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Don’t Starve is a action adventure survival rogue like game developed by indie developer Klei Entertainment best known for indie games like Mark of the Ninja and Shank, which are two of my favorite games believe it or not so I am quite a fan of them and their products.

Don’t Starve was initially released on Steam on the 23rd of April with ports to the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita the following year, downloadable content named the Reign of Giants released on April 30, 2014 and a multiplayer expansion called Don’t Starve Together which is currently in the Steam early access program so Don’t Starve is quite a big project to be honest and a very good one in my honest opinion.

In Don’t Starve the only thing you need to do is survive, it sounds easy but it really isn’t and this game is a rogue like which means permanent death meaning you will have to start all over again if you die…..the game’s premise might be simple but that’s where the genius comes in to the design.

So what makes Don’t Starve good you might ask, well let’s break it down beginning with the gameplay and go from there shall we ?

Don’t Starve is a game with randomly generated open worlds much like Minecraft but you can tweak how much of each resource appears in the world, you can have a high number of everything from building resources like trees, rocks and grass to food sources like rabbits and birds but I don’t bother to change anything since I like the challenge.

This game also has a day/night cycle that causes meaningful changes in gameplay, during the day the player has to spend most of their time exploring the world; gathering food, wood and other items and of course avoid enemies who are pretty much out to make you their next meal.

During night time dangerous monsters come out as well as an invisible menace that will attack you when you cannot see so to survive the cold, dark night a player must either have a nearby light source like a camp fire/torches or must have some sort of night vision to prevent the night monster from attacking.

Don't Starve is difficult but rewarding and that's apart of it's charm

Don’t Starve is difficult but rewarding and that’s apart of it’s charm along with quite a few other things.

Combat is apart of Don’t Starve and is handled by pointing and clicking with the mouse while the arrow keys are to move but I prefer to fight only when attacked and prefer to run most of the time since death is permanent…..it’s better to flee and live another day than die fighting a spider losing a save with about two months worth of game time and speaking of dying let’s get into that now.

Death can occur in many different ways in Don’t Starve, the player has three gauges on the HUD,  hunger, health, and sanity, now hunger worsens by default since doing things like chopping down trees is bound to make anyone hungry but it can be replenished by eating food, sanity on the other hand decreases during the dusk and night or as a result of certain unpleasant actions such as being in complete darkness; it can be replenished through activities like picking flowers and so on.

If you go without food for too long, your health will begin to chip away and you will die, when you are low enough on sanity figments of the character’s imagination become corporeal and able to attack the player so it’s a game about management as well as survival which I personally adore.

There are currently eleven playable characters in Don't Starve (including DLC characters). The first accessible character is Wilson, considered the protagonist and the focus of the game's story and yes this game has a story to it

There are currently eleven playable characters in Don’t Starve (including DLC characters) and the first accessible character is Wilson, considered the protagonist and the focus of the game’s story…..yes this game has a story to it

Game play aside another thing I love about this game is the Tim Burton like creepy art style and music, it really makes this title stand out from the crowd in a good way since the characters are really unique looking with my personal favorite being Wilson because he is a scientist and he grows an epic beard.

The enemies are really creepy looking and that helps this game go up on the scale of creepy since you don’t know what is out to get you during night time and believe me there are alot of monsters ranging giant one-eyed birds, tree monsters, tentacles, spiders….yep there are alot of things that go bump in the night and the daytime but moving on.

The music is rather simple and eerie, it does a really good job of creeping you out and tying everything from the game play, art style and music together and making it a really cool indie title which is quite an achievement since Don’t Starve was originally apart of a 48-hour game jam in 2010 and was put in storage for some time and improved and released at a later date.

Don't Starve might be difficult to master but it is a really well made gem of   a game that deserved all the praise it got, it's fun but not tedious, difficult but rewarding and etc

Don’t Starve migtitleht be difficult to master but it is a really well made gem of a game that deserved all the praise it got, it’s fun but not tedious, difficult but rewarding and etc

The only problem I can see with Don’t Starve is the learning curve, it will take a couple playthroughs to fully get the hang of it or you guys could just do what I did and go on YouTube for a ” Don’t Starve 101″ crash course which actually does help alot with the basics like resources, base building and various other tips to help you survive.

I would recommend this game to everybody looking for a good but difficult rogue like that’s easy to play but hard to master and a game Tim Burton himself would probably be a fan of, although I would wait for a Steam sale because you can get the game and it’s downloadable content for dirt cheap and if you own Don’t Starve than you will not have to pay for Don’t Starve Together when it comes out of early access.

Long story short Don’t Starve is a title I really enjoyed and that is quite an achievement in my book (since I have a very short attention span when it comes to games, usually I start one, get half way and then move on to something else but that didn’t happen with this game at all because I enjoyed it) so the game did it’s job and kept me entertained for ages until it was about 1:30am so yeah this game has taken up quite a bit of time of mine and I am happy it did.


Don’t Starve is well worth the money and it offers countless hours worth of playtime and with the free multiplayer expansion coming out it is a must have game, it’s a fun creepy rogue like that doesn’t hold your hand in anyway and let’s you learn from experience……it’s like Minecraft with alot of death but once you know what you are doing than all is good

You can find Don’t Starve on Steam by clicking on the purple writing, it will take you directly to the store page and you can check it out for yourselves, it’s a solid and deeply enjoyable title that I had no problem spending money on and to be honest if I had the choice I would probably buy it again if I could.

So with that this review is done but please leave your comments down below about what you think about Don’t Starve or this review for that matter, did you find it helpful and so on because it matters to me a great deal and it helps me improve


4 responses to “Dragonslay3r94 Reviews – Don’t Starve

  1. Absolutely love this game, I was gifted it by a friend on steam and played for quite a few hours. I even got into the demo for the multiplayer a while ago, loved that too. Such a great game.

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