My Top Ten Favorite Video Game Weapons Ever

So I am shaking things up today with a top ten list of my favorite video game weapons ever because I found article writing boring for some reason today and I personally thought that this would be a good topic to talk about, now as you already know I have played alot of games and absolutely love video game weapons and the science behind them but I spent alot of time deducting which of the hundreds of weapons I have got my virtual hands on and what should be on my top ten list and that was extremely hard to do so here are my top ten favorite video game weapons ever starting with number 10 .

Duct tape is a must have in a zombie comes in handy

10 – Chainsaw from Dead Rising 1 & 2

Crude but equally effective, the chainsaw is just perfect for cutting through anything, flesh and bone, various materials such as wood and metal, the chainsaw is an extremely powerful close-quarters combat weapon in alot of games and I think it rightfully deserves this place because of the range, there is no better feeling than taking a chainsaw to something’s face and shredding through them like a hot knife through butter.

The humble chainsaw from the dead rising games are at the good old number 10 spot because sometimes you just need to get up close and personal with the living, the dead and the inhuman and nothing does that better than the chainsaw in the Dead Rising games especially Dead Rising 2 because of a magical thing called duct tape, which lets you tape two chainsaws to a motorcycle so you can mow down the undead hordes in style, now how badass is that, I mean who wouldn’t want a chainsaw equipped motorbike because I sure would, you know for….gardening purposes and maybe a zombie outbreak because it is always better to be safe than zombified and I just know most of you would agree with me so on to the number 9 spot

Number 9

9 – Predator Shoulder Cannon from Aliens vs Predator 1999 and 2010

Now I am going back to my childhood on this one a bit and it deserves to be here because of how badass this thing is, the shoulder cannon in its most common shoulder-mounted form, is a Predator long-range energy projector weapon that it is capable of guiding armor-penetrating plasma bolts towards distant targets that pretty much can dismember them, it is arguably the most powerful and technologically advanced offensive tool at the Predators’ disposal .

Not only is it cool looking, the shoulder cannon is also cool sounding and it also has one of the coolest laser sights in the history of man and for all you Black Ops 2 players out there the mention of a three-pointed targeting laser sight might sound familiar to you because it is a  unlockable reticle.

The coolest and scariest thing about this weapon is the sound the cannon makes when it locks on targets, when you hear the high pitched lock on sound, you are gonna die plain and simple, quick firing and the ability to track targets, it truly is a weapon for a worthy hunter to lay waste to the colonial marines and the xenomorphs now onto the number 8 spot.

8 - Soul Edge from Soul Calibur V

8 – Soul Edge from Soul Calibur V

Now the Soul Calibur franchise has alot of unique characters and weapons but none is more iconic than the cursed sword Soul Edge, this total beast of a blade can mow down anything in its way, it can tear through blocks as if they were tissue paper and is able to inflict ungodly amounts of damage to opponents if they get too close.

However this weapon has one major drawback, Soul Edge will usually drain health at an alarming rate, faster than any other weapon in the game but in return for this, the user is also given the ability to drain health proportionate to the amount of damage they inflict on their opponents, hence the brutal combat style that goes with the blade .

Now facing Soul Edge in combat is scary and believe me, the sword’s appearance is equally terrifying, a living weapon that has a mix of flesh like parts combined with a massive two edged blade and a living eye in the hilt makes it definitely scary but it is oh so satisfying in arcade mode to mow through opponents before the AI has time to react and this is personally one of my favorite weapons because it reminds me of Cloud’s Buster Sword from FF7 which I unfortunately have not played so don’t hate me for not putting that weapon here….now on to the number 7  spot.

7 - Lara's Bow from Tomb Raider 2013

7 – Lara’s Bow from Tomb Raider 2013

Now I recently finished the Tomb Raider reboot game and one of the the things that made me scream at the top of my lungs was the bow Lara gets early in the game, now I have had a fascination with bows and arrows since I first saw one of my many personal heroes use it and (that hero was none other than John Rambo who is perhaps the most badass guy to ever pick up a bow) .

Now back on topic with Lara and her basic but very effective bow, it is one of the best weapons in the game which seems odd knowing you can get pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rifles after a while but the bow is perhaps the best weapon because of its versatility.

