Why is there so much hatred towards “Hatred” ?

For those of us that haven’t been on the internet for a while, you might not have heard about a ultra violent video game that is currently in development titled “Hatred” that is making it’s way around the internet recently and upsetting a tonne of people while doing so, leading another game developer to start a petition in the hope of stopping the game from being made.

So you are probably thinking “what is “Hatred” and why should I be aware of it”, well “Hatred” is game where the main character is a mass-killing villain who hates humanity and proceeds to go on a killing rampage….yeah that’s the whole premise of the game, just kill people in the most violent of ways and keep killing until you somehow meet your own demise.

Destructive Creations (the developer of “Hatred”) announced the project on October 16 with a trailer that multiple video game journalists described as “controversial” because of the amount of graphic content shown in the trailer which I will link below so you people can check it out.

Yeah that’s the game that some developer wants to destroy another developers career over, no I am not saying the game isn’t violent because as you can see in the trailer it clearly is but I just can’t see what is so shocking about it, I find this game somewhat laughable not because it is violent but because it is beyond parody levels of bad, even the character’s monologue is unbelievably bad which I will post below.

“My name is not important. What is important is what I’m going to do … I just fuckin’ hate this world. And the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred. And I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It’s time for me to kill. And it’s time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.”

I found the above statement beyond funny because it is just plain bad, it’s like someone borrowed a depressed emo kid’s dairy and turned it to a page where he was having a REALLY bad day and turned that page into a game and I do apologize if I offend anyone who is considered emo and people who are goth but that’s kinda the only way I could describe it, writing heals the soul pretty much so if any of you do have a dairy for yo feels, I am not judging you because I may have a dairy for my writing my feels lying around here somewhere.

Anyway let’s get off the feel train and continue with why “Hatred” isn’t as horrific and a damming to the game industry as everybody thinks it is, now I have played loads of ultra violent games such as Call of Duty, GTA, God of War, Dead Space and many many blood soaked others, hell even the first game I played was violent and it was Unreal Tournament from way back in the day and I am a fully functional normal human being so this whole debacle about how it will brainwash people and make them recreate the acts of insane amount in the game is kinda dumb because there have been many games that have done the “crazed psycho killer” idea before and in fact done it BETTER than this game.

Anyone remember Postal 2 and how that was deemed too violent and that it set back gaming, yeah it's hard to throw a tantrum over "Hatred" when Postal 2 did the exact same thing back in 2003

Anyone remember Postal 2 and how that was deemed too violent and that it set back gaming, yeah it’s hard to throw a tantrum over “Hatred” when Postal 2 did the exact same thing back in 2003 and it goes above and beyond anything “Hatred” showed in it’s trailer.

It’s rather hypocritical to have a go at the developers of Hatred when there have been games that have been equally violent or even more violent on the current market, some of which are regarded as some of the greatest games of all time, God of War, Doom and countless others are all on the level of apparent greatness, sure they were “controversial” but games like this thrive on being controversial, this is a game that relies on shock value and that’s it but I think I should talk a bit about the developer who started the petition.

The developer started the petition because he felt offended that the main character (who is white by the way) was going around killing “people of color” and women in his own words and I can understand that to an extent really but would the game be any less shocking if the character was Black or Asian or Hispanic and killing loads of people for no reason ?

While I can understand where he is coming from, a simple change of race wont make the game have any less shock value and the same goes for gender, the game wouldn’t be any different if the main character was female so like I said “Hatred” a game that is fueled by controversy and the developers know this, Postal’s legacy exists to this day because people were saying that it shouldn’t of been made and its “too controversial” and that is what boosted it’s popularity.

This is the actual petition and while I understand his concerns, censorship would only help this game but I don't agree with using his connections to bully another developer over their creation simply because he finds it distasteful

This is the actual petition and while I understand his concerns, censorship would only help this game but I don’t agree with using his connections to bully and blackmail another developer over their creation simply because he finds it distasteful.

Another thing I should address is that he claims he is stopping them for the sake of the protecting the medium per say with the “Video games are evolving as an industry” and “We are not letting this game set us back” part, yes the medium is evolving and the fact that something like the gaming industry can go from something made to entertain children and become a form of media that has trumped mainstream media like television, books and music is amazing but something like this won’t throw a spanner in the works and bring it to a screeching halt.

I have often heard people say that video games are becoming a new form of art and that games like this will damage that reputation of the medium as a whole but if we were to truly call our medium an art form than should we censor creativity no matter how dark and twisted it seems ?

