The Good, The Bad and The Cosplayers

So I wasn’t really going to upload this on here fearing the amount of hate I would get since every time I voice my opinion people tend to yell their heads at me without reading my posts first but back to the topic at hand, so you guys have probably read the title of this by now and without a doubt have alot to say but please leave your comments for the end.

For those of you who haven’t been following my page on Facebook since day 1, I make it no big secret that I am a fan of cosplayers and cosplaying, I want to suit up as the protagonist of Sword Art Online for London Comic Con in October hopefully and go around high fiving everybody for fun but putting to to the side here is why I am writing this.

A close friend shared something from a page on Facebook saying something rather bad about cosplayers,  female cosplayers if you want specifics and what he was saying was far from nice, utterly disrespectful towards women and makes me utterly sick to be a guy.

The picture that went along with his rant and what makes it worse is that the girl on the right, I know personally and talk to which makes it utterly disrespectful towards her

The picture that went along with his rant and what makes it worse is that the girl on the right, I know personally and talk to which makes it utterly disrespectful towards her

Here is what the guy said “The coswhores (as he calls them) are a social animal that feast on your attention, the more you stop and ask them to take pictures, the more you validate their sluttiness so refuse to take pictures, refuse to acknowledge them beyond the smallest interactions and if they ask why, tell them they have a low effort costume”.

He continued with “they do it because that’s where the money is, guys throw money at girls to fill this niche appetite, which is slutty cosplays”

But before I put the rest of what he said yes there are some big cosplayers like Jessica Nigri (pictured below) that make money from dressing like that but what the hell is so wrong about them doing it, I mean it’s not like they are selling themselves on a street corner or anything and nearly all of these women that do this style are proper models that dress up for photographers and then they make prints, sign them and make money which is totally legal by the way but back to what he was saying below.

In one part he actually blamed Jessica Nigri for there being so many sexy cosplayers then continued to rant and name call

In one part he actually blamed Jessica Nigri for there being so many sexy cosplayers then continued to rant and name call

“Imagine a convention where you have to ask for a cosplayer’s permission to take a photograph every single time, that just sounds completely redundant, doesn’t it?

“They are in public, they are allowed to be photographed within legal boundaries, stricter guidelines will scare people into not taking pictures because if they overstep a boundary, they get banned from a convention, coswhorers will walk around, asscheeks shaking proudly in the wind with armies of white knights at their heels, ready to confiscate any phone in hand”.

His sad excuse for a defense when I called him out for being an asshole was “I said what I said because of something called “Cosplay is not Consent” which wants stricter guidelines for conventions for cosplayers” then he  deleted my comment, took the post down only to bad mouth me on his page which has about 22,000 likes if you are wondering, mere minutes later because I didn’t agree with him.

His statement made me scratch my head in utter confusion because his behavior made me sick to my stomach because of how disrespectful he was towards these women who didn’t do anything wrong but want to feel safe without having to worry about some pervert getting grabby and aggressive anyway I feel I should talk a bit about the above mentioned “Cosplay is Not Consent”.

To empower fan convention costume enthusiasts (aka "cosplayers") to SPEAK OUT against inappropriate social behavior of a sexual and/or stereotypical nature for themselves and fellow fans

The Cosplay is Not Consent Logo

For those of you are wondering what “Cosplay is Not Consent” is, it’s a movement that wants to empower enthusiasts cosplayers to speak out against inappropriate and unwanted behavior like being touched up by con goers and just other appalling things so they won’t have to be scared of being harassed and threatened by pushy and occasionally creepy con goers.

Before I go on, I should say something, yes I am a guy and yes I do admire their costumes even when they are revealing and yes I do find these women attractive but I am a fan of them because of their cosplaying abilities even though most people tend to ignore it and state they don’t put in effort into their costumes even though they have spent time putting them together.

I know people are entitled to their own opinions but there is having a different opinion and then there is just being plain disrespectful, if you don’t like their costumes, fine then don’t like their pages and don’t follow them on social media, you DON’T start calling them every disgusting name under the sun and try and act all noble when you are called out on it.

Even cosplayers like Yaya Han has to put up with harassment and just downright disturbing stuff and it isn't right

Even cosplayers like Yaya Han has to put up with harassment and just downright disturbing stuff and it isn’t right

You should ask anyway if you can have a photograph with them, you don’t have a automatic right take photos of them just because they out in a public place in cosplay, I mean come on people how would you like it if every two seconds somebody was shoving a camera in your face and trying to touch you up and so on.

I for one welcome what “Cosplay is Not Consent is trying to do because I have seen some rather disturbing and just downright wrong behavior in person for example I attended London Comic Con in 2013 I think to meet one of my US friends who came over to attend London Comic Con to work the Razer booth that was there while selling cosplay prints.

Now my friend is without a doubt a beauty and she made a awesome Cammy from Street Fighter, she also gave me like half a dozen hugs since I talk to her most of the time online but while she was signing prints for me, the guys behind me were being really rude and inappropriate.

Every time she leaned down to sign something, they all whipped out their Iphones and began to take pictures of her behind while saying that she wouldn’t be able to walk for a while if they had their way with her and believe me, I have never wanted to punch someone so much before in my entire life.

Respect the cosplays and the people that do it

Respect the cosplays and the people that do it

So if Cosplay is not Consent can stop all this crap from happening at conventions then it will be a freaking god send and I will support it because cosplayers deserve better treatment regardless of how they cosplay.

Making people feel bad about themselves is wrong, no matter who that person may be, anyone who has the guts to dress up as their favorite character (anyway they see fit mind you ) is a badass in my book and should not be told they can’t dress up because “they are just doing it for attention and easy money”

I WILL continue to support all cosplayers because they have a right to do what they want, it is not my place nor anyone’s place to tell them how to live their lives, cosplay is about enjoying yourself, having a laugh and just down right having a good time at expos and events.

People seem to forget that and go all keyboard warrior like this guy on Facebook and all the people who harass these women without thinking about how their targets feel.

I for one would have thought that people would be more mature on the internet but anyway I really hope that things change and all the hate dies down for all cosplayers, Jessica Nigri, Lindsey in the first pic and all the normal fans that like to dress up and enjoy being awesome no matter how they cosplay a character.


3 responses to “The Good, The Bad and The Cosplayers

  1. Unfortunately, I have been hearing a lot about “harassment” of cosplayers. A lot of this is news to me. Forgive the question, but what is the demographic of those who harassers? Is it a narrow group or is it a large percentage of attendees? Is there a profile for those that tend to get out of line?

    You mean someone will ask a girl dressed as a Sailor Moon character to take a picture, then grab their rear-end?

    • Sadly this does happen and somewhat often and the demographic is mostly men sadly which makes me extremely disappointed but it is only a few here and there, however they are put in their places when they are caught out and the peace is restored.

      I really hope the guidelines change because these girls have to put up with this and it isn’t fair or right, most people just say “oh but if you dress like that then you are asking for it” when in reality they weren’t doing anything wrong

      • This may be one of the problems associated with anime moving from “Nerd” culture to the mainstream. Nerds don’t grope. Guys that think they are cool grope.

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