My Top Ten Favorite Video Game Characters

I think it is time for another top ten list after so long and since I did my top ten favorite video game weapons ever I thought it was the time for my top ten favorite characters, now picking ten characters out of all my favorites was incredibly hard because I like alot of different characters for alot of different reasons.

These are going to be my own personal favorites but as always you guys and girls are more than welcome to leave your personal favorites in the comments below and tell me why they are your favorites because I would love to know (I am awesome like that) so on to the list and my favorite characters that is in the number 10 spot.

Number 10 - Captain Price

Number 10 – Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series

Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series is here at number ten spot because I really like his character for alot of reasons, firstly he isn’t over the top and that’s what I liked about him when I first booted up Modern Warfare, he didn’t need a suit of high tech armor or god killing weapons to be a hero, this guy who is 100 percent human has kicked so much terrorist ass throughout the series that even Chuck Norris would approve of this man’s badassery.

What makes Captain Price even more of a badass is the fact that in the final mission of Modern Warfare 3, he mercilessly beat his nemesis, ties a steel cable around his neck into a noose, slams him into the glass roof, resulting in the glass shattering but he survives while his nemesis Makarov is left hanging from the ceiling and instead of fleeing, Price lights a cigar while watching Makarov’s lifeless corpse hang and he just sits there while enjoying his cigar and admiring his work.

Price maybe just a soldier but he goes above and beyond to get the job done which I really like and the battle born friendship he has with Soap was without a doubt my favorite thing from the games so now on to the character that has made the number 9 spot her home.

Number 9 - Chun Li

Number 9 – Chun Li from the Street Fighter franchise

So the number 9 spot was a tough one for me because I had to pick between Chun Li or Cammy White which are two of my favorite characters in the Street Fighter franchise but after alot of thinking and a few terrible matches of Super Street Fighter IV (because I am absolutely terrible at the game) I decided that the first lady of fighting games belongs at the number 9 spot because she was the first woman ever in a fighting game and back then that was quite an achievement.

She kicks ass to this day and I do not suck so much when I play as Chun Li in Street Fighter IV (yes I am that bad at the game, don’t judge me) but that’s not the only reason she is on here, she is a cop who is proficient with a gun although she doesn’t use one, she is incredibly strong considering she threw a couch at some guy and can kick through concrete walls with ease so long story short, she is the last person you would want to kick you in the crouch because that would be a total insta kill if you are a guy like me.

Moving on from fatal crouch kicking, Chun Li is not only awesome because she is a great fighter but she is also super adorable after she wins like jumping up and down and then doing a typical Japanese kawaii pose….who doesn’t like a stereotypical cute kawaii pose.


Number 8 is Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Raiden from the Metal Gear franchise has left his blood stained mark on spot number 8 for a number of reasons but first I should confess that I have never played any of the Metal Gear games except for a one level demo for Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 and that’s about it so Revengeance was my introduction to the universe and by god I am so happy I played this game, I really loved everything about it even though the story was weird and it made little sense but the swordplay, the combat and the epic soundtrack won me over completely but now on to Raiden.

I like Raiden because he is a total monster in combat considering he was a former child soldier and has PTSD which doesn’t help his mental state at all but what I love about his character so much is the fact that he isn’t good by any means, just go on YouTube and look up his character history, it’s dripping with blood and severed limbs but something that REALLY sold me on his character was when he went psychotic and became “Jack the Ripper” during the cut scene right before his fight with Monsoon.

He was impaled with a sword by a enemy, ripped it out of himself and slashed the ever living crap out of everybody while laughing evilly and saying how the philosophy about his sword being a tool for justice was just something he told himself while being knee deep in bodies and that he was born to kill, this complete 180 in his character somewhat scared me but it really defined his character and if I could ask one thing from Kojima it is that Raiden gets another game.

