My Thoughts On The #GamerGate Problem pt2

Now I wasn’t going to write this but recently I have been getting a tonne of hate from people because I was defending women who were #GamerGate supporters because they were getting a tonne of harassment from the people who are apparently “supporting women in gaming” so yeah let that sink in for a few minutes, “women in the industry who are #GamerGate supporters were being and still being harassed by the very people who are supposed to be helping them and for those of you don’t know, I don’t like seeing women being abused or harassed.

So I could of come on here all angry like and started ranting and raving like everybody else but I wanted to be the bigger person because not many people are and I am more mature than people tend to give me credit for but that’s irrelevant for the time being now moving on, what does have me a bit annoyed is that all the people who are meant to be “professionals” aren’t being professional at all and innocent people on the #GamerGate side are being insulted, harassed, degraded and threatened by the very professionals they once supported, myself included have been insulted by the very people I looked up to and aspired to be like as a writer.

No matter what I said, no matter how I tried to talk about the subject in a respectable, mature and professional manner, I was quickly shot down by industry people who thought it was acceptable to degrade me because of my honest opinion about sorting this out like actual professionals without the need for slander, threats and intimidation.

This is true and it's depressing for a number of reasons

This is true and it’s depressing for a number of reasons

I am not writing this to because I want too, I am writing this because I find it appalling that nobody is listening to these people, nobody is protecting them from being harassed, nobody in the mainstream media cares about the people who are supporting #GamerGate nor do the gaming media sites and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Every time I saw someone that supported #GamerGate and try to speak up about the harassment that they are going through, they are told that they deserve it because “they just do” and I have seen some really horrific things that made me throw up and then some, people saying that anyone who supports #GamerGate should be shot in the chest and killed including women, a mother told a pregnant woman that she should suffer a miscarriage of her first child because her child would”grow up to be a misogynistic gamer” and because she supported #GamerGate and these are only two things out of thousands of tweets to people that are supporting #GamerGate and nobody is doing a thing, nobody is putting their foot down and saying “this has gone too far now”.

I am not on some soap box trying to preach to the masses, I am just some dude on the internet that misses the good old days when gaming was about fun, not arguments, slander and death threats, gaming is meant to bring people together and have a good time, can’t we go back to that already because there is nothing to gain from scaring people, it won’t make the situation any better because things like only adds more petrol to this out of control fire and I think it’s time all of us put the fire out and start fresh because at the end of the day…..are all the threats, hate and discrimination worth it in the end, will it solve the problems we as a culture apparently have, no because if anything this has put us back to square 1 as a community and as an industry and this is not a good thing.

If people can say things like this on social media with little disregard for the people they are attacking then it really says alot about some people

If people can say things like this on social media with little disregard for the people they are scaring then I am petrified of people because how far would someone be willing to go ?

The above picture scared me because I have read some genuinely screwed up things during this disaster and it really makes me worry that some psycho would probably try and actually do something like this because there are genuinely evil, screwed up people out there that don’t care about who they hurt and quite frankly I cannot tell who is who because everybody is joining in and everybody thinks it is justified so when and where will this end.

The damage caused by people fighting is already going to take ages to fix because nobody wants to sit down and talk without using threats of violence and name calling and I find that really depressing but I really hope that the industry and community can bounce back from this and we can sit down, get some drinks, stick our headsets on and play games because at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

I know many people will disagree with me, most of which will probably be industry people but I felt like this needed to be said, I love video games and the industry but to see it in this condition upsets me, two wrongs don’t make a right and never will make a right so instead of point scoring and calling each other appalling names try and talk to each other because talking will end this, not fighting and I don’t mean talking on Twitter because you can’t have a well structured discussion with only 140 characters at your disposal.

We have become what we hate most and do you know what the huge tv businesses are doing, they are waiting til someone goes off the deep end and do something utterly dreadful

The person who said “go shoot up some schools” is a journalist….we have become what we hate most and do you know what the huge tv businesses like Fox, CNN and the countless others are doing, they are waiting til someone goes off the deep end and do something utterly dreadful and we will play right into their hands

Developers, people in the industry and of course gamers the fighting isn’t worth it and do you know why, the only thing we have is each other, CNN, FOX and all the people that are on the developers side currently won’t be there when you release a product that the main stream media deems “bad” because of content, what if another psycho commits a shooting and video games are blamed for the hundred times, who is going to stand with us and say NO we are not responsible for this and won’t be forced believe it is.

For us to fix this is, all of us have to start fresh meaning no death threats, no harassment of women both non Gamer Gate and #GamerGate women alike, let’s all have clean hands people, try and move on from this and all become better people and if some people don’t change and they carry on, then its their loss and they need help because something clearly isn’t working in their head the right way.

There will always be sexist people, there will always be trolls, it’s the internet after all and the internet is like alcohol in my opinion because it brings out the worse in people, some people are completely drunk with power and honestly I have seen alot of bad online recently both on the industry side and the community side, its time to stop fighting and time to start fixing things.


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