Five Good Games That Deserve Sequels

The Ultramarines

The Ultramarines

Now I have played alot of games and most of them are really good titles that deserve sequels because of just how much they offered.

I would really love to see sequels to these games in the possible future bcause they have the ability to give more to the gaming world than most people think so lets take a look at number 5 and why it deserves a sequel .

Number 5 – Alpha Protocol

Now I know what you guys are thinking, “oh but this game sucks and shouldn’t be on here” sure it may of not have been a super amazing title, but I think it was a decent title that could be improved vastly, so that’s why I added it on here, this is a game that deserves a second chance.

Now Alpha Protocol is action adventure spy RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment where the player assumes the role of Michael Thorton, a super spy working for a government organization call Alpha Protocol which is a unique black ops type thing that deals with all sorts of crap involving the good old USA.

The whole main point of the game is about being a spy, aka using cool gadgets, beating the crap out of bad guys using it’s somewhat ok hand to hand combat system but you get the idea, the whole concept of Alpha Protocol was a great one because it wasn’t just another fantasy RPG where you wear beastly looking armor and carry a sword that looks like it belongs in a Final Fantasy title.


Alpha Protocol

It was completely unique but it suffered due to poor execution and a lack of polish, which I am gonna go out on a limb here and say it was probably Sega’s fault because they have a habit of making studios release games on command rather than when they are finished, but here is how with a better publisher and more time to work this game could be something great.

Now what Obsidian Entertainment started has alot of potential and I believe with a bit of love and fine tuning it could be great, Obsidian Entertainment should borrow a page or two from Bioware and completely revamp key gameplay mechanics and gameplay, you play as a secret agent so add laser dodging QTE events, an Arkham City style hand to hand fighting system, kick ass car and foot chase sequences, a improved character creation system and make the decisions have consequences that hit hard so the player thinks “oh shit I should have done the mission this way instead”

That would be a game I would play for hours upon hours plus it doesn’t even need to be a sequel, it could be rebooted and take a different name because this whole concept is just too good to ignore when it has so much to give, and even Obsidian Entertainment wants to make another game and as a gamer who bought the game and still play it today, I think Obsidian deserves a second chance and who knows they could step up big time, so this is more of please give this game a second chance with a sequel or reboot entry and quite frankly I for one would like to see this concept improved and given a chance .

Number 4 – Star Wars : Republic Commando

Now there have only been a handful of good star wars games and most of them focus on the Jedi and such but one game focused on the guys in white, aka the clone army and it was brilliant because it showed another side to the star wars universe that really has alot of potential and this game really did show it in multiple ways.

Republic Commando is a tactical first-person shooter video game that works really well, the player assumes the role of Clone 1138 aka Boss, he is the leader of an elite team of commando clones, along with three other clones nicknamed “Scorch”, “Fixer”, and “Sev” and these guys are awesome because they are a team and they work together, now the game uses a squad mate order system that allows the player general tactical control over “Scorch”, “Fixer”, and “Sev” and it is a great thing even though it is a bit basic because you can order your squad to take cover, fire on certain targets to take them down quicker and various other commands, now the whole reason why this game is on here is because of the ending.

Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars Republic Commando

It left way too many questions because Sev does not make the rendezvous and the squad manages to grab a last transmission from him, in which it’s clear that he is under heavy attack and is possibly injured or killed but as Delta Squad prepares to rescue Sev, the commander orders them to pull back and as they head out on the gunship, they are debriefed by Yoda as a huge Republic fleet is seen deploying outside the gunship, you see there are way too many unanswered questions and but so much potential as well .

A sequel to the game was already planned and well ahead of production of Republic Commando and was titled Star Wars: Republic Commando: Order 66 and was meant to be based on the betrayal of Republic Soldiers, however the project only went as far as concept paintings and was cancelled before completion.

This I found to be really annoying because the only thing wrong with Republic Commandos was it’s short campaign, sure multi player is a bit average with the same modes like other online games but those thing could of been fixed with a sequel, hell the whole points of sequels is topping what came before it and Republic Commandos could of easily being topped and here is one way, the addition of a longer and more graphic campaign with a deeper story that actually shows the clones as individuals rather than carbon copies of each other would vastly improve the game.

