My Thoughts On The #GamerGate Problem

So for those of you who are unaware, there is somewhat of a war raging on behind the scenes of the gaming world between gamers and journalists and the battle ground is Twitter for some reason out but I shall get into that later, however the first thing I want to do is apologize for my lack of posts recently, I have been having some laptop issues and it’s being a major pain in my neck so I am sorry about that.

So with that out the way I guess its now on to today’s very dangerous topic that will probably make alot of people hate me for just voicing my honest non bias opinion, I am assuming you guys and girls have probably already heard about the huge media debacle surrounding a female game developer that happened ages ago, the huge disaster with Anita Sarkessian and the current state of video game journalism because of it right ?

I am just going to assume you have because it is far to complicated to explain well for me to explain because it is just one giant mess with the entire community waging war with each other over something that doesn’t really matter apart from one or two things, however Review Tech USA and Mundane Matt from Youtube actually explain the events that led to this disaster pretty well so their video is below so watch it and learn of this train wreck but it is about 30 minutes long but it’s worth watching all of it.

You guys finished watching the video yet, ok good because here is what I have to say about this disaster that has been sweeping it’s way across the internet, I know someone is bound to say how I don’t have an opinion because I am a guy, well big shock there that I am a guy, I always have been one and I not going to magically stop being one so my opinion will be “the right opinion”.

Am I angry that this happened, no I am not angry but more disappointed than anything because I love the gaming industry and even though I am not a part of it in a professional sense I do care about what goes on even though I am just a guy with a laptop, an internet connection and half a dozen opinions.

One thing this whole debacle has taught me is that age does not equal maturity, the best way I can describe this is basically industry people and gamers are arguing like a old married couple who can’t stand the sight of each other anymore and refuse to admit that they both have problems so they spend a majority of their time arguing, that’s the best way I can describe this whole thing.

Gaming has always been pastime where people from ALL walks of life an come together to enjoy something amazing

Gaming has always been a pastime where people from ALL walks of life can come together to enjoy something amazing

Something really crappy happened and when gamers found out, instead of addressing the accusations, many journalists decided instead to just attack gamers as a whole mind you and labeled them all misogynists, sexists and a “bunch of 14 to 30 basement dwellers who hate women and minorities” and that’s not even the worse thing that was said, one guy actually said that the gaming community is worse than Isis which is a terrorist organisation that beheaded two people live on TV.

That guys and girls is not how you deal with accusations, labeling EVERYBODY in a group as racists, homophobes and sexists will NOT make the situation better because it will only add fuel to the fire instead of quelling it, one of my friends recently turned 30 and he made a video about all this nonsense that is going and he had this to say “What the hell happened to gaming, since when did it become this and why”.

I just sat there on the opposite side of the world going “I don’t know man, I really really do not know” and if you people know me well enough by now you lot know that I hate not having some sort of logical answer.

What happened to gaming and why isn't it about the games anymore

What happened to gaming and why isn’t it about the games anymore

Video games are not a place for racism, homophobia, sexism or people’s political agendas, it a hobby that I and of course millions of other people enjoy and the sad part is that all of us are being thrown under a bus while being told “how we are women hating, racist homophobic bigots who are throwing tantrums because we are dying”.

How can we hate women when an absolutely huge portion of the gaming community ARE in fact women, yeah they have to put up with alot crap but they are there and they are being thrown under the bus with the rest of us so how is that helping them might I ask.

What about the women that ARE in the industry, you know the ones that actually work their backsides off but don’t get the attention they deserve because you lot give coverage to women like Sarkeesian that tries to make a huge deal over little subject in the name of Feminism, says condescending statements and so on,  give it to women like the Frag Dolls (Ubisoft’s marketing team) or the ultra amazing Rachel Lara who is such a badass that she got her own character in a Resident Evil game and is making her own documentary film about the possibilities of gaming in the future instead.

Women can do things just aswell as a man can in everything....including working in the games industry

Women can do things just as well as a man can in everything….including working in the games industry

Women like these deserve the attention, not a group of people who wave around the sexism card left, right and center that poke holes in things and cause arguments only to call us “misogynistic man children” when they are called out, I for one want MORE women in the industry including the game development side because it’s just another job after all and they can do it just as well as anyone can.

Want to bring more women into game development, why not fund a program that encourages and helps women to seek out a possible career in game development since to actually start you need a crap tonne of money for usable resources and the learning materials, I would go on but I am digressing a whole lot from the main subject but I hope I made my point.

Yes the gaming community has problems but so does the industry, remember in 2013 when a female developer was sexually assaulted by a drunk off his face journalist, yeah so all these writers talking all high and mighty can’t point fingers at gamers and say “oh you are the problem” because it would be the pot calling the kettle black aka a hypocrite.

Instead of fighting, talk it out and move forward

Instead of fighting, talk it out and make the future better because we are all people at the end of the day

Problems can be fixed but only if we just stop arguing and people act like civilized adults, I am a 19 old guy who is going to be 20 in October and I have spent most of my time face palming because the people who are meant to be adults sure are not behaving like adults and I find that rather depressing.

I am not on some soap box trying to preach to the masses, I am just some dude on the internet that misses the good old days when gaming was about fun, not arguments over pointless things like console wars and somebody’s disillusioned agenda, gaming is meant to bring people together and have a good time, it isn’t meant to segregate people so why are we letting something like this do that to us now.

So I have only a few things else to say and they are to the gaming journalists and to the gamers that are insulting each other over this, listen guys you both make good points but fighting like this is only going to destroy us in the end and do we really need another gaming industry collapse to make us realize this, just think about that for a second, is it really worth it if something like that were to ever happen ?

Anyway that’s it from me people, if you have anything to say please leave it in the comments and play nice because life is way to short to be killing each other over something so petty.


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