Why I Am Excited For Dragon Age Inquisition

Now I make it no big secret that I am a huge RPG fan, I have played everything from Skyrim to the infamous Dark Souls but one of my all-time favourite games is the Dragon Age series for numerous reasons.

I poured countless hours into my Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II characters and I still wasn’t done finding out cool things about the world of Thedas.

Fast forward to 2014 and another Dragon Age title called Inquisition is in development and it is shaping up to be a great title and I am a big enough person to admit to having a major fanboy moment and I am not ashamed because the Dragon Age franchise is incredible.

I am a writing this because I was inspired by a friend who goes by the name of Lady Insanity on YouTube after watching all of her videos about the Dragon Age series and what she hopes for Inquisition.

I however lack the equipment for video making and commentaries so you well just have to do this the old fashion way and read, anyway this is my personal list of things that make me excited about Dragon Age Inquisition and like always this is open to discussion.

The box art.....I can already imagine the greatness it holds

The box art…..I can already imagine the greatness it holds

Now from everything I have seen,this new threat is far more dangerous than the darkspawn hordes and will prove a challenge to defeat, and in my opinion who better to fight side by side with the Inquisitor than The Grey Warden and Hawke aka The Champion of Kirkwall, they could have supporting roles helping the new protagonist along the way but whether or not Bioware would include the heroes is just wishful thinking.

There are a few characters that we know that will be included in Inquisition such as Cassandra Pentaghast who interrogates Varric in Dragon Age 2 where she is seen in screenshots fighting along side Varric who is a confirmed companion against this threat from the fade.

Alistair and Morrigan who were two of my favourite characters in Origins are confirmed to return and honestly I am intrigued on how they will be a part of Inquisition, I would like to see them take up arms like they once did just for old time sake but I am not a developer so I don’t have a say.


Now the only problem I had with Dragon Age II was its poor story telling but the combat was easily the best thing about the game, I personally loved it the change and the faster style of combat made me play as a mage for the first time in any RPG and it was amazing.

I actually felt like a powerful mage one that could support my allies and bring the hurt on my own which was something I could not do in Dragon Age Origins because it was so slow.

This is something that has been fixed in Inquisition from what I could tell with gameplay footage and I personally think the new faster style of combat will be one of its biggest assets

Now from what I have seen so far in gameplay segments they have borrowed a few pages from Skyrim’s play book and opened up the world of Thedas so it isn’t so restrictive which is a really good thing because the lore in Dragon Age is one of its strongest assets.

Inquisition is now a huge open world title and that is a very good decision in my honest opinion because it not only gives the developers a chance to kick it into overdrive blow people’s minds from pure incredibleness but it give the players the ability to explore the world of Thedas like never before.

This game is huge and the best part is that the player’s action define and change the world around him/her and that is something that will suck me in because I love games where my choices matter and can change the game world for example if you hunt too much in an area you could end up making a species extinct in that area…..so be careful you don’t hunt everything to extinction.

Another reason why I am super pumped for this game is that it has a huge amount of value and content, this game packs an incredible 40 different possible endings according to a friend’s website called Gamer Assault Weekly , now I am going to give you guys enough time to pick your jaws up off the floor before I continue.

Now 40 different has got to be some sort of record but I am a completionist and I am pretty sure I will be playing this game till my old age to see all 40 endings.

Cassandra in DA2....she is a companion and romance option in Inquisition

Cassandra in DA2….she is a companion and romance option in Inquisition

Now I may not know all the details but in true Bioware fashion some of your companions are romance able and one of them is Cassandra which will be a pain in the ass if there is a “romance all companions” achievement mainly because she…um….she scares me.

But if the Seeker isn’t your type there could be more than one female follower to romance, not much has been revealed when it comes to this so I can’t really speculate on the other companions and if they are date able.

There are hundreds of other things that get me excited about this game but I don’t want to ruin it for everybody else who is looking forward to this title, what would you guys like to see in Inquisition


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