They could make the sequel about a different team or play it safe and stick with Delta because the betrayal route is just too good to pass up because that would be a game I would love to experience, I say make a game about the last of the clones fighting for their very existence and throw in some close near death situations to bring the heart pounding moments, they could even do a Halo Reach and make it so you are the last one left fighting off an army of droids right at the very end, these are just my personal desires for a sequel because it has so much potential yet it was overlooked and unappreciated, I hope a studio would take a risk and give Republic Commandos a sequel because it sure deserves one.

Number 3 – Warhammer 40,000 : Space Marine

Now Space Marine was a solid title in my opinion, it had a cool setting, interesting characters and mythology and this game is just fun and so bloody it definitely made you feel like a badass when playing as the seven foot tall living tank that is Captain Titus and being able to just battle charge everything and mow down anything dumb enough to stand in the way, these guys are the forefathers to the modern space marines like Halo’s armored protagonist Master Chief and they even pre-date the godamn guy from Doom, this game is designed to make you feel like a total beast but a few reviewers stated it is “Gears of War’s retarded cousin” so I am quite bewildered because the Warhammer marines literally gave birth to the whole idea of space marines thus they should be shown more respect because you know the whole respect your elders sort of thing .

Now ranting aside about the mistreatment about the title, here is why Space Marine should get a sequel and a good one at that, the end scene of the game involves a new Imperial Inquisitor by the name of Thrax, accompanied by Leandros (one of Titus’ fellow marines) escorted by several elite Space Marines, who arrest Titus because Leandros believes that his Captain has been corrupted by Chaos, based on his resistance to warp forces and Titus denies accusations of heresy, but is willing to find the cause of his resistance, and voluntarily goes with Thrax, before leaving the planet, Titus chastises Leandros for his single minded following of Codex Astartes and his inability to see past it and think for himself – something Titus believes is the true test of a Space Marine and the screen goes to the credits and even after that there is nothing not even small clip at the end to explain what happened or what will, it just left so much left unanswered which it could of explained what happened in an after credits cut scene .

Captain Titus ripping through Orks In Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

Captain Titus ripping through Orks In Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

From what I read online not one but two sequels were planned but were cancelled due to the closure of THQ and I am not entirely sure if anybody bought the licence but by god someone should because there is so much potential for a sequel, there is a reason why the Warhammer franchise has survived for so long and why it is still popular in today’s day and age, its the mythology, strategy and the whole making your own Space Marine chapters with blank models and paint, today’s gamers have got it easy with the 1.2 billion customization options ready to use so its far from generic and a rip off from another game .

Now here are a couple of things that I would like to see in a sequel if it is every made starting with the return of Captain Titus because it will give the developers the chance to explain what happened to Titus at the end of the last game and this could be done in a few ways like a cutscene, semi playable trial sequence or a voice over with Titus explaining the events that occurred, it would give the players of the previous game closure and for the other parts of the game we could learn of Titus’ past and his exploits in the Ultramarines which I think would be really cool because he is like 150 years old and damn that would a great chance to flesh out his character, so aside from keeping Titus the lead character and a vital part of the plot, I would also like to see different types of space marines like the fabled Terminator squads or the Devastator Squads that mow through anything without stopping, this is what I would like to see along with the chance to use vehicles like gunships and tanks because that would be cool as hell so that’s why Warhammer 40,000 : Space Marine should get a sequel .

Number 2 – Rage

Now Rage was a unique game in my opinion, it felt like a mashup of Fallout, the classic movie Mad Max and a small dose of Borderlands and in my honest opinion, this title was cool but it had a few things that with minor improvement would make the game better but I will leave that part till later.

Now Rage is an underrated gem and it suffered the same fate as Dishonored, it was a overlooked IP that got overshadowed by run of the mill sequels and the people that did take notice of this game were mostly reviewers statingthat Rage was a massive disappointment and was just a glorified tech demo and “Id didn’t understand the concept of modern shooters”.

I personally found it insulting that someone would say that because Id have been in the games industry even before it was one, now rant aside here is why I think it should be given a sequel and like Alpha Protocol it would be more of a second chance to get it right sequel.

Now Rage was struck down by critics and reviewers because of having no story, no memorable characters, linear game play, having a broken save system, dull mechanics, tiresome quests, weak shooting and generic weapons.

Rage....the game that didn't live up gamer expectations

Rage….the game that didn’t live up to gamers expectations

From a gamer’s viewpoint I feel a bit more effort could of been put into gameplay but I also see this from the developer’s point of view, Id has been in the games business a long time and its pretty hard to please people when the only thing they want is another Doom entry.

