Simulator Games And The Great Steam Overload

So I am sure you guys have heard about a game called “Goat Simulator” already and if you haven’t well a it’s a simulator game where you take control of a goat and no I am not kidding that’s all you do in the game and if that was’n’t bad enough, there is a grass simulator on the Steam Greenlight program and Rock Simulator now being funded on IndieGoGo and I am fed up of seeing this games and before you guys and girls go all keyboard warrior on me just give me a chance to explain why.

These “games” if anybody can call them such things are a waste of time and money in more ways than one, they have been popping up out of the blue to jump on the so called “success” of Goat Simulator while pretty much robbing people blind of their money and the worse part is, people don’t care and are letting them do it while giving them NOTHING in return.

And if you don’t believe me I will list the “perks” that you can get from contributing to the “Rock Simulator” IndieGoGo campaign, now at $5 you get a “special” note with a picture of a rock via email, when you give $15 you will get a real rock with a “special” note, if you give $30 you get two rocks along with your name in the game credits and finally if you donate $50 you will receive three rocks, a note, your name in the credits and a even bigger rock.

Things like this make me scratch my head in confusion because people are literally throwing money at them to the point where the campaign has almost reached $1000 apparently “the fundraising campaign was just to clear the $100 cost of getting the game on Steam’s Greenlight with leftover funds going directly into the development of the game” but there is NOTHING to develop to begin with and if that isn’t bad enough here is screen cap of the “Grass Simulator” Steam Greenlight page.

Like what the hell....why does this even exist ?

Like what the hell….why does this even exist ?

Now I know it might seem like I am ranting but I assure I am not, I am simply stating my opinion because I find it sad that these games are nothing more than objects and what I perceive to be a semi broken physics system and the people who magically earn the title of “game developer”.

As someone not only loves the business but wants to be apart of game making side of the industry eventually, I find games like this to be kind of an insult in a way because ever since Goat Simulator, people have been getting software, making poor excuse for games and hoping Pewdiepie will play them so people will buy it and make money with zero effort while being called a developer, if you don’t believe me, here is his latest video and just so you know……I godamn called it.

Okay so I am a tiny bit annoyed but not without a valid reason, a few small developers follow me on Twitter and some have really amazing ideas like full scale MMOS and RPGS to what some would consider throw back FPS games and some of them have major potential but are barely surviving due to not getting the funding and attention they deserve while these poorly programmed things get promotion by articles and people funding more of them…..there was a once a time where being a game designer meant something but now it seems it isn’t like that anymore with people making appalling excuses for games just because of a fad.

If you don’t believe me, here below is some of the “games” waiting to be greenlit on Steam right now and tell me is this what you as a consumer want to see on the front page when you open your Steam account.

Only a few of the half a dozen pointless games on the Steam Green Light program

Only a few of the half a dozen pointless games on the Steam Green Light program

These are spreading like the plague in the Green Light program and that is not a good thing at all, it makes things harder for really promising projects get forced to go on later pages which nobody looks at which sucks for them because there is some really promising stuff on the Green Light system but it is also bad for the consumer because they have to search through half a of these dreadful things to find the game they are looking for.

These have got to stop, they only exist because of a dumb gimmick that got really old really fast and should be destroyed NOT applauded and Steam needs to be tougher on all these so called “developers” that load up the Green Light program with this stuff and that’s all I have to say about this but I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this…..should Steam be more strict with it’s Green Light system and should all these “Simulator Games” be wiped from existence ?


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