I am not art critic but I have seem some pretty twisted things that are considered art and I can tell you this some art is genuinely screwed up beyond belief but that doesn’t make it inferior, the developer of Hatred described the game as a reaction to a trend of political correctness, colorfulness and games as art notion and made something completely the opposite that called back to the industry’s early beginnings so it’s clear that Hatred, no matter how unsettling it may seem has some sort of message and if we were truly trying to push video games as art, shouldn’t dark, twisted creations like this exist since the world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and some art reflects that principle.

Hatred is one of those games that the more you talk about it the more infamous it's going to become much like a scrapped fighting game called Thrill Kill from the early 90s

Hatred is one of those games that the more you talk about it, the more infamous it’s going to become much like a scrapped fighting game called Thrill Kill from the 90s that was so controversial it was killed off by the studio but the files were leaked onto the internet on the down low so even if the game didn’t see an official release, there is nothing stopping the developer giving it away for free on pirate bay or something.

I am not going to play this game, not because it’s ultra violent but because it’s just not my type of game to begin,just because it isn’t something I personally would enjoy playing doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t and as a consumer it isn’t my place to dictates what a developer creates nor should it be another developer’s place.

If a game developer wants to make a game staring warrior women with logic defying cleavage, it’s their choice to do so, if they want to make a game where you play as a psychopath who goes on killing spree like Hatred, once again it is their decision to do so and it’s the product that THEY want to make and the moment the developer tries to please everybody, they will only displease themselves in the long run.

To me the game is a grim reminder that there some genuinely screwed up individuals in the world and that’s all it is, if anything Hatred is borderline a ad campaign for a better mental health care system but anyway violence has been around since long before man and long before video games and it isn’t going anywhere, Jack the Ripper didn’t play video games cause they didn’t exist but he killed 5 women, Hitler killed thousands of people and when I am pretty sure video games didn’t exist when he was around.

I was chatting to a friend who is a CG artist and student about the game with him being a fellow gamer, he had this to say about Hatred and all the controversy regarding the game and about half a dozen things of a similar nature.

“People are worried that this will encourage young people to try replicating the very same things seen in Hatred when it is no different to killing anything else living or dead in a video game. In many other games, you shoot humans so there really is no difference but the content which Hatred displays, a genocidal man on a mission to murder his victims in the most shocking way possible. It sounds sick but a lot of gamers will pick this up because it has a kind of horror element to it and I don’t know maybe they enjoy violent video games. I can see the game getting repetitive though, some nice designs and beautiful graphics but yeah it will get monotonous quick”

In some twisted way there is a horror element to it, I think the horror comes from the premise of it being possible, look at all the movies involving serial killers, the ones that don’t have some supernatural elements to it like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, notice how the more grounded in reality horror films are far more disturbing and scarier than the the ones that are less grounded in real life.

Having something grounded in reality makes it far more disturbing to the populace and that’s just common sense really and in fact, do you know how simple it would be to make Hatred liked by everybody, replace civilians with terrorists and change the protagonist into a call of duty soldier….yeah that’s it but now I am just rambling on and going into something completely different.

Well my hands are beginning to cramp up so I think I should leave it there, however I am going to ask all of you a question….do you think that the developers of Hatred are in the wrong and should scrap their project or do you think that there is nothing wrong with a game that puts you in the shoes of a psychopath ?

One thing I know is if I had the amount of connections and pull this guy has supposedly has, I wouldn’t use it to ruin someone because I didn’t agree with them or like their product, censorship is never the answer and it won’t solve the problem so that’s it guys and girls….I am outta here…peace (wow I am never ever doing that again, please forgive me for trying to sound cool)


2 responses to “Why is there so much hatred towards “Hatred” ?

  1. Riding controversy is sleazy regardless of who you are, in this case it seems to be the only selling point as it looks to be awful from a game perspective. If I could think of any reason someone would want this game never released, it would be that this game seeks to just piss people off and the developers don’t care, like me releasing a game involving being incredibly racist “cos freedom of speech”.

    • Most games like this use controversy as a effective growing tool, I agree with you on the crappy game part but do you know what people do with crappy games…..they ignore them and move on.

      People saying “oh mah gawd this game should be scrapped, banned and the like will only interest people more in it,it’s similar with horror movies really,the more people complain, the bigger it gets.

      My solution if I was the developer that started the petition, I would just not care about it, starve the thing of oxygen but that still doesn’t give him the right to try and ruin someone 🙂

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