Rage is a completely different game so here is how I would improve it, the first thing I would change is the tiresome quests and linear game play because that is one thing that every reviewer had something to say about, one way I would do this is the introduction of night based missions like settlements being attacked by mutated animals where you have to stay up high with a rifle to kill them because they will totally kill you if they get close, adding bounty hunter missions where you get money or consumables in return for hunting down a specific bandit leader or wiping out a creature spawn point to keep night attacks down.

This is something I would like to play through and I think that would solve the game play problem because I understand what they were going for with the world with people in small camps here and there but the world feels somewhat empty so that’s all I got for the game play and quests .

Next is the not having a story part, well Rage does have a story just not a very good one, so the whole plot revolves around the player’s character and people tells you this group called the Authority is after you because of special nanites inside you and that’s it, they weren’t really fleshed out enough for you to care about them or their actions, I would liked to see the bad guys fleshed out more and to have close calls with them so that’s about it for the story.

I think the problem with this game is it failed to live up to people’s high expectations, its a good title but it “under performed” according to reviewers, this title really needs a sequel because it covers all the categories for a sequel, it has game play elements that can be improved greatly, it has an ending that welcomes a sequel, long story short this whole game can be improved in a sequel so that’s about it for Rage .

Number 1 – Bulletstorm

Now I had so much fun playing Bulletstorm, it was called a throwback to the golden age of first person shooters by a few reviewers and that’s pretty how I would describe it, just over the top mindless, gritty and glorious violence.

This game is not for little kids due to explict language and violence but I don’t see how that’s a problem considering most Call of Duty players are 13 and up and not the game’s intended audience but anyway this game is just plain bloody and growing up playing Unreal Tournament which is another Epic Games gem, I found this a super awesome change from military shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, this game is just plain action, no teamwork, no kill streak crap, this is how FPS games were when I was younger, it was basically like being thrown into water head first and learning to swim except having a crap ton of cool weapons and having to kill stuff.

Now Bulletstorm is an awesome game with very few faults like not being able to jump and yes you heard right but that’s ok because who needs to jump when you have a “instinct leash” which when worn, begins to provide tactical information, such as points for each enemy you kill and how you kill.

Believe me, there are hundreds of ways you can dispatch foes ranging from pulling them in close with the leash and literally cutting them in half with a shotgun then kicking them into a turbine or giant cactus plant, this game is one hell of a ride now but here is why it deserves a sequel starting story wise, now on the final mission the lead character Grayson finally faces off against Sarrano “cough a complete asshole cough ” who is the game’s antagonist after pretty much wiping out his elite soldiers on board the ship so here is how it goes down, the three leads Grayson, Ishi and Trishka face off against Sarrano as they talk, Sarrano hijacks Ishi’s computer systems with his own leash, forcing Ishi to turn on his friends, Grayson manages to break Sarrano’s control of Ishi and Ishi sacrifices himself to save Grayson who then impales Sarrano on the wall of a ship, leaving him for dead.

Bulletstorm, blood,guts and greatness

Sarrano performs one final act: ejecting Grayson, Trishka and several of his men from the ship back onto the planet, Grayson and Trishka race back to the Ulysses where one escape pod remains intact; they are able to board it and escape into low orbit, propelled into space by the explosion of the DNA bomb which is pretty much like a nuclear bomb on steroids.

Grayson and Trishka have a short chat in the escape pod concerning Grayson’s revenge, the loss of his team and Sarrano’s escape and the scene fades after Trishka asks Grayson what he is going to do about Sarrano escaping.

Now I sat there through the long ass game credits to discover after the credits it is revealed that Sarrano was revived and is now a cyborg like Ishi and that Ishi has also been revived now under Sarrano’s control and the audio had me going “oh shit Bulletstorm 2 is on the way” but unfortunately it’s sequel was cancelled, which I think is because of Bulletstorm selling just under 1 million copies which is just plain stupid because it is a badass title.

Now I really cannot find any ways to improve this game because it is a solid title, it stands as a reminder of a golden age of shooters that needs to be appreciated and kept alive because if it isn’t it will die out and be forgotten so I really hope this gets a sequel because it is just a badass game and it can be one hell of a fun time .


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