The Problem With Gaming Sponsorships

Professional gamers and professional gaming teams are everywhere, I myself have the pleasure of knowing  alot of professional players from alot of teams, Optic, EnvyUS, Team Kalibur the list is endless but there is something I have to say and it’s been on my mind for a couple of months now and I think that there is a problem with gaming sponsors and here is why I think this.

For those of you who haven’t been around long enough to fully know me, I am trying to become a sponsored gamer and this is something I wanted to be for a long time since I started gaming a long time ago and way before I found my gaming alias.

So you guys and girls are probably wondering I am writing this, well I recently joined a gaming site where I could find gaming companies that could potentially sponsor me because it would give me a solid foundation to work from in the gaming scene so I signed up and honestly it looked rather bleak because every company used the same excuse “we are looking for the best teams and players to work with us” which is kinda disappointing  and equally depressing on alot of levels for me because I am not a gamer like godlike gaming skills.

The Kontrol Freek sponsorship form is one perfect example of what is wrong

The Kontrol Freek sponsorship form is one perfect example of what is wrong currently with gaming sponsors

Now I am NOT throwing a tantrum because I am getting ignored by the big companies, I am simply annoyed because they refuse to see a good opportunity even when they right in front of them, there are some really talented gamers out there who are really good but can’t get sponsored because they simply don’t have the thousands of Twitter followers, Youtube subscribers and the half a million of things brands are interested in and that hurts a lot of gamers but it also means a tonne of lost potential for the sponsorship companies who would benefit greatly from the extra promotion.

Having someone new to promote your products is good and if they find success then that adds to the product promotion because people will be like “oh shit this guy is good because he uses the sponsoring company’s products lets buy everything”.

It’s a huge missed opportunity both for gamers who want to be sponsored and for the sponsors themselves because they only want to sponsor member of some gaming clan with impossible to obtain K/D ratios and half a dozen championship titles under their belts.

This "only the best players" policy is understandable but it isn't really good for everybody

This “only the best players” policy is understandable but it isn’t really good for everybody

It hard for not only for me to get sponsored but every other gamer I know and believe these guys would sell their very souls for a chance in the spotlight and honestly they deserve it because they are hard working and have alot to offer but tragically are ignored in favor of already known teams

Before I go on, I might sound like I hate pro teams but I don’t, I support a lot of them and I am proud to do so because they have the guts to go the distance but I would like to see the little guys get the  recognition and sponsors they deserve because it would be better for everybody, companies get a shiny new gamer to promote their products and the gamers get the recognition they obviously need and want.

From a business standpoint it makes alot of sense to bring in someone new to represent your products every so often and there are a ton of ways you could find new people for example start events and competitions and offer contracts to those who win so the gamers can slug it out, it’s not a difficult thing to do and I guarantee if a few big companies teamed up and made proper events where players fight it out for sponsorships and streamed the events, it would be popular as hell because who doesn’t like tournaments and what is the ultimate prize for non professional gamers….sponsors.

Razer is another company that has brutal requirements for sponsorship

Razer is another company that has brutal requirements for sponsorship

While I doubt the major gaming sponsors would ever do something like this, it is still a pretty good idea if I do say so myself anyway I really hope things change for the little guys who are trying to get sponsored and are trying to make a name for themselves because everybody deserves a shot to be honest.

So that’s about it from me about this, it something that really matters to me on a personal level and I just felt that someone had to say something because the whole sponsorship side of gaming is one sided right now and it isn’t really fair for everybody, these words are just my honest thoughts, I don’t even have notes in front of me right now believe it or not and it’s some what weird not having an early draft in front of me.

Anyway I would like to know your opinion on gaming sponsors, should they loosen up the sponsorship restrictions so that every gamer pro and non pro alike at least has a one shot to gain a sponsorship deal or is things the way they are fine and they don’t need to be changed, I would love to hear what you guys and girls think about this.


4 responses to “The Problem With Gaming Sponsorships

  1. I understand your frustration, but you have to look at it from a marketing standpoint. These companies want marketable figures and teams, names that are in the spotlight because they’ve put in the work and mileage to become a powerhouse in the industry.

    Razer could hand out product to someone who is essentially still unknown, but how does that benefit them? Your best bet is to look up companies that are just starting and offer to truthfully review product for them. Then, once they grow, they’ll remember you. It’s all about give and take here. Companies have to know that if they publicly support you, both through exposure and product, you’re going to bring them sales while showcasing a personable and positive image.

    Everything in this industry is part of a ladder, and you’re stuck slowly trying to climb it. While it’s frustrating and oftentimes downright depressing, it’s not going to change. We all have to learn that if we want to succeed and become a recognizable figure, we have to mold ourselves to an image that entertains people, and that takes a massive amount of work.

    Keep trying, though! The more you keep growing, the more marketable you’ll become. Never expect handouts.

    • I am not expecting handouts, I just find it somewhat frustrating that nobody gives a damn who you are unless you have a well known team name in your GT.

      Also the “rants & random bit” section is for me to vent my feelings which oddly gets more views and responses than my actual articles and reviews lol

      • Oh I know! I apologize if I sounded criticizing. I completely understand the frustration (I’ve received my fair share of rejection letters). But I have been able to review products for companies like G Fuel and SquidGrip.

        Your best bet in making connections is through Twitter. Following and interacting with the right people will help tremendously!

      • It’s ok, its constructive criticism which helps me become better at writing, its the just plain angry criticism I don’t like lol

        But the whole finding connections through Twitter idea isn’t half bad, I think I am gonna give that a shot and see what happens so thanks Phoenix 🙂

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