She has rope arrows that can manipulate objects in the environment, attach to cliff-sides and set up zip lines, she has regular arrows, flaming arrows and explosive arrows for combat, she also uses her arrows to skin animals after hunting them which I find very cool and it is unique and not only is it a effective long range weapon she can perform a brutal close quarters stealth kill with it to take out enemies without using ammo.

Now when she gets the bow it is far from fancy but it does the job well enough but with a few upgrades it becomes a weapon worthy of a survivor like Lara and her bow is no longer the sad little wooden thing she starts her journey with; it’s a wicked-looking high-tech compound bow with a counterweight and nasty arrows which definitely looks badass  so now on to the number 6 spot.


6 - Blade Power from Prototype 1 & 2

6 – Blade Power from Prototype 1 & 2

Now this is not a conventional weapon by any means but the Blade power is a powerful and deadly cutting and thrusting weapon, perfect for slicing through pretty much anything such as enemy soldiers, vichicles and pretty much anything else dumb enough to stand in front of a an elongated double ended blade.

The blade power is also one of the coolest looking powers in the game because when either Mercer or Heller activate this ability, an elongated double ended blade forms from the base of the right elbow, turning their arm into a giant razor sharp cutting weapon and tell me if that’s not cool than I don’t know what is but the blade does have its flaws, overuse of special attacks can leave Mercer or Heller open to counter attacks but its still pretty cool .

it is one of the best powers in the game with multiple attacks and upgrades such as an aerial drop attack that can kill anything it makes contact with, a brutal move called Blade Frenzy which allows  Mercer or Heller depending on your Prototype to rush forward and butcher anything unfortunate enough to be in the way, believe me the pixelated blood covers everything.

However  this isn’t the only overkill move the Prototype protagonists have up their leather jackets, the Blade Sprint Frenzy is a upgraded version of the already brutal move and adds even more overkill to the mix with full on running and slashing being able to carve though hundreds of people and so on .

Not many games let you turn your arm into a long blade and slice them in half watching the top and bottom of them go in different directions now on to number 5.

5 - The Shotgun from every FPS game EVER

5 – The Shotgun from every FPS game EVER

Now its time to pay homage to a weapon that has appeared in countless games and kicked all sorts of ass, the number 5 spot belongs to the humble shotgun.

It can put everything six feet under dumb enough to get in the way with varying spread ranges it is very effective at what it does, need a weapon to pwn noobs in CoD, the shotgun has got you covered, need to take on the armies of hell in Doom or its sequels, the shotgun is your best friend and is a weapon of choice for all types of close encounters .

Every video game hero needs one and they all have one, Marcus Fenix has the Gnasher Shotgun to make the locusts hurt in Gears, Master Chief has his famous M90 Shotgun, Doom Guy has his famous 12 gauge and Super Shotgun and its a must have for close encounters of the noob kind in every Call of Duty, I cannot count how many times the good old shotgun saved my behind in countless games so that’s why it takes the number five spot, it’s always there when you need it and it has enough power to put a huge hole into anything you aim it at so on to number 4.

4 - The Hidden Blade from the Assassin's Creed games

4 – The Hidden Blade from the Assassin’s Creed games

Now this is one I personally love because what defines this weapon is the commitment the assassins make to wield it, the Hidden Blade initially required the removal of the user’s left ring finger but Ezio lucked out and had his hidden blades modified so that wouldn’t be necessary, now this is not the greatest weapon on this list because of strength or speed or how many people it can cut down but for a sense of value and commitment to the creed, that’s why it is on this list, every master assassin has used their blades to protect and bring justice so its like Batman’s batarangs built for more stabbing .

The iconic weapon of the Assassins is used for silent killing during stealth assassinations and regular combat, it is a unique weapon by all means because it is a retractable blade that is thin enough to slide in between the ribs and strong enough to withstand combat situations easily countering blows and following up with a brutal attack.

The hidden blade has multiple upgrades and variations thanks to a guy named Leonardo da Vinci  such as a second hidden blade, poison darts and a early hidden gun prototype but it also doubles as a lock picking device in Brotherhood giving Ezio access to the tombs of Romulus now on to the number 3 spot.

3 - 211-V Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 1, 2 and 3

3 – 211-V Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 1, 2 and 3

Now this is another unique weapon that I found extremely cool because it isn’t even a weapon to begin with, the 211-V Plasma Cutter from Dead Space is actually a mineral cutter used for cutting space rocks but when things go to hell on the USG Ishimura or the Sprawl, nothing is better for the job than the Plasma Cutter for dismembering the undead scourge that are the Necromorphs.

