Why We Need Old School Style FPS Games Back

FPS games are as old as the industry itself and one of the most influential but I fear that the FPS genre is slowly killing itself and here are a couple of reasons why I think so.

Now these are mostly my own opinions and are like always open to debate about because that’s how learning happens ladies and gentlemen anyway down to why I think the FPS genre is in trouble.

Now what’s the first title that pops into your head when you hear the word “FPS”, perhaps the game is Call of Duty or Halo but when I hear “FPS”, I think of games like Doom, Quake and the glorious Unreal Tournament franchise, I remember what some would call the golden days of first person shooters and for good reason.

Games like Call of Duty, Halo and the like may have millions of players, professional teams that play for thousands of dollars but I personally feel that current FPS games have forgotten what an FPS game is all about and that people, is mindless but equally glorious violence.

Old FPS games way back in the day were clever in the way they did things, the way they were designed and that is something that current titles lack and I shall give you a few examples why starting with Doom, the first true FPS game.

Forged In Hellfire

Now by modern standards Doom is a pretty straight forward game and that maybe true to a extent but the granddad of all FPS games was more than a mindless shooter and very few people notice this and I shall explain why it is better than most modern shooters.

The game that led to everything else

Doom – The game that led to everything else

Doom was a game built around maze like levels, surviving the perils of those levels, finding ammo and medipacks to keep yourself alive to reach the end and finding cool secrets while doing so but modern games throw all of that out the window and replace it with regenerating health, linear levels that offer little exploration and one set path.

Some would raise the argument that the Doom developers were working with what they had at the time, but they surpassed the limitations by making a truly incredible product but now developers won’t or can’t be bothered with putting in the effort to be innovative and that is one problem that is causing alot of damage to the industry currently.

Today’s games is all about shiny graphics but way back in the day, they are about game play and Doom even though basic had alot of it starting with multiple levels, difficulty modes, secrets and and some of the most iconic weapons in all of gaming history.

Doom is one of many examples of how the older FPS games are smarter than modern FPS titles now, next game is Unreal Tournament and list of it’s pros,cons and perks that the current games need to take notes from.

Started From The Bottom

Unreal Tournament is one of my favorite ever franchises and it is the reason why I started gaming but putting the history lesson aside, Unreal Tournament brought fast paced action to the genre and it felt so good because we were given so much like epic levels ranging from towering skyscrapers in space to submarines on the ocean floor while being given some of the sickest weapons ever in video game history such as the Link Gun and the Ripper.

We had to fight for the best weapons, health and armor now it is all too easy because you can just unlock the best weapons and you get kill streaks, back in my day we didn’t have those, just guns and a kickass soundtrack and a announcer declaring the words KILLING SPREE and MEGA KILL in a deep and equally awesome voice.

Unreal Tournament gave us a true solid and genre defining experience

Unreal Tournament gave us a true solid and genre defining experience

Unreal Tournament gave us a fully fledged multiplayer experience with fast paced action, great graphics and even better game play, it was a staple of greatness in a multitude of ways but this is why I think it was great.

Unreal Tournament was built upon by the community, modders began to improve and add content like maps,characters and beyond to the game making it not just a gaming experience but a social experience because most of the game developers we know now started their careers with mods for games like this.

This game is alive and kicking with fans running a few big servers, a devoted modding community and a development kit for its most recent installment ,people are making some really cool content that keeps the game alive and well.

Current games lack community support like this, if current games have community support than it would eliminate many problems that plague the current gaming landscape like people complaining to developers over content and the like, it would help the whole gaming community in general.

One thing that modern shooters could take from this is never let the adrenaline stop flowing, constant action but that’s hard to do when people camp in corners without any reason to stop so I hope that changes.

The Best Of Both

Now this I may sound like I hate modern shooters but I really don’t, I just just feel that what was once great is now gone and replaced with games with no innovation or effort, give us lengthy single player campaigns AND a hardcore multiplayer experience, innovate and evolve before its too late.

Every gamer should experience a return to greatness with titles that keep the glory days alive and there are a few like the Shadow Warrior reboot and the Brutal Doom mod that is free to download and play, we need more developers that can bring back something from the past and give it a fresh coat of paint so people can enjoy good games that a mix of both.

Bring back the good old days before they are a distant memory, there are not many throwback titles in number so they seen like a rare occurrence which in a way is quite sad.

My only wish in 2014 is more throwback titles to the glory days because games like Doom and Unreal Tournament and all the other FPS titles that built the foundations for the modern giants should be appreciated.

Anyway this is the end of my little blog entry and I think it’s time to leave it here so please like and share if you enjoyed reading this and leave a comment if you have anything to say about the future of  the FPS genre.


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