What’s So Bad About the New Zero Suit Samus

Recently I have heard about the new Super Smash Bros game and the whole Zero Suit Samus dilemma that has recently shown up everywhere and I think it’s something that I need to share my opinion on even though I am not a fan of the series.

Now all of you are probably wondering why I am writing something about the new Super Smash Bros game even though I haven’t played any of the games, well a few days ago I got into a debate about the new look of Zero Suit Samus just because it didn’t go down very well with die hard fans of the series.

So what did Nintendo do that was so terrible to Samus that people would complain about it, well they gave her a slightly bigger chest and new shoes that are rocket powered and that’s it, nothing major in any way shape or form.

She is still the same badass bounty hunter but just with new shoes and a new bra size however people continue to argue and I am just wondering why are we arguing over something that isn’t really that big of a problem.

What is so terrible about this design

What is so terrible about this design

Now don’t get me wrong, I see and understand both sides of the argument,the topic of over sexualisation and exploitation of women in video games has always been a heated subject and I understand that, I also understand that some people mean well and want more female characters and them to be more than eye candy and I would have to agree with you on this.

This however is not just some run of the mill character, it’s Samus Aran who has been around since 1987 and kicking ass and I think this why people are acting the way they are,they don’t want her to become a “sexual object” and I can understand that, she was the first heroine in video games and people want her treated with respect.

Well that’s what I think the problem is but maybe I am completely wrong and it could be something else.

Honestly I cannot see what people are fighting about Samus’ design,if it is the shoes then I have no idea why,those things are bulky looking and full of volatile fuel,they are not meant to be sexy in the first place, they are rocket shoes that look like heels and scientifically it makes some sense that they would look like that because rocket fuel needs a long tube for actual propulsion.

If it is because of the slightly bigger bust then people must of forgotten that this is Other M Zero Suit Samus who is a alternative version of Samus who was the star of a japanese comic book, she had a slighty bigger bust than the regular Samus but she was still a badass.

The Samus Aran Manga

The Samus Aran Manga

I think the problem is that as a community, we gamers tend to hyper critize something when we don’t like it or agree with it and that is something that I feel is apart of this Samus Aran problem.

I am just going to throw this out there and say that this whole problem is making us as a community look stupid and I am pretty sure if the logic behind “Wreck it Ralph” was real than Samus Aran would either be laughing at us stating that we are all being stupid or she is sitting somewhere crying her eyes out because we value her appearance more than her ass kicking abilities.

Now in my honest opinion its all about finding balance between just being sexy and being badass and sometimes the balance isn’t perfect but now I am just digressing onto a whole other topic for a whole different day so let’s go back to Samus.

A character’s personality and actions matter to me more than their looks and I think more people need to think like this when it comes to the redesigned Samus Aran, we as gamers should value the joy of playing the game and not argue over what the character looks like because all that matters is the game itself and I think as a community we have forgotten that.

Samus doing what she does best....kicking ass

Samus doing what she does best….kicking ass

She is still a intergalactic bounty hunter who blows up planets that would kick your teeth in or kill you if you look at her the wrong way so I think Samus’ rocket boots are not that big of a deal when she can quadruple backflip and kick a foe so hard in the face they spin around in the air.

One thing is for sure, the other characters will need to bring their A game to contend with this version of Samus Aran because she is ultra fast and a very capable fighter even without the iconic armor.

Now I know people will always have their opinions so please respect other people’s opinions regardless of how they feel towards Samus or what they say because we should all get along regardless of how we feel about a particular subject.


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