Number 7 - Bayonetta from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2

Number 7 – Bayonetta from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2

Have you ever heard the phrase “whatever a man can do, a woman can do better and in heels” well Bayonetta is that phrase personified and amplified by a factor of 1000 because she is pretty much the feminine counterpart to Dante from Devil May Cry and a whole lot cooler in my opinion because this femme fatal is a powerhouse that uses her sexuality as a weapon, her fighting style is very feminine and flexible to the point where she must spend her spare time doing yoga or something because she can bend in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

I love Bayonetta not because she is sexy but because of her attitude and personality, she is a incredibly headstrong, very sarcastic and very confident and that’s why I love her because she gives as good as she gets and believe me she really does, she taunts her foes by saying things like “You know, you’re not nearly so ugly when you’re screaming” and teases the male support character Luka who she calls Cheshire with statements like  “Come now, Cheshire. Look at me. Do I look like I have any interest in children? Now making them…..Well, that’s another story” so she is rather funny even if it is sarcasm and innuendo.

She is really cool and she really does not deserve the hate she gets just for being a sexual character because she is really incredible, she possesses immense superhuman strength, endurance, speed and agility and is shown on numerous occasions of being able to kick a building and send it flying like it weighed nothing, Bayonetta can torture the angels she faces by summoning various devices that were once used on Umbran Witches in the Witch Hunts like guillotines, iron maidens, wooden horses and hanging chain bear traps which makes me really question what she does during her free time since she is a bit of a sadist but anyway I think it’s time to move on to number 6.

Number 6 is Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space franchise

Number 6 – Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space franchise

Have you ever had a bad first day at a new job, if you have I am pretty sure it wasn’t as bad as Isaac’s first day as a engineer after being sent to the nightmarish derelict ship named the USG Ishimura, forced to fight against the blood curdling Necromorph horde and insanity itself Isaac was one is of my favorite characters because he was just an ordinary guy doing what he could to survive, Isaac didn’t speak at all during the first game but he did have a bit of backstory to him, mostly him wanting to find his girlfriend aboard the Ishimura and escaping the blood stained ship, I have yet to finish to finish Dead Space 2 and 3 but I know quite a bit about what happens in the sequels so why is Isaac on here.

Isaac is extremely resourceful, he is proficient in hacking, repairing and dismantling technological machines for example in the beginning of Dead Space 2 during the Sprawl outbreak, where he dismantled a Kinesis Therapy machine box in the hospital, removed its Kinesis Module for his own uses along with a Stasis Module some time later and he was able to improvise the creation of a makeshift Plasma Cutter using a flashlight and a surgical module so he is very good at improvising which is quite a remarkable thing when you are being hunted by something as horrific as the 25 or so types of Necromorphs lurking in shadows and seemingly around every corner.

I compare Isaac Clarke to Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise since they both have no military background or training whatsoever and both have survived against a murderous alien species on multiple occasions, it might not be the greatest comparison but when you take away Isaac’s suit and plasma cutter he is just as normal as Ripley so on to number 5.

Number 5 - Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series

Number 5 – Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series

Now I am knee deep into The Witcher 2 and I am loving it, the story is great, the combat is awesome but the best thing about the game is Geralt who is the game’s protagonist because he is a super human monster hunter and Geralt is the best at what he does, he is a master swordsman and magic user and has enhanced speed, strength, reflexes, endurance, heightened senses and regenerative abilities thanks to numerous experiments and mutations performed on him during childhood to survive encounters with some worst monsters in existence so he was pretty much designed to be a badass from the start.

He is quite a dead serious character and he doesn’t really give a f**k (except when they are women then he gives them literally) of what people think of him because at the end of the day people will always be threatened by some dark force or another and who better to fight monsters than a monster.

I would add alot more here about Geralt but I have yet to finish The Witcher 2 so I will probably add alot more here after I finish the game and hopefully play Wild Hunt which is the final chapter of Geralt’s story so here’s tthe long wait ahead for that one so on to number 4.

Number 4 - Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Number 4 – Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 2013

Now I really wasn’t a fan of the original Tomb Raider games because I wasn’t the greatest at them due to the clunky platforming that the originals had, however I loved the 2013 reboot and I prefer this Lara Croft to her now classic counterpart due to her development throughout the course of the game.