Capable of firing vertically and horizontally, the Plasma Cutter sports three blue lasers to target things so it not only provides Dead Space’s protagonist Isaac Clarke with a weapon that is very effective at dismembering the undead creatures but one that extremely accurate when doing so and when combined with Isaac’s stasis power it is very effective on hardcore play throughs.

Now there are a ton of variations of the plasma cutter such as the Forged Plasma Cutter which gives a +10% damage bonus, the Agility Plasma Cutter which gives a +5% firing speed bonus and the special Planet Cracker version that is available in Dead Space 3.

I love this weapon because its just badass, its one of those iconic weapons that are used in everything dead space related and most of the promotional material for Dead Space, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 had Isaac Clarke wielding this unique weapon and it even has a life sized replica which I want so bad but my wallet says nope and that makes me a sad gamer.

Anyway at least I can give it the number 3 spot because the plasma cutter is unique in a number of ways, its effective given it’s used for dismembering foes and its the only replica I drool over every time I see it  so on to number 2.

2 - The Dragon Sword from Ninja Gaiden 2

2 – The Dragon Sword from Ninja Gaiden 2

Now the Dragon Sword is the primary weapon used by the ultimate ninja badass Ryu Hayabusa and believe me….this weapon is not some fancy butter knife, this legendary weapon was forged from the fang of a dragon, yes a godamn dragon and it shows it one hundred percent in combat,this beast of a blade helps Ryu to decapitate his enemies, sever their limbs and tear their bodies apart, perfect for pretty much any situation Ryu is faced with really.

The dragon sword is great for pulling off numerous effective combos, has good damage and even greater damage when it becomes the “true” Dragon Sword but its not without it’s flaws with average range, the sword is good but it lacks the range of another of Ryu’s weapons like the Kusari-Gama so the Dragon Sword is a balanced weapon, useful for all types of situations.

It is always handy but the numerous ways to paint everything red is not the only reason why I like this weapon,there is alot of mythology and story elements that revolve around this weapon, passed down through the generations of the Dragon lineage, Ryu took up the Dragon Sword in his father’s absence even though he was not the current owner of the weapon.

After witnessing Ryu’s bravery, valor, and strength he was given the sword and became it’s new owner, now since this is a fabled weapon it may only be wielded by a descendant of the Dragon lineage bloodline but if a weaker being were to attempt to use it, the blade may very well feed on the bearer’s soul which is bad news.

Now I added this weapon on here because it is not only cool with bloody moves and a badass mythology, I have always loved the thought of being a ninja, being able to move quickly through the shadows and cut down one hundred men but Ninja Gaiden is the closest I can get to that and that’s why it takes the number 2 spot and now for my all time favorite weapon at the number 1 spot.

1 - BFG 9000 from Doom 1,2 and 3

1 – BFG 9000 from Doom 1,2 and 3

Now this is on every video game weapon list and rightfully so, the BFG or the “Bio Force Gun” or more lovingly known as the “Big F**KING Gun” to fans is one of those pure overkill weapons that mows through anything.

I haven’t been able to wield the BFG yet in Doom 3 but I have played the original version of Doom on my laptop and got my blood thirsty hands on it and holy shit it’s awesome, this doomsday cannon murders everything in the way by firing slow moving plasma projectiles that has such high damage in can kill a cyber demon in two or three shots.

The strongest enemy in the game can’t handle it’s might, this behemoth of a weapon also has a splash damage range that is so ridiculous that it can clear entire rooms of weaker enemies in one shot, this is the ultimate weapon and it is pretty much the only weapon you would ever need if you wanted to go knee deep in hell and pwn some demons .

Now what I love about this weapon is that it is referenced in countless other games made by Id and makes an appearance in such Id titles like Quake 3 Arena which is one of my favorite games of all time where the king of cannons can be used on a specific map in the 4th tier of opponents and can mow through anything but the most badass version of it well according to me is in the 2005 Doom movie.

Although people hate the movie, I fanboyed when Sarge aka Dwayne Johnson says “that’s a big f**king gun” when he gains access to the experimental weapons vault and laid his eyes upon it so after being in so many games and referenced in so many more, this is the ultimate weapon of badassery and I think this monster is worthy of the number 1 spot .

So that’s my list of favorite weapons in video games, I am dying to know what your favorites are so put them down in the comments and why you like them.


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