aliens called the Nova, these girls are extremely strong, fast and they love to fight especially with each other

Number 4 – Freezing, now this is a anime about genetically modified girls called Pandoras that fight extra dimensional aliens called the Nova, these girls are extremely strong, fast and they love to fight especially with each other so guess what I am thinking for this show.

Freezing is one hell of an anime and if you don’t believe me, my review of Freezing is here, fan service aside the fights in Freezing between the Pandoras are beyond brutal, these girls beat each other to a pulp until they surrender or are on the brink of death itself and it was both extremely badass but also slightly unsettling how violent these girls actually can be so I thought why not turn this into a fighting game since it has massive potential as a fighting game due to the show’s premise

It could easily be a 2D fighting game like the BlazBlue series or 3D like Dead or Alive, Tekken and Mortal Kombat but honestly 3D would be a better fit in my opinion because you can add sidestepping to avoid enemy attacks and so on, not only are half a dozen characters in Freezing that are incredibly diverse, for example Rana (the Pandora on the left) in the image above is from Tibet and while Satellizer L. Bridget (the Pandora on the right) is British and there are hundreds of girls from a range of multiple nationalities and races so if someone were to make a Freezing inspired fighting game the roster would not only be diverse but huge.

Gameplay would be like every other fighting game except with a Freezing spin on things, the characters would be able to use their signature weapons and have unique play styles for example Rana above uses a weapon called Shinen (a pair of steel-plated gauntlets and boots) so naturally she would be a close quarters brawler that can inflict a heavy amount of damage if she gets too close and that is not all, there are girls that have giant scythes, broadswords, tonfa, chains and so on, the varied fighting styles of the Pandoras would make this game a very tactical fighter.

As for game modes I have a few ideas that would work great, first up is arcade like all fighting games, then a VS mode which could be both split screen and online, a training mode that teaches you the basics of the game along with fighting, a create a character mode where players customize their own Pandora and finally a mode that I call the “Carnival mode” which is like arcade but you play as your customized Pandora and you have to fight the anime’s cast to become the number 1 ranked Pandora on a leader board at West Genetics, throw in some cut scenes, voice acting and you have a ridiculously brutal but solid fighting game so now onto number 3.


Number 3 is the totally over the top anime Kill La Kill and I will try my best to explain why I think it would be a good game , I have a vague idea of what would work so lets give it a shot and check this show out because it is awesome.

Now anyone who has seen Kill La Kill will tell you that this show is off the wall crazy in every possible way and if you want to know more about it than check out my review of the show which will be linked here but moving on I will try my best to explain why Kill La Kill would be a good game at least in my opinion anyway and please note all these ideas are my opinion and they like always can be discussed and debated so with that out the way how would Kill La Kill work as a video game.

Well the entire show is about fighting so a Kill La Kill game would work best as a hack and slash title much like God of War and the many other titles in that genre with it being set at Honnōji Academy since the majority of the fights in the show take place there and Mako’s home being some sort of hub area between missions or another idea is to make it a semi open world that can be explored freely.

Combat would be like every other hack and slash title with Ryuko fighting off the many students of Honnōji Academy with her scissor blade, unlocking more moves, upgrading Senketsu and so on by collecting “life fibers” that are absorbed by Senketsu after defeating enemies or collecting the stray fibers floating around the game world but anyway the player fights through Honnōji Academy defeating enemies, completing missions and challenges until they face main characters like Satsuki and her Four Devas, the many club presidents and so on and this is where the game gets good, like the show the bosses have their own style of fighting and well if you want to see some over the top fighting I am talking about watch the show.

Collectibles could also be hidden around the game world that unlock art work, profiles of the school’s inhabitants and more characters to play as like Satsuki, Uzu and my personal favorite character Mako in her Fight Club uniform but moving on, while this would be a linear game it has a tonne of potential so that is why it is on here so now onto number 2.

Number 2 is Sword Art Online and yes I know there are already two games  but those are PS Vita games and are some what lacking

Number 2 is Sword Art Online and yes I know there are already two games but those are PS Vita games and are some what lacking in depth when the IP has a tonne of potential.

So Sword Art Online is a anime about a guy who gets trapped in a game where if you die in said game, you die in real life too which gives “no re spawns” a whole new meaning but anyway even though there are two existing Sword Art Online games, Hollow Fragment and Infinity Moment I think that if a Sword Art Online game was made into a PC or console title alot more can be done.

So how would I make a Sword Art Online title, well for one I would make it into a MMO with dungeon crawler mechanics since Aincrad (the show’s setting) is part city and part dungeon and there are about 100 floors and each different so it already has diversity in level designs and that is something I would make use of,apart from that I would include a character creator so players can make their own avatars and etc.

I would also give players the ability to make guilds in the game so they can band together and clear dungeons with a party or solo if they like being a lone wolf, there would be loot drops like weapons, armor and various other items and there would be a tonne of crafting resources for things like cooking, weapon smithing and etc.

Combat would be the same as pretty much any other MMO game with numerous weapons and skills that can be used in real time, skills and more attacks would be unlockable with multiple levels to them to make them more effective against certain things, there is alot more I would go into here but I think that is just enough to get my point across so now onto number 1.

Number 1 is Fairy Tail and I have alot of ideas for this one so that is why it is number one on this list

Number 1 is Fairy Tail and I have alot of ideas for this one so that is why it is number one on this list

Fairy Tail is a anime about a wizard guild and guild means MMO potential and yes I know I said Sword Art Online would make a good MMO But Fairy Tail screams it so where to begin with this, well for starters the player creates a character, customizes their avatar and has a wide selection of magic types to choose from and once the player has created their avatar they are thrown head first into the world of Fairy Tail.

Players would be able to explore, interact with and influence the game world and they would be able to go on jobs and missions that need multiple wizards given to them by various characters from the anime/manga like Mirajane who works at the Fairy Tail guild and the many wizards that call the place home and they would also be able to open their own guilds halls after saving enough money earned from said jobs and recruit other players to join and this is where I have a few cool ideas.

If I made a Fairy Tail MMO then Guild vs Guild gameplay would be number one on the list of things I would add because it would be awesome along because it would be a massive brawl between characters but moving on from that, a campaign mode of sorts would be a good thing to add where the player is the hero and they have to team up with characters like Natsu so on to defeat a great evil or something.

Combat wise the player has the ability to use magic and if you have watched the show you would note that there are hundreds of magical disciplines like fire, ice make magic, requip magic which is Erza’s specialty so each type of magic would have certain abilities and play styles and there is a tonne of potential in this mechanic alone but that’s all I got so far and that should be just enough for me to get my point across.

So that is my list of possible animes that would make great games, at least in my opinion anyway and like always my opinions and stances are always up for debate so feel free to like, share and of course comment down below because I would like to hear your suggestions for animes that would make great games and with that I am done.


7 responses to “5 Anime Shows That Would Make Great Games

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing and a Freezing has a tonne of potential since the majority of the show is Pandoras kicking the crap out of each other….also Satellizer for the win ❤

  1. A Kill la Kill game would actually be a great game. I heard that the creator who did Metal Gear Rising wanted to do a Kill la Kill game or Berserk. No doubt in my mind that if Fairy Tail gets its own game, many fans will throw their money at the store to own a copy 😛

  2. Sword Art Online man… hated the anime, but if they could make it the actual game… (obviously having convinced the general public that they wouldn’t get trapped and murdered if they died ingame), it would be incredible. 10/10 would play :3

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