Video Games – Scapegoats In A Violent World

There have been hundreds of articles and studies surrounding this controversial subject and I am pretty sure one from a gamer’s point of view would not cause any harm, hopefully but since my writing has a habit of annoying the hell out of people, I am going to hope for the best.

Now violence has pretty much existed since the dawn of man and it is usually blamed on something as the cause now fast forward to the modern age and this trend continues, whenever there is a mass shooting like the tragic Washington Navy Yard shooting, Sandy Hook or Columbine incident there is always one thing that gets accused right of the bat and that thing is video games.

Gaming has been a past time that has been there for me growing up, helped me meet other gamers that treat me like family and is the reason why I write but that aside this debate has been around for a long time since the birth of the video games industry and way before with the age of comics believe me, I have done alot of research on this subject because unlike the mainstream media giants, parent groups and politicians, I would like to be right in what I say and I have more than one reason why video games is not the cause of despicable acts of violence like these shootings and why we gamers are not trigger happy psychos and I shall start with the news and etc.

The mainstream media like news channels and newspapers are always the first ones to point fingers when a tragedy occurs and have you ever noticed how they report these horrific acts, they turn the attackers into twisted tv stars by giving them screen time, discussing their methods, how they committed their crimes right down to their inventory to their body count, a forensics specialist told them not to report the crime like because it will inspire other lunatics to follow the plan but they keep doing it and in my honest opinion it is like having a “how to” guide on how to commit these crimes.

Here is a video done by TotalBiscuit after the Sandy Hook incident that I found that has the forensics specialist mentioned above, skip to 1:00 in the video and pay close attention to the next minute then close it.

Instead of reporting on the affected families and how to stop things like this from happening one british newspaper when full on keyboard warrior and did a cover story about the killer and his “Call of Duty obsession” and went even further with a four page spread on the inside detailing how he sat in a windowless room with gun posters on the wall playing video games all day and how he was planning the mass shooting right from the beginning and people believed it, they fail to mention that he had a mental condition or anything, apparently  he just played hours upon hours of Call of Duty….. never  have I thought of killing somebody, do you know why….not all of us gamers are lunatics.

The way the media portrays gamers has always bothered me, they seem to have this idea that we are antisocial shut ins when that is definitely not the case, hell if it was true then Comic Con which is one of my favorite times of the year would not even exist, I can assure you that we are nothing like that and we aren’t violent by any means, we are incredibly social with each other and non gamers alike, I even help out on a friend’s facebook page that is a place for gamers to come together and share the positive experiences that video games have had on their lives.

My friend’s page…..Positively Gamer is here to focus on all the positive aspects that gaming has brought to peoples lives.

During the short time I have been an admin on the page I have come to know alot of awesome people that have overcome so many things such as abuse, drug addiction, bullying, depression, the list is endless and they all had video games to thank for being such a positive influence on their lives and it’s incredible.

Check out the page so just type in Positively Gamer in Google and you should be able to find it, anyway enough with the click baiting, it’s real talk time ladies and gentlemen so hear me out, if a shooting or violent incident, god forbid one actually does occur, don’t lash out on the gaming community because when stuff like that happens we are in the same camp with the non gamers.

Every time a whack job who gets a gun that may of played a video game shoots up somewhere it makes all of us and disgusted and disturbed but keep in mind that video games are not the cause of the violence, if video games “caused” all violence up till now than I would like to know what sort of video game has humanity been playing for thousands of years.

There will always be violent behavior and crazy people, our medium isn’t the cause of it nor does it deserve to be thrown under the bus by every media form there is when a lunatic decides he wants to do something despicable.

I plan on doing a follow up article eventually about all the good the gamer community does but my back list of things to write about is about 6 miles long already

So that’s it from me about the subject, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on this subject in the comments section to tell me what you guys and girls think.


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