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Say “I love you” is a Japanese romantic/slice of life manga that had a anime adaptation which aired between October 6 and December 30, 2012 and it is the story of a teenage girl named Mei Tachibana and a boy named Yamato Kurosawa and their unlikely friendship which then turns into a relationship.

Yeah my first anime review is a romantic one and yes I do like many different types of anime and this particular show is one of my personal favorites for quite a few reasons, it’s a well written show that is grounded in reality meaning no swords, no mecha, no Kamehamehas, it’s a show about character development and Say I Love You does a excellent job with it and portraying a friendship and romance between the two most unlikeliest people, a quiet introvert girl and a popular high school boy.

16 year old Mei Tachibana spent her high school years without making friends or getting a boyfriend which her mother finds troubling, she is a extremely quiet girl who never socializes with anyone in school and to other people this makes her seem anti social and gloomy but that all changes after she meets Yamato albeit quite slowly.

Mei and Yamato

My favorite character is Mei since she is the one I can most relate to for a number of reasons but I will save that for later

Yamato’s and Mei’s  complex relationship has the most unlikely start, while at school one day, Kenji Nakanishi (Yamato’s friend) accidentally pushes Mei to the floor, causing her hands to bleed a bit however, she does not say anything, gets on her feet and just walks away but not long after Kenji decides to pull up Mei’s skirt so he can make Yamato laugh but it backfires as Yamato tries to stop him, Mei round house kicks Yamato causing him to fall down the stairs and she yells at him saying to leave her alone and stay away.

While many of the girls were yelling at Mei telling her to say sorry, he just laughs and says that she is interesting, he then goes to see her and asks her if she is okay.

She finally apologizes to him and gives him some bandages for his hand and Yamato says that she is interesting and he wants to get to know her better so he asks her for her phone number, which she reluctantly refuses to give so he writes down his and asks her to call him which she doesn’t until a incident occurs a few days later.


Mei goes through a extreme amount of character development throughout the shows 13 episodes but she isn’t the only one to do so.

The show’s greatest strong point to me is how it tells a well written and genuinely enjoyable romance story and how each character is important and unique in their own way including the supporting characters and that is something that is quite hard to pull off to be honest.

Through Yamato Mei meets a fellow student named Asami, a young girl who is often put down due to her bigger than average bust and the two quickly become friends then Mei starts opening up to the people around her and begins to learn and change becoming better in a sense and that was really my favorite thing about Say I Love You because it shows what great character development is really capable of when done right.

Story and characters aside, the show’s art and animation is rather good since it doesn’t change anything from the manga at all, the characters look exactly like their manga counterparts and I will tell you this now, Mei’s eyes are adorable and you will be going awww here and there at points.

Mei goes through a extreme amount of character development throughout the shows 13 episodes and so does Yamato in his own way

Yamato also goes through a good amount of development due to his time with Mei and it’s good because they overcome their problems for the sake of each other 

Say I Love You is subbed and dubbed in English and the voice acting for both versions is well done but I prefer the subbed version myself since that’s the version I watched first and enjoyed the most.

So who is this anime for well for one it’s a romance manga adaption so obviously women and teen girls but I am most definitely not a woman or a teenage girl and I really enjoyed it for many reasons, it’s a great story with great characters and you will honestly be missing out by not watching this anime, it might not have over the top anime fights and characters, a plot with half a dozen twist and turns with a solid heaping of suspense but it is a great show.

If you like anime titles that have a good solid story, relate able and likable characters, then give Say I Love You a shot and if you know a girl who is a anime addict then show her this because I am pretty sure they would enjoy it.

I tried to carry on, while rejecting any relationships with others. But once you reject people your stuck. You lose the opportunity to meet some one, and change – Mei Tachibana

I would of added more detail in this review but I can’t really do much without posting a whole bunch of spoilers and so on but I am guessing my anime reviews are going to be quite short and I kind of feel bad about that because I enjoy writing things for you guys but I don’t want to spoil anything so thats about it from me.

If you liked my review of Say I Love You and want to see more or have something to say about the post, please leave a  comment in the comments section and like the post.


6 responses to “Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Say I Love You

  1. I love your review! Say I Love You I definitely enjoyed and the manga is good as well. If you enjoyed this one I would suggest watching Itazura Na Kiss. It’s one of my favorite romance anime’s and like this one the main character grow to love each other although at first it’s a one sided love. But keep up the reviews. This one was really good!

  2. The Anime Is amazing and thank you for mentioning it :3 I read the review and you’ve done a great job 🙂 You should also check out My Little Monster spoiler alert : I cried.

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