Spoiled Gamers vs CoD Advanced Warfare

Now I usually don’t rant not that often anyway and to be honest, this has been a long time coming but I never found the right time to speak my mind completely because I find data, stats and about half a dozen things before hand but today is not one of those times and here is why.

So I am guessing all of you have read the title of this post by now and wondering what the hell I am going to be talking about Call of Duty once again, well recently there has been a tonne of information released regarding Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and from what I have seen in footage it’s looking pretty cool and I am somewhat excited for the game even though I am not a die hard fan of the franchise.

Now I admit I do own most of the Call of Duty games but not because I just had to add them to my collection, I bought most of the games to play with friends when the time zone difference doesn’t get in the way, I admit I am not a great Call of Duty player, most of my in game records suck but that’s not what I am writing this, I am writing this because the Call of Duty community is throwing tantrums over the new footage and saying how they have ruined Call of Duty and they are changing too much.

The game focuses on a private military company called Atlas

The game focuses on a private military company called Atlas

They are throwing tantrums because Sledgehammer is trying something new and trying to be innovative with the current Call of Duty formula and people are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids that throw tantrums when they don’t get their own way and it irritates me greatly because these are the same people that buy Call of Duty games expecting change and if something doesn’t change much, they start screaming at the developers where the hell is the innovation.

This is why Call of Duty is stuck, it’s not the developers and it’s not the development time that is screwing over the franchise, it is the fans that whine and cry like a bunch of five year olds regardless of what the developers do and it is annoying because as someone who not only loves games but someone who wants to be involved making them, I find this incredibly sad and immature.

Why criticize something when it hasn’t been released yet and when you haven’t had hands on experience with the product, I actually think that the Call of Duty community thinks that designing a game on a tight schedule with millions of dollars on the line is easy, well it isn’t and you complaining about stupid things like “oh it looks too much like Halo and I wish they would go back to WW2 era games” isn’t going to make anything easier for the development team because it’s their jobs on the line at the end of the day.

This was tweeted by a guy on twitter with the hashtag RIP competitive Call of Duty and it's stupid

This was tweeted by a guy on twitter with the hashtag RIP competitive Call of Duty and it’s stupid because these additions seem like a promising addition to the formula

If the exo suits work like Sledgehammer promises than wouldn’t that make the game more interesting and bring something new to the series even though other games use similar mechanics, I personally would like a “this is Sparta” style kick in the game because that would be totally badass and make excellent use of  the suit’s abilities.

Sure other games have used the whole suit gimmick but I am sure Sledgehammer will make good use of it and on top of that there is a tonne of new equipment and weapons (which will probably end up not being used by about 90 percent of people who buy the game) and alot more judging by how much work Sledgehammer is putting in.

Recently a few of my pro gamer friends got invited to Sledgehammer’s main studio to get hands on experience with advanced warfare and they got to record exclusive game play for their channel and from what I have seen, it’s the most fast paced call of duty yet which is good because I absolutely hate slow movement speed because I grew up playing Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 so it’s quite refreshing to see faster gameplay so check out the trailer below

I know I am probably going to go off the rails during this at points because it’s annoying when people moan when nothing new comes and when something is added they say NO and they don’t like it,do you guys and girls remember when Ghosts was shown off and all the new features and mechanics were being explained in full detail.

Most if not all of the people still weren’t happy even though there was the Squads mechanic, the hundreds of soldier customization options for multiplayer and the Extinction mode so it was painfully clear that the community didn’t want anything new and yet they still bought the game and complained Ghosts sucks and how Black Ops 2 was better.

The Call of Duty community did the same thing to Black Ops 2 when it was released and all the CoDs before it where apparently better and I don’t see this trend ending any time soon and I guarantee you guys that once Advanced Warfare drops and is torn to pieces by rabid fanboys, Ghosts will be the best Call of Duty to date and their go to game.

Sledgehammer is giving gamers these things to play with...I am pretty sure it says Stark Industries on it somewhere

Sledgehammer is giving gamers these things to play with in multiplayer as a killstreak and I am pretty sure even Tony Stark is jealous of this beauty.

Now I know I am going to get called a fanboy as soon as I upload this but honestly I don’t really care because calling me a stupid name is not going to change my opinion about something, for example this morning I got called a Sony fanboy and a Microsoft hater all over The Last of Us when all I said was it looked like an incredible and well made game so if you call me names, I just to let you guys and girls know I don’t really care and I won’t lose a minute of sleep over it.

Adults should act like adults and not little children especially over something that is so NOT important, don’t like the new Call of Duty then don’t buy it, it’s not like anybody is forcing you to like it and to put money down on the thing, if you only like Call of Duty 4 and up that’s fine, don’t spam hate filled messages to the developers when they are only doing their jobs and trying to make a good product.

Anyway that’s it from me regarding Advanced Warfare, I really hope this game is good because it’s pretty unique and I see alot of potential with it but what do you people think and are you concerned about all the new elements and mechanics.


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