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Now I never got around to watching Kill La Kill went it was released and I was a giant idiot for missing out on this show because it is awesome and I absolutely love it because this show had me going “uhhhh what is happening” and “what the hell” often because it’s over the top nature and weird premise and believe me I have seen some pretty weird animes but Kill La Kill takes the cake and eats it too.

So Kill La Kill is a 24 episode long action anime television series produced by Trigger that ran from October 3rd, 2013 to March 27th, 2014 and it is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi who is known for Gurren Lagann and written by Kazuki Nakashima who had also worked on Gurren Lagann and it follows Ryuko Matoi, a hot headed young schoolgirl who wields a huge single-bladed scissor as she goes on a quest to find her father’s killer.

Ryuko’s quest for answers leads her to Honnouji Academy, a militaristic high school where students are granted superhuman powers by their uniforms called “Goku uniforms” and to violent conflict with the iron-fisted student council president of Honnouji Academy Satsuki Kiryuin, a cold and ruthless young woman who rules the place through fear and subjugation and is one woman you really don’t want to meet on one of her bad days.

“This is a keepsake from my father. And this Scissor Blade was left behind by the person who murdered him! Now, you’re going to tell me who this Scissor Blade belongs to… Satsuki Kiryūin! – Ryūko in Episode 1

I think I should cover the characters first and I will start with Ryuko (in the image below) because she is a great lead, she is hot headed, fierce and and stubborn but she is also funny and good hearted but don’t let this girl fool you….she is tougher than she looks and when she fights she dishes out ass kickings left, right, and center like it is nothing.

The other characters in Kill La Kill are all great and they are quite memorable with Ryuko’s best friend Mako being my second favorite character in entire series because of her random humor and over the top personality and just so you know the characters are not the only thing in Kill La Kill that is over the top.

Now Kill La Kill is a action filled anime that has some absolutely crazy fights throughout the 24 episodes and they are really inventive, every fight Ryuko goes through is unique, action packed and humor filled with jumbo sized helping of satirical fan service thrown in and the mix works but while I am on the topic of fan service, Kill La Kill is a equal opportunist to say “screw the rules” and make it’s own, yeah that’s right the guys transform exactly like the girls do with the whole magicial girl like power up sequence so prepare to see alot of naked behinds from both genders.

Kill La Kill does something rather inventive with the way it uses “fan service” while this show still has fan service in it, Kill La Kill manages to satirize the over the top ecchi fanservice animes that we all know while still incorporating it into a real, actual theme and an also effective metaphor about accepting yourself and your body……which is the entire premise of episode 3 might I add

However don’t even think for a second that over the top fights and a helping of fan service are all Kill La Kill has to offer, it takes the one way train to “WTFville” and you will be going “so that’s why” often….Kill La Kill deceives it’s audience by appearing to be a “normal” over the top anime with fan service but then it slaps you in the face plot twists and revelations galore later on in the series which is awesome because you actually have to get over the fact that they are clothed like that but anyway on to the humor

Kill La Kill is rather hard to describe really when it comes to humor because it’s so over the top you can’t  take it seriously but it is a genuinely funny show that is one of it’s greatest strong points, Kill La Kill knows that it is different and rebellious and it revels in that aspect because this show goes from weird to super weird and then finally “what the hell is going on” and it good because it doesn’t hold back or pretend to be anything it isn’t.

Kill La Kill is sometimes inappropriate at times for example in one scene Mako just randomly blurts out “That Ryuko, she’s got a great rack!” in front of a crowd of people during a fight and that clip is below for those of you who want to see how random Mako is but I for one found Kill La Kill’s brand of humor oddly refreshing and quite enjoyable.

“Great racks” aside Kill La Kill has a really great art direction, it’s unique and all the character designs are really good, Ryuko looks more badass in the anime than she does in the manga adaption but that isn’t that big of a deal, the colors are good and the show really is of a high quality considering this is one of the studio’s first productions.

Voice acting in Kill La Kill is also well done and I am not just talking about the subbed version but the dubbed version aswell because the English dub is extremely well done and some of the best voice work I have seen and I plan on watching the show a second time just to hear it in English and I usually tend to not do that with anime once I have watched it subbed.

Here is a clip of one scene dubbed in English for you guys to take a look at an in my honest opinion, Erica Mendez (Ryuko’s English voice actor) and Carrie Keranen (Satsuki’s English voice actor) do a great job voicing their respective characters and they definitely give it their all and well you have just got to see the clip below.

Kill La Kill also has a great soundtrack with each character having their own recognizable and memorable theme with my personal favorites being Uzu Sanageyama’s (one of Satsuki’s Elite Four) because it has a eastern martial arts vibe to it with taiko drums and string instruments and Satsuki’s theme which has pure intensity throughout in the form of violins, triumphant trumpets and war march drum beats.

I am currently listening to Uzu Sanageyama’s theme as I write this because it makes me pumped to write but moving on, the opening and closing themes are good aswell and you will have ” DON’T LOSE YOUR WAY” stuck in your head for the duration of the series if that is a good or bad thing I do not know but oh well.

So where does Kill La Kill fall short, well it ended and that’s about it really but great things are sometimes short, another thing solely relies on the watcher, this show flaunts it’s fan service as a main plot device and well there are some people that absolutely hate fan service so that’s a downside but hey, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

This moment was beyond funny because for the duration of the fight Ryuko break the forth wall and takes the absolute piss out of this Elite Four member who is a a nerdy but badass computer whiz

This moment was beyond funny because for the duration of the fight Ryuko breaks the forth wall and takes the absolute piss out of this Elite Four member who is a a nerdy but badass computer whiz and Kill La Kill has a tonne of moments like this.

In short Kill La Kill is essentially a huge satire show of shonen and anime as a whole, it makes fun of common tropes in anime and in itself is just a ridiculously crazy but equally fun show to watch that will leave you wanting more, it’s a show with great characters, a inventive premise, absolutely great action and fights, plot twists that will leave you shocked and amazing humor.

This is one show that doesn’t mind taking the absolute piss out of everything it’s built upon and I really enjoyed it because it was weird and crazy but also rather complex in it’s message and symbolism and yes that is why the fan service is there…symbolism, Kill La Kill is a anime with the message about finding and accepting yourself, sexual empowerment but also acceptance and I probably sound like a mad man but if you watch the show it will all make sense.

I had a tonne of fun watching Kill La Kill and I would encourage you guys and girls to check it out and please give the show a chance even though the show uses fan service as a plot device, I was the same and it knocked me on my ass with how creative, funny and good it really is and with that I am done with this review so please like, comment down below and share….oh and one more thing….NUDIST BEEEEACH, ok now I am done and if you watch the show that last bit will make sense.


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