My Thoughts On Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

So with a new year comes a new Call of Duty and this year is no different so after taking a week long break from writing due to hand pain, I am back on the grind to bring you guys my honest impressions of this new title in the CoD franchise.

Now I got up this morning and checked my Twitter because it’s like reading the morning paper in my opinion and I saw some of my Youtuber friends tweeting about a Call of Duty leak with a link to the trailer, so naturally I checked it out and honestly even though I am not a die hard fan of the Call of Duty series I was quite impressed with what I was seeing.

Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare is being developed by Sledgehammer Games who previously developed Modern Warfare 3 which is often hated on by the CoD community for reasons that will take way to long to explain but in my opinion what Advanced Warfare looked like was an entire different spin on the usual Call of Duty formula and that’s a very difficult thing to do, now I am most certainly not a developer but I do understand what Sledgehammer is trying to do with the current formula while people fail to take that into consideration.

I went to IGN to see what people were saying about this new game and for every one positive comment there was one hundred negative comments like “What did they do, get one of the employees 9 year old kid to name the game and  “it’s ripping off other games…Very original of you Sledgehammer” and that is something that made no sense to me because in the game industry there are no purely original ideas, everything has inspiration from something else.

As for the actual reveal trailer I thought it was pretty good, it had alot of action, it showed alot of the good stuff like hover bikes and other gear but one thing that made me go “holy shit no godamn way” was Kevin Spacy’s monologue in between the action sequences, I mean come on people it’s godamn Lex Luthor from Superman Returns, while I am not entirely sure what role his motivations are, he is a bad guy, the parts about leading and that’s where he comes in makes that pretty obvious.

Another thing that interested me was the addition of exo-suits, now I will not be able to stop people from saying that they have ripped off games like Halo and Crysis but I for one would like to see how adding something like this will change the game and how it’s played, there was also a full on mech suit with a mini gun so I am guessing that one is full on kill streak material.

This is what happens when a Tank and a Mech love eachother very much

This is what happens when a Tank and a Mech love eachother very much

Suits aside, the trailer shows off a character scaling walls like Spiderman with the use of special gloves, guys full on predator style cloaking and so on so long story short, this looks like an entirely different game and considering the game is set in 2050 and onwards with private military companies running the show, this seems like an entirely different take on the usual CoD formula.

So thaf’s it for all the tech and the main stuff so what would I like to see from Advanced Warfare, well I want the campaign to be amazing and not something that you can get through in a day because unlike most of the CoD community I play the campaign first and then the multiplayer, its a habit of my so don’t question it.

There is quite alot that could be done with this new setting and I would hate it to be well half assed, I would put stuff about multiplayer and so on but nothing has been officially released so thats my thoughts on Advanced Warfare, what do you guys think of it ?


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