Her evolution from a young and timid archaeologist to hardened survivor kept me on the edge of my seat and it was really amazing how the writer gave Lara so much more depth as a character, she wasn’t the badass that used to battle dinosaurs and tigers while doing back and side flip, this Lara was alot weaker and to be honest alot more human which was my favorite thing about her.

She was everything a female protagonist should be in my opinion, she was intelligent, resourceful, badass but not over the top, I could go on for quite a while about what this new version of Lara Croft got right on a writing level but that would be tedious and somewhat boring so I will go into that at a later date but moving on from Lara here is number 3.

Number 4 - Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise

Number 3 – Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise

I love the Mass Effect franchise and it’s easily one of my favorite games of all time, the story is great, the characters are well written except for Jacob for a number of reasons but Shepard is on here because Shepard is a flexible character meaning he/she can have many different backgrounds and back stories and looks which is a really good thing and a giant pain in the ass at the same time because I usually spend about 2 hours fiddling around with the character creation screen trying to make the ideal character before starting the game.

I have two Shepards, one male and one female but I prefer FemShep because Jen Hale absolutely killed it with voice acting and I love my Femshep’s attitude when I make renegade decisions, BroShep as I like to call the male one on the other hand is for when I am being the good guy, which is about 90% percent of the time for me since I simply cannot be an asshole towards any of my crewmates.

What makes Shepard special in my opinion is that he/she has class options, Shep could be a solider who is proficient with every available weapon with abilities that complement that class like adrenaline rush, each class has it’s own play style which really makes each Shepard unique and each play through different so now on to number 2.

Number 2 - Master Chief from the Halo franchise

Number 2 – Master Chief from the Halo franchise

John -117 aka Master Chief from the Halo franchise is one of my favorite because he is a badass, there are no more words to describe him nor do you need any more considering he prevented galactic genocide three times, kicked the collective asses of the Covenant, Flood and Forerunners, survived a fall from space by clinging on to a sheet of metal debris, landed then proceeded to kick ass mere minutes later….do I need to say more ?

Master Chief is a biologically and technologically enhanced super soldier after undergoing the Spartan II augmentations along with many other children at the age of 14 which enhanced their reflexes, increased their strength, enhanced their eyesight and rendered their bones nearly unbreakable which is a good thing because MJOLNIR Mark IV weighs a tonne and I am not being sarcastic, the armor weighs 1 tonne but John and other Spartans can jump around like they are on the moon so that just shows how strong they are.

Aside from being a super human soldier I like Master Chief because he is a man of very few words and he prefers to let his weapons do the talking and believe me he talks alot, so much so that the Covenant call him “Demon” and pretty much run in the opposite direction but another reason is his protective nature when it comes to Cortana especially in Halo 4 where Cortana is slowly becoming rampant and John wanting to save her but now on to my number one favorite character.

Number 1 - Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations

Number 1 – Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations

Ezio Auditore finishes off my list of favorite characters at the number one spot for quite a few reasons with the first one being he is my role model, it might sound a weird but nearly all the people who I look up to are fictional which helps when real people tend to be somewhat disappointing but moving on from that, the second reason he is my favorite is because goes through a extreme amount of growth in wisdom and maturity throughout his trilogy and that really stuck with me.

In the beginning he was a playboy without a care in the world but after the betrayal of his family and the death of his father and brothers he became driven by revenge and angry but though the teachings of the creed, he learned to be a better person than those he hunts and by Brotherhood and Revelations he is not only a Assassin but a leader and a teacher.

This growth of character is why he is my favorite character, as he learned lessons on how to become better so did I and for someone with no actual positive role model I found his evolution quite inspiring, I could go on about how badass he is and he can take on about 50 guys in combat but Ezio as a character is my favorite thing about the Assassin’s Creed franchise and if I had to pick another character for the number 1 spot it would be Edward Kenway but Ezio still beats the sea dog


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